Wednesday, June 26, 2013


No 6.19|1
||tree trim||

No 6.19|2
||big ‘nuff||

No 6.20|1
||swimming lessons entertainment||

No 6.20|2
||she chose a fish, jace chose batman (duh)||

No 6.20|3
||a self-made visor||

No 6.20|4
||at the ugly duckling play; our review: loved||

No 6.21|1
||taken moments before their big 'daddy and me' night||

No 6.21|2
||tiny {half-naked} artist||

No 6.22|1
||love them more than my luggage||

No 6.22|2
||hotel swimming pool all to ourselves||

No 6.22|3

No 6.23|1
||destination: max’s baby blessing||

No 6.24|1
||piggytails + yellow||

No 6.24|2
||dish duty||

No 6.24|3
||one size fits most||

No 6.24|4

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


No 6.15|1
||the boys got a pudding beard||

No 6.15|2
||making music||

No 6.16|1
||visiting daddy’s elementary school||

No 6.16|2
||brynlee pointing to fairy brynlee on grandma m’s granddaughter mural||
 [say that three times fast]

No 6.16|3
||spence’s dad {plus a handful of grandkids} on father’s day||

No 6.17|1
||tie-dye, zoomed in||

No 6.17|2
||tie-dye, zoomed out||

No 6.17|3
||blissfully ignoring the posted “no wading” signs, because we live on the edge||

No 6.17|4

No 6.18|1
||swimming lessons||

No 6.18|2
||at the circus||

No 6.18|3
||kudos to me, #dangcoolphoto||

No 6.18|4
||tricks with chairs||
when brynlee saw this guys circus trick she declared that this is what marlee is going to do when she grows up. and she’s right – if by “grows up” she meant “when she’s around eighteen months”

||#summergram2013: a daily photo collection documenting summer 2013||

Saturday, June 15, 2013


No 6.11|1
||the book wagon||

No 6.11|2
||cheer camp, day two||

No 6.12|1
||birthday doughnuts||

No 6.12|2

No 6.12|3
||makes me happy||

No 6.12|4
||eat cake||

No 6.13|1
||an immunization runaway, in hiding||

No 6.13|2
||a garden party. on the menu: dirt and worms||

No 6.13|3
||fun for all ages||

No 6.14|1
||because it felt like a good day to cut me some bangs||

No 6.14|2
||my three favorites||

Friday, June 14, 2013

Oh My Quotable Friday: For "Pa", On Fathers Day Weekend




I overheard my mom tell someone once that I was a little bit angel…
and a whole lotta spice!
Whatever that means.
I also overheard her say that on Wednesday it was my birthday.
Again, whatever than means.
But my family acted like it was some sorta big deal.
So I played along.
When I took my nap Sissy, Buddy and Mommy decorated the place.
I loved the decorations.
Especially the balloons.
Jace kept telling me not to pop them, but I did anyway.
Because seriously, like he’s the birthday boss!
Then we went to this thing called the swimming pool.
Bryn and Jace had a blast.
But me? Not so much.
But then, get this, we came home and ate cake!
Have you ever tried that stuff!?!
If birthday’s and cake go together…
Then birthdays sort of ROCK!
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