Thursday, October 31, 2013

Everyone hail to the pumpkin song

A quick Halloween photo posted for a homesick Aunt Katie. We love you Kate & Jake. The kids missed our yearly Halloween hook-up at your house. Brynlee said maybe you could give them double next time around. I told her if you guys gave her double what you normally do there was a good chance her teeth would fall right out of her head. She agreed.

Brynlee as Cindy Lou Who
Jace as Thor
Marlee the Cabbage Patch Kid 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

this september, the end

Jace was so brave … and I was so proud. I didn't let him ride it for the first couple weeks of school (because remember how sometimes I have a hard time deciding between perception one and perception two) but when he finally got to ride it he loved it. Except for the seat belts - Brynlee had him all sorts of excited because BUSES DON'T HAVE SEAT BELTS! - so he was pretty disappointed to find out that his bus did indeed, have seat belts. But, Joe The Bus Driver cranks up fun kid music and Jace arrives home happy as a lark. So alls well in the bus riding department, I suppose. So far he's only rode the bus one way (usually home from school) but we will see what the rest of the school year brings.

Brynlee and I went to a Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband concert for our last Mommy and Me date. She requested dinner at Ruby Tuesdays (shrimp, her favorite) prior to the concert and then requested that we sit “sorta in the back because sometimes concerts hurt my little ears”. I obliged to both requests and we had our self a ball. Brynlee came home and immediately taught Jace the “Corn Dog” song and it has been a hit at our house ever since. … good when they're hot, good when they’re cold. good when they’re fresh, good when they’re old. corn dogs, corn dogs. they are so good to me. 

I am going to teach it to your kids, Jessica. I think it's a song you and Brad would fully appreciate being sang over and over and over again. Bahahahaha. 

Spence had a birthday. Love him.

And them.

And a few other pictures from my September folder, mainly because updates make my mom happy (hint, hint to all ya'll that share my mom):

She wanted a first day of school photo too. She thinks she's just as big as the rest of the gang.
Climbed the tree.
Building the fence.
Her preferred seat for stroller rides.
A preschool birthday crown.
Out for a walk.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Thursday, October 17, 2013

this september, t.l.c.

Jace got accepted to a speech intervention preschool.

Can we talk about that for a little bit?

Being a parent is hard. Sometimes, as a mother, I struggle with two varying perceptions.

Perception One: They need me, I give them comfort, why would I ever want to make them do something that feels uncomfortable and out of character for them, they’re sad or overwhelmed, they’re going to be traumatized, I will just race to their rescue – knocking down anybody in my way – and then I can scoop them up, take them home and hold them forever in my arms.

Perception Two: Oh my goodness look at how they’ve grown, this opportunity has been so good for them, look at what they have learned about themselves, I am so glad I allowed them to break that eggshell themselves - even though it was hard - to stretch and learn and grow into something that wouldn’t have been possible if I had been there holding their hand (holding them back).

My kids are pretty shy. I think I’ve mentioned that a time or two on this blog. And sometimes watching my kids in unfamiliar or uncomfortable situations is terribly painful for me as their {fairly outgoing} mother. I feel growing pains just as they do. And, honestly, growing pains hurt.

The decision to have Jace attend the speech intervention preschool was one that was tinted with emotion as I teetered back and forth between perception one and perception two.

On the one hand: He was already attending a fabulous preschool, one that he loved, and we didn’t want to take him out of preschool with Miss Lori.

But on the other hand: We were aware that his speech had room for improvement and that he would probably benefit from a little intervention.

But then, on the one hand: This school was a public preschool. Did we want a public preschool?

But the other hand: His birthday in September 10th, he’s five. Really, he’s almost old enough to attend Kindergarten. He’s probably ready for something more.

And so we (mainly I) debated. It’s only 2 ½ hours twice a week, yeah but, the school is across town which makes for a fairly long commute. But he will be a pro by the time that he gets to attend kindergarten, yeah but, I want to keep him home with me as long as I can, always and forever. But maybe I should just send him to both Miss Lori’s school and to this school, yeah but, that might be two overwhelming for him: two set of rules, two set of friends, two different teachers. Plus, the speech intervention school his housed in the same building with other preschools and treatments. Many of those children come from varying levels of home situations, financial background and many suffer from different mental and physical ailments. Yeah but, think how much Jace will learn as he grows to accept and love those children. Perception one, perception two. Perception one, perception two.

Ultimately Spence and I decided that this was an “opportunity” for Jace and who were we to deny him opportunity. So he attends preschool with Miss Lori four hours a week and preschool at the T.L.C. five hours a week.

And can I just say we made the right decision. All my worry about being overwhelmed, tired, not wanting to go, etc. were for not. He loves his T.L.C. school. They have recess. And snack time. Two things that he doesn’t get to do at Lori’s preschool. He gets to ride the bus, with the absolute best bus driver, Joe. He’s met new friends, and made fun crafts, and has done all the fun things that preschool offers. Plus, he has become good friends with the “cute little girl” that rides his bus. She suffers from some form of dwarfism and Jace thinks she is just the sweetest little thing he’s ever met.

He gets to meet with a speech therapist about 15 minutes once a week. So really, not a lot. Does it help? I am not sure, I guess we will see has time moves forward. And having already attended a year of preschool with Miss Lori most the things that he is learning at the T.L.C. is review for him, but that’s okay. He loves it. And I am so glad that I was brave enough to go with Perception #2 and didn’t void Jace of this learning and social opportunity.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

this september, jace's birthday

Also in September Jace turned five. To celebrate we went swimming, ate at Pizza Pie CafĂ© (with a surprise monster cookie birthday dessert as big as my head), and had a family movie night/slumber party in the toy room. Jace was the boss for the day - a role that is completely out of character for that boy - but it turned out being his absolute favorite part of his birthday. He talked about “being the birthday boss” for weeks after. The birthday boss rules: any and all choices were his to make. And even Brynlee was certain to not gives clues into where she wanted to eat, or what kind of birthday cupcakes she wanted, or what present she wanted him to open first. She really tried hard to not influence his decisions. He is such a pleaser and so easy going that he seldom takes the role as decision maker. It was a fun change from the norm.

Happy Birthday Buddy! You rock at being five!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

this september

I can’t believe Brynlee is in 2nd Grade. But she’s there, and she loves it. She adores her teacher, loves that they get to switch classes in the afternoon and, as of late, has become a bit obsessed with collecting AR Points. She’s a 2nd grade super fan.

And Jace is the lucky duck that gets to go to Miss Lori’s preschool two years in a row. Brynlee argues that it’s not fair; but I guess it’s one of the perks of having a birthday that falls a few days shy of the Kindergarten deadline. That guy though, he’s my favorite little preschooler.

Jace and I went to the demolition derby for our last Mommy and Me Day. We had so much fun. Starting the tradition of date nights with the kids has been one of my favorite parenting decisions. It’s always such a treat for Spencer and I to spend one-on-one time with them. 

Jace’s favorite part of the demolition derby was the Batman Car {duh}, the cotton candy, and the all-girl event. He kept saying, “Holy Cow, these girls are craaaaaazy!” It was such a fun night. be continued 

Well, would you look at me all posting stuff and stuff.


I woke up this morning and decided that I was going to post some stuff on this blog. Mainly because it's been short on the updates lately.


But first. But first, I have some very exciting news!

And by news I mean a harrowing tale of woe and misery.

And by exciting I mean painful. Very, very painful.

I will start at the beginning …because it’s a very good place to start. April 2013. Spence bought me new laundry baskets for my birthday. Because laundry is my love language. Not really. But I am a lover of practical gifts. So it was a celebrated birthday gift.

On the first laundry experience with said new laundry baskets we endured a minor setback. The little handle covers thingamajiggers fell off. Boom. Just like that. Plastic little handle covers thingamajiggers flying everywhere. There were no other injuries. Other than it caused me to make some exaggerated scene - ranting and raving about how craps not made like it used to be. Seriously.

But I decided to be the bigger person in the situation and ignore the baskets imperfections. Until recently, when I made a brilliant decision to restore the broken basket to new. Enter super glue.

In the name of fixing the laundry basket situation I dumped a big ol’glop of super glue all over the handle of the basket.

And then Marlee – in the name of being a total and complete hoodlum – climbed up on top of the kitchen counter and started removing plastic cards and receipts and gas station fountain drink punch cards and all other manner of purse contents and throwing them in the air like confetti. In my efforts to rescue my personal belongings and wrestle the toddler off of the counter top I managed to knock the laundry basket onto the floor.

No biggie. I picked up the basket and continued my gluing attempts. Standing very still (and firmly, might I add) as I offered complete concentration on not gluing my fingers to the big ol’glop of super glue on the basket. I glued and applied pressure, and glued and reapplied pressure. And then glued some more. All the while standing very still as I focused on my bonding efforts. I managed to only remove the fingerprint of one finger in the process. Win.

And then I was done. And the proper thing to do when you are done with something is to walk away from the situation. Which is what I did.


You guys.

Apparently in the part of the story where Marlee and I knocked the basket (with the big ol’glop of super glue) onto the floor, a portion of the glop fell to the floor. And then I – as I stood very still and firmly – rested my barefoot in that glop of super glue.

Do you see where this is going?


No kidding.

Do you want to know what is really, really painful?

Answer: Super glue on your skin.

Want to know what is worse than that?

Answer: When the super glue is removed and takes a portion of your skin as a souvenir.

Want to know what’s worse than that?


Don’t do it. It sucks.

Yesterday I did laundry again. And guess what … the super glued little handle covers thingamajiggers fell off my laundry basket. 

Foot super gluing experience all for not.

Today I’ll be employing a half used roll of duct tape, because super glue is dead to me!


Oh, and also.

There is a snake in my flower bed! That gives me peace and comfort.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The first of October

Hi there.
It’s Tuesday. 
And we are just up to the typical shenanigans.
What are you up to?

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