Friday, January 6, 2012

Stop, Rewind, Play.

You know that feeling when you have so much to do that you just don’t know where to start?  So instead of doing the dishes, or getting the laundry started or making beds or cleaning up the spilt cheerios you walk in circles – pretending to be busy – while you contemplate the pros and cons of what to do first.  And then, somehow, it’s already lunch time and you still haven’t showered or brushed your teeth, you can’t even find your to-do list anymore and to top it off the cheerios have magically multiplied and replenished to an astonishing new level.

That’s where I’m at with blogging.

I mean, do I go back to October and write about the outdated happenings – like Thanksgiving, and our Christmas season, and how my adorable little Brynlee sang a solo in the primary program at church.  Do I commit myself to writing down the outdated for memories sake?  Or do I start fresh leaving the last 4 months explained as a time that I was too sick to even turn on my computer.

It's a quandary alright.  A big, fat {exaggerated} journaling quandary.  But I debate still the same.

The easiest thing to do would be to pick up today with yet another lame blog post about our current happenings.  It’s a new year after all and honestly, with all the nausea and pregnancy woes our Christmas season wasn’t really that eventful.  There’s not really that much to record for memories sake.

But my OCD tells me otherwise.  In case you are wondering, obsessive disorders don’t take sick leaves.  And the holidays only seem to aggravate them.  And for some strange, unexplainable reason I can hear my little sis's whining voice complaining that Mom wrote about “ of our labor and deliveries EXCEPT FOR HERS!”  Not that mom loves her any less, but Katie was the fifth kid.  And seriously, how many different ways can you write “It hurt like heck and I swore never to do it again, and then {tada} I held my new baby and all the misery was forgotten.”  But nonetheless, Kate feels a bit jipped by the whole pregnancy journaling thing.

Which is why I will still be writing Jace’s Third Birthday letter.  Four months after the dang kid turned three.  Because the little guy already has to be the middle child in our family, he shouldn’t have to live with the complex that his mother wrote a letter to of her children on their third birthday, EXCEPT FOR HIM.  Think of the counseling and therapy that would ensue.  Right, Katie?

And while I’m rewinding back to September to write Jace’s birthday letter I might as well tell you a few other things that has happened since then.  Just because.  And why not.  And the OCD.

So what I’m saying is over the next week or so you can expect some rewind posts that were so last year.

If you’ve already moved on and one more word about the Holidays is going to cause you to throw a frozen fruitcake at your computer screen feel free to ignore my next few posts.  No hard feelings.


kylee said...

hooray for multiple posts soon to come my way! i sort of just love your writing. late or not, i love it.

The Staley Family said...

My sis just did the same thing only it was making up for a long time and I still loved it! How did mom's do it all? My mom kept up on journaling for 5 kids and I have a hard time keeping up for 2! Sounds like you are feeling better though so hooray for that!

Kate said...

WRITE JACE"S LETTER! Take it from his Auntie, it sucks to be left out! :)

Kerry said...

Hahaha this is funny and cute!! I promise I won't throw anything at the laptop ;)
I think you should do what you feel you would like to do, seeing this is your blog. It wasn't your fault you missed writing, bit hard to type and hold a bucket!!

Lacy@uphillandsmiling said...

Ha ha, this made me laugh... I know those days when time flies and I wonder WHAT have I been doing all day? Look forward to your posts... they *might* make me want to catch up on mine...

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