Sunday, January 31, 2010

Goodbye January

Happy last day of January, my dear friends. 
From the gang. 
And our freshly rolled NINE FOOT snowman!
{Why yes, we measured!}


What does {seven o'clock} look like at your house?

Come back every day in February
to see a picture glimpse
of what {seven o'clock} looks like at our house.

See ya then.

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Post about Pickles

Ya'know where I like to eat? Quiznos. I love me some Quiznos.

I don't especially love their sandwiches.  But you guys! The condiment bar. Oh, the condiment bar. It makes me so happy. All the pickles and yellow peppers my little heart (…stomach) can handle. I pile them as high as my sandwich allows, then fill two little black cuppy things (why yes…that is their official given name) to eat on the side.

I love pickles. Any pickles really. I'm not picky. But I especially love Quiznos pickles. And Subways pickles. {Subway actually has the better pickle but, quite frankly, Subway can be a little PICKLE GREEDY! I think they have a pickle per customer cap, and I really irritate the "Sandwich Artist" when I try to push the pickle limit.}

Do you want to know who else loves pickles?

My sister-in-law, Sarah.

{FYI: She loves lemons too. But this is "The Post about Pickles" so I'll stick to pickles. I know! my bloggy material. You can't find this kind of blog content anywhere else!}

Sarah used to work at Subway. She would order an extra jar of Subway pickles for her to bring home. One of the job perks, I guess. God bless Subway!

Sarah, today I am thinking of you. And wishing I were at your house with a Subway jar of pickles, a Dr. Pepper for you, and a Diet Coke for me. We would sit on the floor with two forks, eating pickles straight from the jar, and playing Dr. Mario until our heads hurt.

I love you!
Do you love pickles? What kind of pickles are your favorite?
No seriously, I want to know!
A little impromptu pickle survey for a curious mind.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

4:52 on a Thursday

we woke up.
had smoothies and granola bars.
did the preschool thing.
ran errands.
threw a fit in costco.
came home.
trashed the toy room.
put the fit thrower down for a nap.
cleaned the toy room.
made bead necklaces.
went on a walk.
made forts out of couch cushions.
ate yesterdays leftover cupcakes.
danced to Christmas music.
played play-doh.
colored bright pictures.
scrubbed marker off jaces tummy, face, arms & legs.
played games on pbskids.

Then looked at the clock.
The kids and I were anxiously awaiting Spence's arrival.
And I was fresh out of entertaining ideas.

Brynlee suggested that we take pictures while jumping on the coach.
And since I had no superior ideas…

And if she makes the suggestion.
We just might do the same thing tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Late Night List

One. It's 1:30 in the AM and I can't sleep. You know when you can't sleep because you get yourself all hyped-up worrying that can't sleep. And then of course you can't sleep, because of all the worrying and lack of sleeping. Well, that's where I'm at.

Two. Spence and I set a goal to try to go to bed earlier. We put the goal into action this week. On Monday night I woke up with a little stomach bug and spent the majority of the night with my head in the toilet. And then tonight… 

So far it's going well, wouldn't ya say.

Three. I think it's important to reveal the fact that I'm not pregnant; I just have a weak stomach as of late. Divulging that bit of information will save my mom numerous unnecessary phone calls. However, she's probably not even reading anymore. At the very moment she read 'a little stomach bug' she went to find her cell phone. She's going to call my sisters first and say, "Do you think Kim's pregnant?" Then they'll discuss it. Then she's going to give me a call and say, "Kim, tell the truth! Are you pregnant?" Then when I tell her "no", she'll say, "Do you promise? I don't believe you!" And then I'll spend the next fifteen to twenty minutes trying to convince her that I'm not pregnant. When she's finally sort of convinced she'll say, "Do you think Jami's pregnant?" And the circle continues…

Four.  Jace had another well-baby appointment.  He's now 3 feet 2 inches and 24.6 pounds.  That puts him in the 90th percentile for height and 40th percentile for weight.  And he's just as cute as EVER!

Five. Although he's been a little grouchy lately. We're working on a little naptime switcheroo and he's not really on board. His naptime has always been at 11am. He likes his naptime at 11am. He wants his naptime to continue to be at 11am. But now church starts at 11am. And I'm no genius, but I'm pretty sure that Jace goes to church with an agenda. That being to make sure e.very.body in the entire building realizes that it's 11am and he's MISSING HIS NAPTIME. We're hoping that if we change his naptime to a later hour church will be enjoyable bearable! For us, and for those that attend with us.

Six. In case you're wondering (and I know you are), Jillian Michaels and I are still diligently doing the "Thirty Day Shred."

Seven. And speaking of the "Thirty Day Shred"… I got this email from my hilarious friend Miranda.

So a little background. She started "The Shred" the day before I did. And then she left a comment on my blog about the irony of the whole thing. And then she said she was going to email me. And then she never emailed. And then I left a comment on her blog, asking about my email. And then I got this email. And then {bonus points if you can name that movie, did I mention I can't sleep}.

Okay, the email:
i know i was supposed to email you
but then i did the 30 day shred
and then i died
and you can't type when you're dead.

It made me laugh. Mainly because I get it.

If you don't believe me ask Jillian Michaels. I'm pretty sure I saw her smirk and roll her eyes at my first attempt at the shred. I'm just glad she wasn't there to witness me do the Ab Ripper video from P90X. She might have lost all levels of composer and laughed out loud while pointing her skinny, yet perfectly toned little finger at me!

Eight. Look what my little girl can write. Isn't mom such a cute word when it's written by a three-year-old.

And on that note I'm off to bed.
And by that I mean I'm going to lay in bed while I toss and turn and analysis all possible reasons as to why I'm not sleeping.
It's going to be delightful.

Until morning time,

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Photo Album: The Holidays, Part 2 of 2

On Tuesday Brynlee’s little pre-school class took a field trip to the library. I tagged along to offer extra seat belts for booster seats and much appreciated adult supervision. Jace came too.

On the car ride over to pre-school Jace had a bit of the IHATETHISDUMBCARSEAT blues. Let me just say it involved much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

To which Brynlee calmly responded:
“Jace Buddy, I bet you are a little scared for your first day of p-hole.”
{That’s what Brynlee calls pre-school. “P-Hole” It makes all pre-school talk just a little awkward, especially for those unfamiliar with all her "p-hole" lingo.}

Then she continued:
“There is just a few things to remember…
First, do EVERYTHING that Miss Jenni tell you to (she says as she points her finger at him).
When you sit on the rug you HAVE TO sit criss-cross-applesauce, okay buddy!
(She leans in a little closer, obviously very serious now)
…And, DON’T YOU DARE go potty in your diaper!”

What would Jace do without his big sister?

And because I know you’ve been waiting…part two of our holiday pictures.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Dear Heinz, This is for you!

Look what I picked up while running errands today:

For the next thirty days it's me, Jillian Michaels and my leftover baby bump.

What about you, my dear blog readers…
Do you have remnants of a baby bump that needs to go?
Have you tried the "30 Day Shred"?
Are you cutting back in 2010?

And just because I'm interested…
Did your brother-in-law lovingly(?) point out your baby bump over the Holidays?
Love ya Heinz.

Today marks Day 1 of 30!I'll keep you updated on my shred.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Photo Album: The Holidays, Part 1 of 2

In case you’re wondering:
  • We had some friends over last night. We spent most the evening playing the Wii. Specifically, Rock Band.
  • Do you want to know how to embarrass me? Make we REALLY sing vocals while you PRETEND to strum the guitar!
  • I got released from my calling as a Relief Society Teacher today. My new calling: Laurel Advisor in the Young Women’s.
  • Today was a slow day. Even for a Sunday. We got home from church at about 2:30. Ate lunch. {leftovers} Then Spencer went upstairs to take a nap. He didn’t wake up until 6:30pm. Just in time for an Elders Quorum meeting.
  • We were supposed to be taking shifts.  Um, I guess I get my shift next week.
  • While he slept, Kate came over and we half-watched the dvr’d season opener for “The Biggest Loser”.
  • Only half-watched because I was a little pre-occupied with adding unneeded captions to a few of my holiday photos. Like I said…it was a slow day.
  • One of these days I am going to write a real blog post. You know, one with one coherent train of thought. And maybe even complete sentences. But until then…some pictures from the Holidays.
With unneeded captions, of course!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Cliffnotes: The Holidays


Spencer off work for two weeks. Love that.

Date night at the Mystique Theater.
Chamber of Shadows. Five course meal. Prime Rib. Magician. Entertainment. No kids.

Few days until Christmas. Finish shopping.
Lounge. Family time. Bliss.

Christmas Eve. A candlelit Shrimp Feast.
Coconut Shrimp. Breaded Shrimp. Bacon-wrapped Shrimp. Shrimp. Shrimp. Shrimp.
Sugar Cookies & Milk for Santa.
A glittery Magic Reindeer Mix for his team.
More family time. Excitement. Enjoyment.
Christmas pajamas and slippers.

Christmas morning. Present unwrapping.
A hand-me-down laptop for Brynlee. A wooden train for Jace.
A GPS for the man of the house. And a black kitchen-aide for his wife.
All presents unwrapped. Wrapping paper recycled.

Joined by my family. House full. Loud. Joyous.
Christmas Dinner. Wii. Card games.
White elephant gift exchange.
Food. Lots and lots of food.
Sleepover. Family leaves.

Bags packed. Road trip. Join Spence’s family.
Baby blessing.
Chaos. Commotion.
Hotel stay. Swimming.
Indoor Amusement Park. Happy children.
Three new Korean aprons. Thanks Heinz.

Drive home. Grocery shop for possible guests.
Phone call to Sarah.  Whine. 
Sledding with the Francis Family. Delight.
 Reminded why I love those guys.
More card games. More Wii.
Joined by more family.
Heinz, Ty and Alena.
Little sleep. Good company.

Cross-country sledding on the golf course.
Enjoyment for the kiddos. Work-out for Spencer and I.

New Years Eve.
More family. The Woolfs.
Dinner. Card games. Mormon bubbly. Welcome 2010.

Stomach flu. Laundry.
More stomach flu. Oodles of stomach flu.
Did I mention the stomach flu.

Cozy fire always stoked. Heinz’s unofficial chore.
More card games. More Wii. Root Beer floats.
Redboxes. Bowling. Movie Theater.
Visiting. Reminiscing.

New church time. During naptime. Ugh.

Back to work for Spencer.
Felt interrupted. Went way to fast.
Christmas decorations down.
January 7th last guests leave.
Christmas over.

Bask in the regular. Comforting. Peaceful.
Reminded how perfectly perfect my little family is.

Our Life Unedited updated.
Kim out.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Back to “business as usual”

The last three of our guest left today. That officially means the end of the Holidays.

I spent the day cleaning. Washed all the bedding in the house. Organized closets. Put the remaining Christmas decorations in red and green totes. And emptied the fridge of holiday remnants.

On the schedule for tomorrow: Organize the toy room. Carpet clean the car. Take five packages to the post office {they are all going to different addresses and contain items that were accidently left at my house by Holiday guests}.

Now Spence and I are snuggled up on the couch in a quiet house. He's watching a little TV and I'm doing the bloggy thing. It's been a while. I missed you guys.

The Holidays are over. I love the Holidays. Almost every part of the Holidays is simply delightful.

But, it always feels good to wrap them in bubble wrap and pack them away until next year. 

It feels good to indulge in a little "same-old, same-old!" To have a schedule. To eat less. To relax. To have our little world quiet down.

Welcome 2010! I have a feelin' your going to be a good one.


P.S. Happy, happy eighth birthday to my little sister. I love you, Marie
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