Sunday, January 22, 2012

In which we self release her first album

A Christmas or two ago Spence and I turned on How the Grinch Stole Christmas for a family bonding night on the couch. Because nothing says Christmas traditions like willingly welcoming Jim Carey into your home. It wasn’t more than five minutes later that Brynlee ran and hid behind the couch. She WAS NOT a fan. We turned it off and deemed Christmas officially ruined. Or something along those lines, but slightly less dramatic.

This year {after watching the original a handful of times} Brynlee decided she was no longer scared and wanted to reattempt the new How the Grinch Stole Christmas. We searched and searched, but couldn’t find a single copy of the show for rent or purchase. So to appease an unwavering child I let her watch bits and pieces of the show on YouTube.

In process we clicked on a YouTube video of a little girl singing “Where Are You Christmas”. Brynlee was smitten. She watched it and rewatched it, over and over again.

Later that day she came to me with an idea that she’d obviously been stewing for quite some time. She was going to learn that song {every.single.word} then I was to “camera” her singing it while dressed in her prettiest Christmas dress with curls in her hair {clarifying: she was to wear her prettiest christmas dress, not me.}. Then she was going to need me to put the video of her singing the song on the same “computer spot” where that other girl was singing.

It was like her first hope for fame and celebrity status.

Within a day she had learned all the words to the song and was ready for her big break. But apparently I’m not cut out to be a celebrity publicists and I never got the video made.

But I decided that it wasn’t right to rewind and wrap up the Christmas season without recording Brynlee singing “Where Are You Christmas”. So today’s the unofficial release date for Brynlee’s first single. Naturally I’m going to need to start negotiating with the people to have only red M&Ms and sparkling cherry mineral water in her dressing room.

Which reminds me, I also need to ask for a dressing room.

A few things about the video:
+ Obviously she didn’t have on her prettiest Christmas dress or perfect ringlets in her hair. But I did try to keep the stain from the gravy she spilt on her dress during dinner out of the video so it’s almost the same.
+She sorta gained a lisp when she lost her last tooth. It makes me smile.
+Don’t ask me what that little jump in the middle of the song was. I guess a little five-year-old burst of energy.
+I realize now that I shouldn’t have recorded her right in front of the big, bright window. It makes it really hard to see. But again, I’m an amateur celebrity publicist. Plus, if she wants grade A work she’s going to have to start paying me a little more.

And as a P.S. Kate and Jake gifted the kids with their very own copy of Jim Carey’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas for Christmas. And Brynlee was right, she was no longer scared.


trulymegs said...

So precious! I loved her little jump in the middle--just to make sure you were still watching!

Jessica said...

The jump is hilarious! I love it!

kylee said...

that random jump in the middle is my fav. total rockstar, that girl of yours. when she's famous someday can i score some front row concert tickets & maybe even backstage passes?

Kate said...

What is it about little girls singing that makes you want to tear up? I have heard her sing that song a million times but it still get to me. What a cutie.

Kimberlee said... adorable! I agree with Kate! Loved the jump!

Kimberlee said...

WHOOOPS.....This is jami on Kims computer, I should have signed out and signed into my account!!!

Jaelynn said...

cutest thing ever! Oh my goodness. I really really miss that little girl of yours...

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