Thursday, March 31, 2011

Photo Album: Brynlee's Rainbow Party

Giving credit:
*Strawberry skewer toppers printed from here.
*Idea for pot-o-gold birthday invite from here.
*Rainbow cake recipe and idea from here.
*Easter grass supplied by this punk.  Love ya, Kali Jo!
*Cake made by MirandaMost photos were also taken by Miranda.  All the good ones anyway. . . I took the rest.  She also helped decorate and brainstormHave I mentioned how cool Miranda is?  Because seriously, way cool.
*Piñata hung by Spencer.  I believe in dividing up birthday party labor equally.  Spencer was in charge of hanging up the piñata, chillin’ with Jace {who wasn’t a bit interested in joining in on the party} and cleaning up the Easter grass.  And I did the rest.  I considered responsibilities split right down the middle.  There was a crap load of Easter grass, people.  And just for the record, Spence started a tater tot on fire during the par-tay.  Little tiny tater-tot fire in our oven.  No joke.

*This post is also being used as my Project 52: Glimpse into Motherhood post.
Because to me motherhood is fourteen hundred million hours scanning the grocery ailes to find rainbow loot. 
And motherhood is also a big ole' scissor blister on your right hand from crafting all things rainbow. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

the snow + an update + animal complaints

easter decor at my house
Even though it was snowing outside and felt much more winter-ish than spring-ish, the kids and I spent the afternoon putting up our Easter decorations.  The splash of spring color and Easter Egg goodness that now adorn our home sweet home almost made me forget it was snowing outside.  Almost.  Still every time I glanced at the white washed yard, I cringed.  It didn’t help that we ran out of firewood over the weekend.  The only comfort of another-freakin-snowstorm is the guarantee of the roasty toasty warmth from the wood burning stove.  And now there is no comfort just another-freakin-snowstorm!  Blah. 

Tomorrow we will field trip to the Cal Ranch store to ehhh and awww over the baby chickens.  When I mentioned our planned outing to Jessica, she laughed.  That ‘Kim you are such a dork’ kind of laugh.  It’s a familiar laugh, one I get from her a lot.  But I know she loves me still the same.  I didn’t mention to her that I had written a note on my March dayplanner calendar {probably back in January} to call Cal Ranch to see if their chic’s were in.  Adorable baby chics at Cal Ranch are a big deal, mmkay.  I didn’t want to forget.

Brynlee declared her weekend ‘Rainbow’ birthday bash perfect.  And really, if the birthday girl says it is perfect then it is indeed perfect.  I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures.  My ever so brilliant friend, Miranda, acted as photographer for the day.  She also made the most perfect Rainbow’ cake.  She defines talent.  I’ll show you picture goodness soon.  I must say that I’m not certain what Brynlee enjoyed more, having a Rainbow’ birthday party or decorating for a Rainbow’ birthday party.  She is so her mother’s daughter.

Today Jace roller skated around the house sans clothing.  That kid.  I adore him.  I followed close behind taking pictures because that’s in my job description as momarazzi – a job I take quite seriously mind you.  Jace’s new thing:  He’ll say “Mom (or dad or Brynlee) me happy.  Are you happy?”   Dang cute, right?

My neighbor’s dog poops on my lawn.  Like all the time.  Everysingleday.  One of the main reasons that I don’t do the dog thing is because dog poop is gross.  It is not okay that their dog uses my yard as its litter box.  To top it off Brynlee got some new church sandals for her birthday.  She forgot them out by the tramp, and the next morning when she went to retrieve them one was missing.  Of course we blamed it on the dog.  Naturally, who else would it have been?  I need to get the courage to call my neighbor and kindly complain.  Maybe tomorrow.

And also, I wish I had a BB gun.  We have a pet woodpecker that’s better off dead.  And no matter how many racquet balls we chuck it always makes its way back to peck at the side of our house.  Woodpeckers are the worst.  And this one glares like a teenager, I swear to you.  Every time I hurl a racquet ball at it to make it stop eating my house it gives me a dirty look.  It used to fly off immediately when the ball started toward it, but not anymore.  It stops with the pecking, gives me that teenage glare then flutters slowly away.  Taunting me.  He’s no dummy.  He knows if I can’t hit a pooping dog with a racquet ball there is absolutely no way I’ll be able to hit a flying bird.  Stupid thing.

I’m so ready for Spencer to be done with classes this semester.  Him getting his masters is really cramping our style.  Two more months.

Anyway, I’m off to bed.  Talk at you later.  Until then, pray for spring.

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Birfday Boss

W h e n   s h e ’ s   t h e   b i r t h d a y   g i r l :
  • We wake up bright and early because birthday excitement and sleep don’t mix.
  • We eat doughnuts for breakfast; the kind with pretty sprinkles on top and not a word is said when the birthday girl only eats the frosting and sprinkles and excuses herself from the table.
  • And we get manicures and pedicures at 9:30 in the morning and mom doesn’t even grumble when 10 different polishes are requested for 10 different toes.
  • And dad takes the day off work, just as the birthday girl requested.
  • And we open ‘just one present’ at 10:30am.  And ‘just one more’ at 10:32am.
  • And we eat lunch at Arctic Circle even though the place makes mom and dad a bit nauseous.  And we get kids meals and quarter machine toys – even the really cool quarter machine toys that cost two quarters.
  • And after lunch we shop for a new bike big enough for a five year old.  And we buy the dang princess one (grrr) even though mom & dad don’t really want to buy the dang princess one, and even though they know that the birthday girl will outgrow princesses before she outgrows her new bike.  But they buy it anyway, because the birthday girl just loves the princess one.  And it is her birthday {and her bike} after all.
  • And then we go to the movie theater.  And we get popcorn and pop and mom smuggles in gourmet lollipops for the birthday girl and her little brother.  And then after the popcorn is gone, 45 minutes into the movie, we leave the movie theater.  Because that is what the birthday girl wants to do.
  • And then we go home and the birthday girl decides it would be fun to go on a treasure hunt for another birthday presents.  And so mom hides the present and gives clues until the gift is found.
  • And then we put our new princess bike together and mom agrees with the idea of riding the bike in the house; for today only.  And then when then indoor bike ride gets boring we go on a birthday bike ride – even in the snow.
  • And then we eat cupcakes.  At 6:00.  Before dinner.  And blow out candles and make wishes.
  • And then we go to 'Outer Limits Fun Zone' and we play token games and play air hockey and ride quarter operated toys and play in the soft play and stay until after bedtime because you only turn five once.
  • And then when we get home – way after bedtime – we open the last of the present and take pictures with the birthday loot and talk about what a fun day we had.

Because being a birthday girl is fun. 
Really, really fun.
Especially when you’re the birthday girl,
and you’re five,
and you’re the boss for the day.

P.S. Jace wants a Spiderman bike for his birthday.  He even prayed for one.  Cutest thing EVER!  Made me crack up right in the middle of family prayer.

P.S.S.  Brynlee’s Rainbow birthday party is on Saturday.  I’m consumed by Rainbow birthday party preparations.  So much so that I close my eyes and see the color spectrum.  No kidding.  I will never again forget the colors of the rainbow.  Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet.  Roy G. Biv!  Roy G. Biv.

Oh My Quotable Friday: Snowball


*This post is being used as my Project 52: Glimpse into Motherhood post.
Because to me motherhood is not caring that you get a snowball thrown in your face as long as you get a good photo of it.

*and more about oh my quotable friday here

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Observing Spring out our window.  March 20th.
Yesterday spring was in the air. I could feel it.  It was windy, but still springish.  Brynlee and I wore flip-flops, our little way of celebrating the official start of spring.  We played outside and opted for sweatshirts instead of warmer coats.
Observing winter out our window.  March 22nd.
Then today we woke to a snow storm.  Windy, blistery, snow covered.  We put on snow boots and Spence shoveled mounds of wet snow to expose sidewalks.  Jace requested gloves to keep his fingers warm and we kept the fire stoked.  And by evening alot of the snow was gone. 
Tonight we will sleep once more and who knows what tomorrow will bring.  Spring again - I hope.  But the truth is, before we know it, spring will be here.  Then gone.  Followed by summer.  Then that too will quickly fade away. 
Time it never slows. 
And also, just yesterday, I became a mother.  We named her Brynlee.  They placed her in my arms and I was head over heels in love with her.  Truly, madly, deeply.  She was a perfect little thing, my perfect little thing.  I thought she should stay tiny forever.
New mom and baby Brynlee - three months old.
Then today we woke up and she was five.  FIVE!  She’s learning to read, and can ride a bike and do flips.  She speaks of Kindergarten and can whistle and pour her own milk.  She’s getting taller, smarter, and OLDER!  She’s five. 
I just can't get over how fast time goes.  Always changing, never stopping.  Like the weather, or a season that seems to change overnight, as is life.
Brynlee was the cutest little baby.  She melted our hearts. 
But do you wanna know what?  That precious little baby makes a dang cute five-year-old too. 
Happy 5th Birthday baby girl.  Now would you quit growing up already?
My five year old birthday girl.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekending ABC's

Me and my sisters {minus Marie} squished on one couch.
Horrible picture.  But one of the only ones I took this weekend.
Afternoon Sunday naps taken in shifts.
Birthday shopping for my almost five year old.
Chocolate Chip Pancakes made by Brad.
Delivered birthday announcements for Brynlee’s upcoming ‘Rainbow’ birthday party.
Excellent homemade pizza.  Someday I’m gonna learn to cook like my big sister and her husband.
Facebook searched for mom’s old boyfriends and other blasts from the pasts.
Gas Station treats and fountain drinks.
Handmade superhero cape.  To: Jace  From: Aunt Sarah
Ice-cold diet coke with lime.  Me and Diet Coke have been reunited.  I’ve missed it so.
Jessica teaching me what it means to ‘Jimmer’.  I’ll never understand where her obsession with all things sports came from.
Kate’s statement about a bump on a back that made us all double over in laughter.
Late to bed for all the kiddos.  And even later to bed for their parents.
Monstrous suckers for entertainment on the car ride home.
Notes of love written and snail mailed to a few people that I adore.
Organized St. Patty’s Day décor into its tote and brought Easter decorations up from storage.
Playdate with cousins.  Even weekend long playdates seem to end too soon.
Quiddler.  A new to us card game purchased from the toy store.
Root Beer Floats to celebrate my dad turning one year older wiser.
Spring 1st!  Huzzah!
Two haircuts given to the two men in my life.  And get this – no tears.  Three cheers for Jace!
undisputed Spence’s decision to watch season 1, episode 1 of Scrubs.  And then episode 2, 3 & 4.  A new addiction may be in the works.
Vanilla ice-cream on waffle cones.
Week off from preparing a Young Women’s lesson.  Thanks Beth.
Xtra time spent with family.  My absolute favorite way to spend the weekend, or any day really.
Yesteryear reminders when the girls spent Saturday morning playing a game of school.  Oh how I loved to play school when I was a little one.  School and church.  Jessica and I always played church.  Weird, right?
Zack, Zack, he's a LEGO maniac! And other 80’s and early 90’s commercials watched on YouTube.

I love the weekend, I love my family and I love that yesterday was the first day of spring.  With this week comes Brynlee’s 5th Birthday.  We’re super excited at my house.

Happy Monday ya'll.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Catching Leprechauns – Take Two

Brynlee's "Three Wishes" Handout from preschool today.
P.S. Brynlee wouldn't let me take a picture of her unless she got to lay on the kitchen table with the little pot of gold by her head.  Whatever.
It was first thing this morning that Brynlee made the bold announcement.  She held her shamrock shaped cinnamon toast in one hand and triumphantly explained that this was the year she’d be successful in catching a real live leprechaun. 

{Sidenote: After last year’s St. Patty’s Day breakfast Brynlee made me cross my heart, hope to die, stick a thousand needles in my eye that I would never, ever, EVER again serve her green eggs.  Ever!  Not even on St. Patrick’s Day.  They are so gross, mom!  And to make sure I wouldn’t forget my promise she reminded me numerous times throughout the year.  But don’t think the green egg promise stopped me from using an entire bottle of green food coloring to color everything but eggs, or from using my shamrock cookie cutter on toast and any other edible items.  This cheesiness of mine . . . it really is hard to contain}

Anyway, her statement caught me off guard.  Because one) she remembered about last year’s catching leprechaun?!  She was three last year!  Okay, almost four.  But still, not very old.  It suprised me that she remembered.  And, two) last year she had used up all the decent leprechaun catching idea, and all of them were unsuccessful, and three) how was I going to break it to her that real live leprechauns are really hard to catch.  Like impossible to catch.

But don’t think that stopped her from trying.  It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if I told you that every second of our 2011 St. Patrick’s Day was spent searching for leprechauns.  Because seriously, every second of our 2011 St. Patrick’s Day was spent searching for leprechauns. 
Bryn searching for Leprechauns
She made a rainbow Fruit Loop trail from the back door to a cardboard box.  The plan:  when the leprechaun ate the fruit loops she would jump out and trap it with the cardboard box.

She wrapped a piece of licorice in packaging tape, sticky side out.  The plan:  when the leprechaun ate the licorice it would get stuck to the tape.

She built a sandcastle in the sandbox.  The plan:   when the silly leprechaun tried to enter it would get stuck in the sand.

She lined up Jace’s matchbox cars.  The plan:  the leprechaun would confuse the imposter cars with his own car.  And then when the car wouldn’t start she would grab him.

She sat out St. Patrick’s Day cookies, she painted rainbows as decoys, she closely examined anything green, she lined up chocolate coins and when that didn’t work she exchanged them for real coins, she colored water green, she sang creative leprechaun chants, she made up poems, she watched ‘how to catch a leprechaun videos’ on YouTube {no joking}, she ate all her lunch to give her leprechaun hunting energy, she even had me write the leprechaun a little note.  Dictated by her, of course.

And although she found thousands of clues and even swears that she saw a leprechaun run out from underneath the couch while I was vacuuming - she still ended the day empty handed.  Bless her heart.  But on the bright side, I guess there’s always next year.

Hope you got your hands on a Leprechauns pot of gold, or a lucky charm, or at least some green food coloring, a shamrock cookie cutter and some Farr’s rainbow colored ice-cream.
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