Thursday, January 11, 2018

A Happy List

Here are four things that are making me happy right now.

My aerobics class. It’s been years since I’ve been able to go to an aerobics class on a regular basis. I’ve finally been able to again and it’s my favorite. It’s certainly one of the silver linings of my kids getting older (Marlee is a kindergartner now, say WHAT?!). I love working out with these ladies.

3:05. That time when the big yellow B-U-S pulls up in front of my house. (Side note: Marlee is learning to spell all sorts of 3 letter words. She throws it out there all the time. “Did you see the C-A-T?” “M-O-M where’s D-A-D?” "Is the S-U-N up today?” It makes me smile.) Anyway, B-U-S time is my favorite part of the day.  I love watching my kids run into the house after a long day at school. I love hearing their stories from the day, looking through their backpacks and having them home again. They sorta make my world go ‘round. And they also drive me crazy…because, well, kids. D-U-H.

My eye covers. I have always had a horrible time falling asleep at night. And then when we moved into a hotel for 42 days (2 ½ years ago…I can’t believe it’s already been that long!) I invested in some sweet eye covers to block out the all night light of city dwelling. I haven’t slept a night without them since. They don’t cure insomnia, but they definitely reduce the symptoms. Plus, added bonus, they're sexy. Ha!

My husband. The older we get and the more life we live, the more and more I realize just how very lucky I am that he chose me to be his best friend. I’m pretty lucky, and he’s pretty dang amazing!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Rediscovering, A verb

I hear sometimes old embers can ignite new flames. This is my hope.

This is us {unedited}. 2018.

This is not a New Year’s Resolution. I feel like I should disclose that.

But maybe it should be. (???)

Did you make goals? It’s the 9th, and mine are still a work in process. Maybe there is beauty in that, I’m not sure, but maybe. I know I have been thinking much more deeply about those goals and where I want to be at the end of 2018. I’m still undecided. I’m trying to be okay with that. I'm learning that sometimes life doesn’t need to be perfectly scripted and planned out. That’s a really hard concept for me to grasp, let alone celebrate.

But here we are.

We’ve changed. We’ve grown. We’ve trialed. Sometimes with error. We’ve felt defeated. And have conquered too. We’ve developed. And moved on. And held on. We’ve aged. We’ve laughed. We’ve unearthed some new passions. And kept developing some old as well. We've had some fun. We’ve traveled. And also willingly hunkered down at times. We’ve met new friends. We’ve missed old friends; and kept in contact with some along the way.  And, most importantly, we’ve loved! I think that’s my favorite part.

Maybe that should be my goal for the upcoming year?


I like it.

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