Friday, May 31, 2013

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Oh My Quotable Friday: Adding Color

taken last week before our mommy and me date

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


no 5.29
||window shopping at “the donut” ||


Introducing: Summergram 2013, a collection of photos posted all throughout summer 2013.

Okay, ready...


no. 5.24
||a last day of school photo||

no. 5.25
||happening in the toy room||
no. 5.26|1
||sweet angel maycie||

no. 5.26|2
||a rainbow, sent from maycie||
no 5.26|3


no 5.26|4
||weenie roast||

no. 5.28
||it rained today||

Friday, May 24, 2013

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Oh My Quotable Friday: So Loved

P.S. 14 hours, 41 minutes, 46 seconds 'till schools out!

that one time we went to disneyland…

day one || a.m. soccer games || rain || bags packed || all loaded, and were off || stopped at gretta’s for a bit || to jessica’s || loved on newborn baby max ||

day two || met up with anna and kids || caravanned to vegas || decided to plan a family trip to southern utah, soon || awesome car seat travel mates || mystere cirque du soleil in vegas || kids loved, marlee too ||
day three || too cold to swim || soaked our feet {and heads} in the water anyway, in our pajamas || siegfried & roy's secret garden per brynlee’s request || something she’s wanted to do again since 2010 || the highlight, seeing bella again || declaration that a dolphin trainer was her career of choice || made an executive decision that this trip would be our last time in vegas with kids || they are bigger, and more aware || and were off: disneyland or bust ||
day four || early risers || breakfast || chauffeured by anna || california adventure || tower of terror + the cars ride became the immediate favorites || corn dog cart for lunch || excitement when cousins, lillie and sam, joined us again after dinner || world of color || shut the park down
day five || early risers, again || breakfast and the shuttle || disneyland || pics and autographs with princesses || daisy duck was our favorite || decided that we came to Disneyland at the perfect children ages || || shut the park down
day six || last day at the park || squeezing in every bit of fun || mickey mouse ears || more time with cousins || the aladdin play || tower of terror for jace {loved} || cars ride, again || souvenirs: minnie mouse, star wars, and a build-a-bear || shut the park down, one last time
day seven || late risers, finally || canceled beach plans to beat the traffic || all packed up || cedar city for the night || car sickness laundry || late night hotel swimming
day eight || homeward bound || croods at thanksgiving point || kid disappointment when they realized that was to be the last stop of our trip || home sweet home || always favorite part: coming home again
|| had so much fun || so, so much fun || started dreaming of our next family get-a-way ||
|| warning: picture overload ||



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