Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Photo Album: A Shower for Jaelynn

Last night before I went to bed I compiled a few pictures of Jaelynn’s October baby shower to post on the bloggy.

Or maybe I should tell you first that we served soups, rolls and cinnamon rolls for the shower luncheon. At least a hundred perfectly gooey, perfectly delightful cinnamon rolls. Jami made them all. When I arrived at her house she had cinnamon rolls stored everywhere. In the oven, on the kitchen table, on top of the fridge, on top of the dryer, in the microwave.  Everywhere!
Baby Shower Cinnamon Rolls
Anyway, last night I looked through the baby shower pictures and then I called it a night and snuggled between my covers and drifted to dreamland.

I dreamt about cinnamon rolls. All. Night. Long. They were stored everywhere in my house, and I just kept eating them.  Hundreds of cinnamon rolls consumed by me.  Perfectly gooey, perfectly delightful cinnamon rolls. And no matter how sick I got, I had to keep eating. There was a point in my dream that my arm got too tired of feeding myself so I just dug in, pie eating contest style. 

It was like an eating contest meets crazy pregnant lady. I woke up this morning despising cinnamon rolls. {{shudder}}

Anyway, a few pictures from Jaelynn’s baby shower.


Jami said...

HaHa! Thats funny! The thing is I just barely made cinnamon rolls again the other day because I just couldnt stand the thought of making one. more. batch!!!! (and I am not even pregnant)!

Lacy@uphillandsmiling said...

cute!! now I want cinnamon rolls...

Jessica said...

The taco soup I had for dinner tonight was De.li.cous!

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