[About Us]

She is the narrator: spends her days mothering, disciplining, cleaning, playing and – somehow - lives to tell about it. She loves her family; she’s created through them. Laughter is her love language. She finds beauty in order; alphabetizing, categorizing and classifying. Chaos brings on motion sickness. She is a queen of good intentions. And she is hopelessly in love with him.

He is the funny man, a favorite with children and adults alike. Random facts peak his interest. He’s an engineer for a living, but argues that math isn’t his strongest of suits. He knows how to fix things; ultimately constructing our house into our home. He loves a medium rare steak, power lifting and his children. He is easy going in the most relaxed manner. The world is his playground.

The eldest loves to create. Cutting, coloring, constructing fulfills her. She’s particular in her likings, in this realm a carbon copy of her mother. She is timid and cautions in a social setting yet so full of life and easy to love. She aspires to do good and is just as sweet as can be. She’s a natural caretaker – even at five.

The toddler thinks his given name is Buddy. He is strong-willed and gritty when comfortable yet hesitant and attached when unfamiliar. His imagination is vivid – he’s the story teller and the lead actor all in the same. He’s a tease in the most humorous of three-year-old ways. He makes us laugh.

Separately we survive. Together we thrive.

Welcome to our life. Unedited.

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