Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Photo Album: Jace's Fourth

Archie brought over chicken noodle soup this evening. Like, the homemade kind. With homemade noodles and everything.

Brynlee had spent most the weekend with watery eyes and a runny nose and woke up this morning with a cough that would make healthy children’s mothers cringe, so I kept her home from church. Spence kindly offered to be the responsible adult that ditched church to tend to the sick while Jace and I attended church. I mentioned to Lise that my people were home with the bug and voilĂ  a special delivery of homemade soup.

I felt the tiniest bit guilty about the whole soup thing {except for not guilty enough to pass on downing two bowls} since I had yet to brainstorm a good way to thank them for the boxes of potatoes they had left on my doorstep earlier in the week. You know the kind of people that you hope to someday be just like? Well, that’s Archie and Lise. Coolest people ever. And someday, someday, I’m going to be as cool as them. But first I need to learn how to make a mean batch of homemade chicken noodle soup. So, until then … expect me to continue in my mediocre ways {sigh}.

Anyway, Jace’s 4th birthday in photos:

we did our traditional birthday doughnuts topped with candles for breakfast || went birthday shopping for new shoes || spent some time at the park || ate lunch at jace’s choice: mcdonalds || and spent the birthday afternoon swimming, per jace’s request. || there was also kiwi loco || a streamer decorated birthday party || and cupcakes + presents.

cute little birthday card brynlee made for jace
notice little baby marlee in spence's arms.

when dad's around even undecorating the party is a party
I can’t believe my little guys four. I am such a lucky gal to get to be his mom.

Friday, September 28, 2012

a special delivery + cake in the oven

I hand delivered a love note and a bag of gummy worms to a certain somebody in the first grade hall this morning. It was meant as a consultation prize for one of those terrible, horrible, no good, very bad kind of mornings.

We woke up late, which is never a good start. I picked out Levi’s. She hates Levi’s. I served apple juice. And apparently, she hates apple juice. I requested she eat school lunch today. She hates school lunch. I asked her to brush her teeth. And as it turns out, she hates that too. I asked her to get her shoes on {five minutes after the time the car should be leaving the driveway} and instead she sat down on the couch with my cell phone for an intense game of Angry Birds. Because, seriously!

It ended with me carrying her backpack {and lunchbox, because I’m a puchover, that’s why} to the car and her moping behind making meanest mom ever comments {without brushed teeth and in leggings and a skirt}.

The gummy worms were my secret ploy to keep her from moving to Australia. Actually, on second thoughts … what time does school start in Australia!?

She came home {skipping} with BESTEST DAY EVER stories. And even shared one half of one gummy worm with her brother, so all’s well, I suppose.

And it’s Friday. And in minutes we will be headed to Jace’s soccer game. And after that we are family date night-ing to the Beauty and the Beast musical production at the Mystique Theater.

And then tomorrow we will be celebrating no. 34. Spence has requested a “Better than Sex” cake. Kate brought over some leftover cake earlier this week and he concluded that it was, indeed, better than sex.

I’m so over it. Lil’ punkface!

Happy weekending ya’ll.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

life updated + a quick marlee photo

My heads spinning. It’s been spinning for weeks. I keep promising myself that things are going to slow down, but so far, no such luck. Life keeps happening, activities keep popping up, and my head keeps spinning. As is life, I guess.

Summer is officially over, and with that I feel that I’ve come full circle. This time last year I was in the early stages of pregnancy: the puking, the nausea, the exhaustion. But I {we} made it through, somehow. And now – with sweet baby Marlee – life couldn’t be dreamier. The change in weather and the signs of fall make me reminiscent though – and truthfully, the memories are nightmarish. I’m not entirely sure how we all survived. But we did, and in the end, that’s all that matters.

Jami came to my part of Idaho today and Kate, Jami and I did lunch. We ate at Papa Kelsey’s just like we had done on June 11th, which turned out to be my very last day of pregnancy. It was also the day, over lunch at Papa Kelsey’s, that Kate announced her pregnancy. She’s {finally} showing and although baby Maycie still has a few more months before she makes her appearance she is already very much a part of our family. We all {her little cousins included} think about her and pray for her daily. That little girl is loved!

On Monday the kids, Kate and I made a quick trip to that little town in Idaho where my parents {and Jami and Zeb} reside. Marieski and Mom had a piano recital {ha … makes me laugh} so we loaded up after school and went to watch Aunt Marie and Grandma perform. Katie and I only got the giggles once. But really, who’s to blame us? It was absolutely hilarious to see my mom sitting in the piano recital line up next to chair after chair of much {much} younger piano performers. My favorite part was when the gal sitting next to mom wrapped her arm around mom’s shoulder to try to comfort mom’s nerves. Marie played “The Rose” and did awesome and mom played “Somewhere over the Rainbow” and did awesome as well. Especially considering that at her last piano recital she forgot her glasses when she went up to perform and then got the giggles mid performance. I laugh out loud every time I think about it. The funniest part was when she told me on the phone that Karma {her piano teacher} gave her a “royal cussin’ in front of all the other kids” for laughing during her big performance. My mom’s a hoot, you guys.

Brynlee’s turned into a reading fool and her and first grade are meshing well. Earlier today I saw a picture of her on her first day of Kindergarten and I couldn’t believe how much she had grown. She looks so much older now. She’s lost eight teeth to date and her splattering of freckles are growing with her. The other day she got Marlee ready for the day {changing diaper, included} all by herself and on Sunday during Primary she read a scripture at the microphone without any help.

Jace is still the sweetest guy around. Honestly, that kid kills me with his kindness. He’s a giver. Even at four, he is always certain to put others needs before his own. I’ve been trying to learn from him, and although most times I fall short I am really hoping to someday be less like me and more like him. The highlight of his weeks was watching Grandpa rope a cow. He bought some Superhero books with his birthday money from Grandma Marilyn and they are his newest prized possession. Spencer reads them to him nightly, I usually read them once during the day, and he flips though them numerous times in between. We’ve been working on his “homework” lately: practicing his fine moter skills, mainly. I can’t believe how quickly he took to preschool, all that worry and heartburn were for not. I love that kid. And, I just realized that I never posted pictures from his 4 year old birthday bash. Mental note: do that soon.

Marlee’s a vocal little thing, cooing and rambling and as of late, giggling. My favorite. Her voice is so deep and raspy. Just like Brynlee’s and Jace’s were. So far she’s hated bathtime, crying through every single minute of it. But yesterday she took a bath with Brynlee and didn’t fuss once. Brynlee was so proud of her big sister calming ability and informed me that Marlee just felt safer when her big sister had her. Jace calls Marlee his ‘cute little thing’ and hates it as much as Marlee does when I use the bulb syringe to clean out her nose. One of my favorite parts of the day is after Brynlee and Jace are in bed for the night, all our activities and running around are done, the dishwasher’s running and all the toys have been returned to their homes and I collapse on the couch with Marlee Bug snuggled perfectly against my chest, each of our breaths starting and ending in unison. I’m trying to take it all in, because I know - from experience - how fast it goes.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Thirty Days Hath September: Day 14-17

d a y  f o u r t e e n : home, at last

d a y  f i v e t e e n : Tilden’s Bridge
d a y  s i x t e e n : buckled up

d a y  s e v e n t e e n : easy bake playdate

Thirty Days Hath September: Day 11-13

I put on a pair of pre-pregnancy jeans this morning. And, good news: THEY FIT. {tiny happy dance} I couldn’t, however, bend over. Or, you know, breath! Which, as it turns out, sorta gets in the way of day to day activities. Like breathing, per say.

Ahhhh well … there is always tomorrow, I guess. And for today, I will be sticking with my fat pants.


d a y  e l e v e n : holy cupcake, batman

On the 11th Jace got to celebrate his 4th birthday at preschool. He requested Batman cupcakes to share with his preschool friends. I love that right now in my kid’s life all I have to do is whip up some requested Batman cupcakes to become THE COOLEST MOM EVER! For a second or two anyway, until I tell them they can’t have more ice-cream, or that they need to quit picking their nose or that it’s bedtime … and then within seconds … MEANEST MOM EVER!
d a y  t w e l v e : my baby doll
So far Marlee has been such a patient, even-tempered baby. Even when Jace is smothering her with love {which is often} or when Brynlee is carrying her around like she’s her real live baby doll – the girl just doesn’t complain much. A personality more like her father than her mother, I suppose. However, if she needs snuggled then she wants mama and nobody {nobody} should get in the way. I keep telling Spence not to let it hurt his feelings because in no time at all she will be screaming I WANT DADDY!! numerous times throughout the day. I guarantee it. Because I know … because this isn’t my first rodeo, that’s why.
d a y  t h i r t e e n : raspberry man

Courtesy of my husband. Always the comedian.

Thirty days hath September update to be continued. But for now Jace and I are off to hunt down a Captain America shield. He has show-and-tell at preschool today and has opted to bring his Captain America mask and shield. Except for one problem, the shield is M.I.A. Dang it. If you happen to see it would you please let me know ASAP.

Monday, September 17, 2012

To Summers End

Jace had his second soccer game on Saturday and then afterwards we went for an afternoon family drive. We ended up at Tilden’s Bridge – a perfect accidental destination spot. We soaked our feet in the Snake River, skipped rocks and enjoyed the peaceful scenery. I love where I live.

Summer is nearing its official end. And as a 2012 summer wrap-up here’s snapshots of a ton of summer-ish crap I meant to blog about, but never did:

Sisters || I look back at these pictures and my heart hurts. Even though it was only a month or two ago, my baby girl has grown. Her little cheeks are chubbier and her hair more blonde. I’ve pulled 0-3 month clothes out of her closet – they are too small now. But, although she is no longer my itty bitty newborn, there is so much to love. Her smile tops the list.

Monkey Do || In the middle of July my sister-in-law, Anna, and her family came to visit. Fingers crossed that we make it their way to visit next go around {they just moved from Virginia and are now Disneyland’s next door neighbor}.
Hired Help || This is my kid’s way of helping Uncle Jake do yard work.

Parade || On site at my towns 24th of July festivities.
Summer Sleepover || On the trampoline. Marlee and I opted for a bed indoors, but we still stuck around for the glow sticks and other late night trampoline fun.
These two || No other words needed.

A Farwell Party || In August Oregon took away the Walkers. Oregon is so dang lucky. And Idaho is going to miss them terribly.
My town || Edson Fitcher, an afternoon well spent.
Green on Green || A treasure in the grass.
Freezer Corn || Did you know freezing corn is a science? Well, it is. And there is no better place to learn the tricks of the trade than at Zeb’s Grandpa Bingham’s house. The Bingham gang have it mastered, and they didn’t even complain when my kids and I crashed their party. Also noteworthy, Grandpa Bingham’s garden is nothing short of a masterpiece.

With Cousins || We didn’t get to do our annual sledding trip last winter due to a lack of snow. And somehow summer got away from us without our annual Lava Hot Springs trip {I’m blaming it on the whole having a baby thing} but we still got together a number of times over the summer. Most recently was the end of August. I love this family – and so do my kids.
The end.

Friday, September 14, 2012

12 on the 12th [09.12.12]

01.   7:52 am. Spence and Brynlee all kissed goodbye and headed off to school and work.
02.  Meds. And so it begins, I guess. Jace woke up with a bug: sore throat, watery eyes and boogers … so, so many boogers. I am not one bit ready for sick-y weather! And I’m assuming, with it being Jace’s first year of preschool, we are in for a doozie this winter. Bleh.
03.  Phone call. Jace has learned how to call Spence all by himself. And 78% of the time he gets it right. If you receive a prank call or two from my number rest assured that Jace is just trying to get a hold of his daddy.  
04. Baby Thor in training. Jace is constantly playing with Marlee. The two of them sword fight, play superheroes and build lego castles together. Most the time Marlee cat naps through their adventures; it doesn’t even seem to bother Jace. Today he was teaching a sleeping Marlee how to hold his new {birthday} Thor hammer.  
05. Dose of Vitamin D. We spent most the afternoon outside riding bikes, hoping the sun’s rays {in all their glory} would {magically} zap away the boogers. No cigar.
06. 20 minutes a day. Today’s books of choice for reading homework time. Brynlee breezed through the Skippyjon Jones book like an old reading pro-ito. It was the perfect boost of confidence for my little reader.
07.  A girl, a balloon, and a slide.  The leftover birthday balloons from Jace’s party have been recycled for endless hours of entertainment.   
08. Praying Mantis. Found this little guy while watering Brynlee’s pumpkin plant. Actually, there wasn’t anything little about him – that thing was huge!
09.  Rainbow. Brynlee kept asking a million question of what this color mixed with that color makes. I let her discover for herself.
10.  6:00 pm. Jace feel asleep while we were in process of making dinner. I did the late naptime debate {you’ve had that debate, haven’t you} and decided to chance it. I carried him up to his bed and, as it turns out, I made the right choice. Minus a midnight potty break he slept until 6:50 the next morning.  
11.   Get Well Card. Later in the evening, when I went to check on Jace, I found a love note from Brynlee on his nightstand.  {I love you. I hope you git bedr soon!
12.  Dinner help. My two girlies helping prepare homemade pizza for dinner.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Monday, September 10, 2012

Thirty Days Hath September: Day 5-9

d a y  f i v e : soccer practice
This was the highlight of Jace’s first soccer practice. The playground after it was all done.

d a y  s i x: a lunchtime love note

d a y  s e v e n : at the park

d a y  e i g h t  : game day

 d a y  n i n e : my girls

Jace, Marlee and I made it to the library earlier this week. Jace opted not to go to story time since Brynlee wasn’t there to escort him, so instead we browsed the picture books for “awesome books that daddy would love”. Which, as it turns out, “awesome books that daddy would love” also happen to be awesome books that Jace Buddy would love so that worked out nicely. As always, he ended up with quite the stack to bring home. I grabbed a few chapter books for my big first grader and the last few nights we’ve read a couple chapters together before bedtime. She was getting too big for picture books, but neither of us was ready to give up our storybook bedtime routine. I’m not sure why I didn’t swap for chapter books earlier – just didn’t think of it – but we are enjoying reading something a little more age appropriate and I love when Brynlee laughs out loud at six year old humor. I picked up a Clementine book and a couple Junie B’s {that girl’s got sass} and my sister suggested The Magic Tree House series. I would love more suggestions if you have any.

Jace started soccer and if that’s not the cutest thing ever. Little boys in soccer uniforms parallel little girls in dance tutu’s. Both are absolutely adorable.

His first little practice didn’t go well. He wouldn’t let go of my hand and was holding back tears the entire time. I was kicking myself for signing him up and was fighting the urge to pick him up and march right off that field to a place where he was more comfortable. Sometimes watching my adorable shy babies in unfamiliar situations is as hard on me as it is on them. I was certain his first game on Saturday would be more of the same. But he surprised me. I mean, he certainly wasn’t the most aggressive player on the team, but he was out there on the field. Without me. And like I said, … it was sooo cute!

Speaking of cute, the other day when we were driving over to Jace’s preschool he told me that he thought he was going to love going to preschool all by himself. Actually he said “me thinks me’s gonna love preschool by meself!” My little boy is growing up. Oh how I adore him.

Tomorrow he turns four! He wants to go swimming to celebrate. We will also be hanging streamers, blowing up balloons and eating cake. Oh, and doughnuts for breakfast, of course. It’s going to be a fun day.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

On Sunday

a reunion for the family

My sister in law, Gretta, planned the first ever M’s family reunion this year. Bless her heart. She did a great job organizing everything and – best part - nobody killed anybody. So you know, a smashing success.

liz found a snake.
now see, i would have ran for my life if i saw a snake.
and then probably peed my pants.
but liz, she picks it up and plays with it.

I love this picture of Spence and his 14 year old nephew.
Someday Spence is going to hit his growth spurt too.

cool family tree craft that gretta had us do
i love it!
{look at marlee's thumb print down there on the bottom ... so cute}
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