Sunday, March 24, 2013

When he grows up...

Jace had career day at preschool. Up till this point Jace has never mentioned what he wants to be when he grows up {except a superhero, duh}. So I was interested to see what he would pick for career day. I prepped him by telling him about all sorts of careers. He didn’t seem particularly interested in any of them. A day or two before career day I asked him again what he wanted to be when he grew up. He told me that he just wanted to be “whatever daddy be’s when he’s at work.”

So we made him an official badge, packed his briefcase, and sent the itty bitty electrical engineer off to work.

He looked so cute.


the badge

Now we just need to teach him what an engineer actually does. Well not "we" -- mainly just Spencer. Because honestly, I'm with Jace. I'm not entirely certain what Spencer does at work either.

For the record, I am a bit relieved that he chose a different career than his big sister. I mean - not to judge - but I’m just assuming it’s fairly hard to support a family on an ice-cream truck driver salary.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Since we last spoke:

Jace got a bug - the throw-up kind. Poor kid.
And then we shared the bug with his baby sister.
Break my heart.
And today Squishy, the brand new seven year old, has been plagued.
Puking kids make me so sad. And a tiny bit grossed out!
It also gives me post traumatic stress syndrome.
So not kidding.
Thank you Heaven that pregnancies are only nine months long.
{Shout out to my sister{s} (wink, wink). Hang in there.}
{crayola artwork on the wall}
My Valentine's present might very well become my birthday present too.
{Bless my husband’s heart.}
He has been so swamped at work that the extra project has been at a bit of a standstill.
Ahhh well, there is always tomorrow.
Or maybe the next day.
And honestly, I am kind of getting used to the tote of tools hanging out in my dining room.
It’s like abstract artwork.
My town got a new Winco.
Between it, Costco and my sister’s amazon prime account I have no reason to shop anywhere else.
In related news it’s been over three years (maybe four, I’ve lost track) since Walmart became dead to me.
Haven’t been back since. It was the best thing for both of us.
We surprised the kids with news of an upcoming trip to Disneyland. (Yeah!)
There response was not a bit what Spence and I had excepted.
There was initial disappointment involved.
Sheer disappointment.
I am going to journal about it because it’s one of those things I want to remember.
…remember when you were so sad and almost cried that we were going to Disneyland!!
But now we are over it, and all sorts of excited.
And are in process of making big plans.
Send me your tips and tricks and recommendations.
On a friends recommendation I ordered myself some HealTastic.
It’s fabulous.
Mom, I am ordering you some too. It actually works.
It’s spring break. Plus, there’s snow on the ground.
Why does that always happen?
But Brynlee got a snow cone machine for her birthday so that makes us all happy.
Anyway, I’m off to clean up birthday party remnants.
And probably to clean up more throw up.
Because that’s what we have been doing around this house as of late.
{P.S. When it was Jace’s turn with the bug he threw up all over the dinner table moments before we dug in. A disgusting day indeed.}
Until later.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Look who turned SEVEN!!

And we partied.
Candy Shoppe style.

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Three dirt cheap cats for sale if anybody is intersted!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Little birdie outside our window


Just Today

Spence and I stayed up ‘till 2 am watching Parenthood last night {because we're dorks!}. Add in the daylight savings change and a non-sleep night for Marzee-pants and we woke up this morning 72 different levels of ex.hau.sted. So exhausted that Spencer wore his pajamas to drop Brynlee off at school. Brynlee looked at him all wide-eyed and confused as they walked out the front door. “Why you wearing your pajamas dad!?” And without even missing a beat Spencer answered with a shrug, “It’s pajama day at work today.” Ha! Made me laugh.

After they left, Jace helped me carry all the laundry down the stairs {which is still sitting half folded on the couch by the way}. And then he spent the better part of the morning giving Marlee “boat rides” in an empty box. It was so cute. After school Alyssa and Kyle came over for a playdate and then Bryn reminded us mid-bedtime routine that we forgot to do Family Home Evening tonight. Oops. We were planning on taking cookies to a couple MIA primary children. We will hold a makeup FHE later in the week, I suppose.

Tomorrow’s the pinewood derby so Spence – Mr. Cub Master - has been busy organizing. As I type we are trying to come up with awards for the boys. Most colorful paint job, best use of duct tape and best flames so count as legit pinewood derby awards. Right? right.

The kids are all signed up for spring soccer. Brynlee has decided to play this go around and Spence is planning on coaching Jace’s little team. I am just hoping the weather warms up before the Saturday morning games begin. Because, brrrr. Speaking of warmer weather: my neighbor mowed his lawn on Sunday. What the heck! I’m guessing that he just weaved around the piles of snow that still decorate his yard. So weird.
Anyway, goodnight.
Oh wait! Sarah. I just realized that we forgot to send birthday wishes to Brett today. Happy Birthday Brett. I hope you enjoyed your grapefruit. J

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Edson Fitcher on a Sunday afternoon

Today’s Sunday. The second one in March, and daylight savings day too. We remembered to change our clocks last night, did you? And then today we spent the extra hour of daylight at Edson Fitcher throwing huge rocks into the iced over pond. It was liberating…err something. We came home cold, muddy and anxious for spring. It was so fun. Spence says it is supposed to be 59 on Wednesday and the kids and I spied tulip heads in the backyard flower bed. So hip horray it's on it's way.
Anyway, Spence and I started watching Parenthood on a whim {about time, right Jami?} and I’m having a hard time writing and watching. So until tomorrow.

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