Sunday, April 28, 2013

Thirty-one, baby.

Today I’m thirty-one.

I woke up to breakfast in bed. Waffles + strawberries, orange slices and a glass of apple juice.
And then we opened my birthday presents first thing. Still in pajamas, even. Per the kiddos request.
Spence surprised me with a new laptop. Perfect timing - my old laptop died on my birthday’s eve. May she rest in peace.
And the kids gifted me some pansies for the flower beds - can’t wait to get them in the dirt – and some treats: Caramellos, Almond Rocha and Hot Tamales. All my favorites.
And then we were off to church.
Spence snuck home early and packed our picnic basket.
A birthday picnic lunch + an afternoon at the park + birthday wishes from the people I love the most.
Breakfast in bed makes me happy.
Flowers for my flower beds make me happy.
Surprise picnics make me happy.
Birthdays make me happy.
Thirty one is off to a great start.

Taken on the 14th of February

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


And speaking of the little stink…
She knows how to climb things.
Like bathtub walls and stairs, and apparently, wooden kitchen stools.

Baby Giggles and stuff

I’m updating the blog today – a trip to Disneyland, Brynlee’s birthday party, photos from March, maybe even rewinding all the way back to February with some Valentine’s Day photos. Because I shoot for the stars. And apparently enjoy living in the past.

{Its name is high hopes of a 2013 blog journal book, if you’re unfamiliar.}

But I actually don’t have much free time today. So what that really means is I will be posting a single blog post – if I get that far. I’ll upload a few photos from Disneyland, introduce the photos with a couple incomplete sentences and then publish the blog post under the title “Disneyland Deets” {for Kylee}. And then I will call it good ‘nuff.

Queen of good intentions, people.

But in the meantime I present to you this video. Because grandma needs to see it. Plus also, it’s of a baby giggling. And nothing in the whole entire universal world amounts to as much cuteness as baby giggles. Amen.

Oh and while I’m updating let me tell you about the time that Marlee went swimming in the bathtub – completely unassisted. Bathtubs are her love language and when she heard the bathwater in the other room she hightailed it in that direction. She was so quick. As in I turned around for two seconds to grab her some clothes out of the closet and when I turned back around the little bug was gone. She had crawled into the bathroom, scaled the bathtub wall, and dove - headfirst – into the water. Diaper and all.

Luckily Jace loudly reprimanded her, “little baby, you can’t get into the bathtub with your diaper on!” And the minute I heard Jace, I raced to her rescue.

Scary stuff though. Little stink.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

A snapshot update

Why hello friends. Turns out I’ve been absent around these parts. Again. It’s turning into my new norm, I’m afraid.

But as for a quick update {real quick} we’ve spent the last week off on a little get-a-way. Disneyland, oh my!

We had an absolute ball. Life is so fun. And I am so lucky in love with my little gang.

The End.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Backyard WWF

Scenes from Easter

**it's baby chick days at cal ranch**
**read: farm life for city folk**

 **the easter egg hunt**

 **my boys, hunting**

**and here we have a little easter egg hunt excitement**

 **my little easter peep**

 **and then jace opened his eggs and divvied up his candy equally**
**one for dad, one for mom, one for brynlee, one for me**
**one for dad, one for mom, one for brynlee, one for me**
**because that is how my sweet boy rolls**

 **eggs in color**

 **what we looked like easter weekend, 2013**
**with jace's eyes wide shut**

 **okay everybody, put your hands by your mouth. good. now act unamused. perfect. now force a little half smile. okay, that will do. click-click**

 **easter naps**
**p.s. will somebody grab poor jake a pillow. he looks miserably uncomfortable.**

 **ahhhhhh spring**

 **on the hunt for "grandma bunny" baskets**

 **found it!**

 **for baby maycie, from grandma**

 **twofer one**

 **a sunny day tip from marbug: in a pinch your pants can double as a sun bonnet**

 **surprise! look who showed up at our house**
**and then the boys ran and hid**
**also of importance: we still aren't 100% on who's in the bunny ears, it was an unexpected surprise for all of us**

 **a snapshot with the easter bunny**
**minus the boys. because they are still in hiding**

 **hardboiled egg races**

 **easter morning**

**and i hope you had a very happy easter too**

Monday, April 1, 2013

Sunchasers + April 1st

The sun came out.
And this is how I found my kiddos.
Like two little lizards soaking up its rays.
Oh and happy April 1st you guys.
My mom didn’t even call with an April Fools joke this year.
Which is not one bit like her.
{Did you forget, Mom?}
It’s the first time she hasn’t called with an awesome joke since Spence and I called her eleven years ago to tell her we were engaged.
She was so very excited for us and immediately started wedding planning.
Almost made us feel like we should just go ahead and get married so we didn’t have to call her back and tell her it was all a big fat April Fool’s joke.
Little pranksters. 
And then there was that one April 1st - years later, after Spence and I really did get married and when I was pregnant with Jace – when Mom called Kate and told her that I had just had my ultrasound and found out I was having twins. And the story goes {and Katie denies} that Kate responded with, “I knew she was having twins! She’s waaaaayyyyy too big to only be having one.”
Jokes on me, I guess.
Happy April you guys.

Entertaining J&K

How to entertain two boys for the afternoon.

Step stool. {Check}
Ledge. {Check}
A couple of paper airplanes. {Check, check.}

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