Monday, January 30, 2012


Brynlee lost her 5th tooth today. The little neighbor girl pulled it out. No kidding. She came over for a playdate after school and mid playdate-ing {so a word} Brynlee asked if she wanted to try to wiggle her loose tooth. Gross, right? Well, she took Brynlee up on the offer. She wiggled it just right and the tooth gave in. I think she was a bit shocked when she looked down and realized she was holding Brynlee’s front tooth between her two fingers. Poor girl was still a bit static and pale when the two of them ran to tell me what happened. I couldn’t stop laughing. Mainly because, gross. And also because, the neighbor girl pulled out Bryn’s tooth. I didn’t realize the tooth was that loose. I mean, it was looser than the tooth that she willingly sacrificed for tooth fairy money, but still.

::Friends: moments after the tooth pull::
In other news from today:

+ Today was a “Jake Day”. On Monday’s when Brynlee has school I spend the morning volunteering in her classroom. Brynlee loves when I volunteer.  And I love to volunteer. But, I think Jace loves it very most. Because to Jace volunteering means that Uncle Jake get to come over and play superheroes. Jace thinks he’s so cool. 

+ I did our taxes. Well, everything except stocks and ESPP; I’m still waiting on those tax forms to come in the mail. Is it lame that I get excited to do taxes? I really should have been an accountant, or at very least some sort of billing clerk. Paying bills, organizing paperwork, punching in numbers, documenting expenses. . . all that sort of stuff makes me giddy. {Don’t tell Spencer though. Otherwise I can no longer include it in my laundry list of annoying and time consuming chores that I have to do while he gets to go on business lunches and relax in front of the computer at work. My job as a stay at home mother is so.very.demanding and he needs to know that.}

+ Spence is in process of sheetrocking/taping/mudding our hallway {did I mention that I had to do the taxes today - sheesh I’m exhausted}. Turns out the guest bathroom toilet has been leaking. Who knew? Wish we would have discovered it prior to it ruining the ceiling below it, but ahhh well, if it’s not one thing it’s another I guess.

And for the record – JACE ROCKS AT SUNBEAMS. I mean, sure I’m his sunbeam teacher and never leave his side, but for a kid that only had three successful nursery runs his entire nursery career, rocking at sunbeams {in any form} is a big deal. Last Sunday he started crying because he wasn’t ready for primary to be over yet. Made me so very happy.   
::My Sunbeam::

Do you want to know what else makes me happy? Bed time.

I’m off.


Jaelynn said...

JACE LOOKS SO STINKIN' CUTE! What a handsome boy he is!

Kate said...

Jake is going to be so bummed he is being replaced as the official teeth puller of Brynlee.

And, Jace is getting way to big!

Lacy@uphillandsmiling said...

Cute! This post made me laugh. Your kids are adorable. :)

Jessica said...

Jace looks adorable!! And I can't believe she has already lost five teeth! Olivia is really jeolous!

Kerry said...

How how cute and funny about the tooth!! What are friends for, right?
Great pic of your little man, what a spunk!!

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