Sunday, November 2, 2014

Thoughts on this Sunday Morning

Last night I asked Spence if I should just quit my little bloggy journal. “I’m so far behind”, I reasoned. “Plus, the kids are getting older and I’m starting to realize that they might not want things written about them anymore. “No way!” he answered. And honestly, looking back, this journal is my treasure. And so I’ll continue…

This morning Jace asked me when we get to go on the Pioneer Trek again. That experience touched my little family. I’m so glad we were given the opportunity. Sometimes when my kids are feeling hesitant about certain things in life I remind them that they are capable of hard things …you pulled that handcart for all those miles, remember. You can do anything!

On a snowy day last January I typed this out and published it on my blog:

Speaking of New Years and resolutions, do you pick a word for the year? I never have before. In fact, I had absolutely no intention of doing so this year either. The thought hadn't even crossed my mind. But then I was sitting next to Judge Smith at church on Sunday. He is such a kind and spirited man. Anyway, when the closing song started playing Judge Smith started whistling the tune, without control or reserve, in true Judge Smith manner. Carry on, carry on, carry on. And then it hit me. I would chose a word for 2014, and that would be it. Carry on. I’m not entirely sure what 2014 will bring our family. Maybe change. Maybe more of the same. Maybe it will be speckled with trials or a smooth sailing sort of a year? Maybe it will be one for the books. Or maybe one, come December 31st, I want to wrap up and store away in a locked chest to not have to worry about any more. But whatever it brings I intend to do that: carry on, carry on, carry on.

I feel like we are in a bit of a transformation right now: Spence got a new job. Change (good or bad) is hard. And with his new job grown-up decisions seem like they need to be made, and honestly I’m not sure how to make them.  Kindergarten has been hard! My sister has had some medical issues and I’ve been heart sick and worrisome for her.

But there is good too! Whenever I’m feeling a bit drab – in one of those funks – I turn on some Pandora and watch the picture slideshow that is a constant on our TV. It lifts my spirits. My life is good, my children adorable, my husband hilarious. Pictures have a way of reminding me of all that is good. And there is a lot that is so dang good. In my life, and in yours. Find the good! I’ll be looking for it too.

And when life feels no good …. CARRY ON!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

This is Halloween, This is Halloween

Happy Halloween!

This year Brynlee dressed up as Sally Skellington from The Nightmare before Christmas. And Jace and Spence were Lego Batman and Lego Hulk. And honestly, I ran out of time (our world has been busy, busy lately) so Marlee went with costume Plan B and she wore a dinosaur costume out of the bottom of the Halloween tote and I wore some Disneyland Minnie Mouse ears and declared it Halloween success. Three completed costumes out of five ain’t bad, right? Right.

Hope your Halloween was chocolate covered. I can’t believe it’s November! Sheesh.

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