Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So… We painted our house Orange. Then… My vacuum blew up. Seriously, blew up! Smoke and all. Plus… Jace is teething. Oh and… The Man TV broke…aaaagain! Won’t even turn on. Needs something like a 250 dollar replacement lamp. And then… The hot water heater quit working. Third time since we bought the house! And as a bonus … The dishwasher died. Then… Me and a pair of scissors decided it would be a good idea to make it “The Summer of The Bangs”. It will instead be “The Summer of The Bobbypin”! And… We’re out of Diet Coke! But… With hopes of making a little extra money, and to try to turn the last couple of days into a “glass half full” situation I attempted to compose a sad country song with me as the star. But alas… I can’t think of anything that rhymes with Orange.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Great Paint Fiasco of o’nine

My local newspaper does an editorial where they rate local and national news by giving it either a Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down rating. Here’s my very own Thumbs up/down write up.

Thumbs down! to our house for being in dire need of some stain.
Thumbs up! to Spence for taking a week off (FORCED TIME OFF WITHOUT PAY) to re-stain the house.
Thumbs up! to our buddy for letting us borrow a paint sprayer.
Thumbs up! to Spence and the paint sprayer for efficiently painting ½ the house in a good days work.

Thumbs down! to Behr paint for submitting the wrong paint recipe for their redwood stain. Thumbs down! to Home Depot for then mixing 25 gallons of the faulty redwood stain for us.
Thumbs down! to Spence and I for assuming the stain would dry the correct non-orange color and continuing to paint.
Thumbs down! to our freshly stained ORANGE house!
Thumbs down! to OHMYGAH DID YOU HEAR ME?! Our freshly stained ORANGE house! Short Intermissions: The funny thing about “The Great Paint Fiasco of o’nine” is that while Spencer was balancing on the fully extended ladder, painting the 30 foot chimney I shouted up to him, “Hey babe! So far this project is going way smooth…that NEVER happens.” Karma. Sweet, orange Karma! Thumbs up! to us for getting our house apprised and refinanced PRIOR to painting it Orange.
Thumbs up! to Behr Paint for apologizing for our Orange house.
Thumbs up! to Behr for also offering us free paint to repaint our house.
Thumbs down! to Behr for not repainting our house for us…or paying for the emotional pain and suffering that they caused.
Thumbs down! to not being able to re-stain the house the correct color without removing all the ORANGE stain.
Thumbs down! to the fact that removing 15 gallons of Orange stain is impossible.
Thumbs up! to deciding to paint over the Orange stain and stuccoing the front portion of our house.
Thumbs up! to our new non-Orange house colors.
Thumbs down! to using our “where buying a new car” savings to instead purchase stucco.
Thumbs up! to almost being able to put “The Great Paint Fiasco of o’nine” behind us. If the weather is nice we should be done with all but the front tomorrow, and the stucco should be done in the next week or so. So, until then… To be continued…

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I don’t like to be overly dramatic but I’m SURE that we will be spending the rest of time and all eternity painting our house. That and making frequent trips to Home Depots paint department. I’ve put some thought into it and have decided that all the mansions in heaven must have vinyl siding.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dear Murphy, I AGREE!

We are in the process of restaining our house. I’m not one for profanity, so I’ll just say it’s not going as planned!

I honestly believe that Murphy was in the middle of a home improvement project when he wrote his law.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

Since we were out celebrating Mother's Day I didn’t get this posted yesterday, but…

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom and Mother-in-law!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

This and That

Spencer is over the eleven year old scouts for our church. For this week’s activity they are at our house working on the Wii Sport Merit Badge. While they work on the previously mentioned perfectly fake Merit Badge the kids and I are upstairs watching TV. I keep turning up the volume in hopes of blocking out the ruckus of a group of eleven year old boys contently destroying my house. It isn’t working. Dear Jace- Big favor. Please don’t EVER turn eleven. Thanks. Love, Mom I just wanted to jot down a few things that really aren’t worth mentioning, but I’m going to mention them anyways because that’s what I do. Plus, it will help keep my mind off all the noise. For starters…I loved doing Picture a Day. I think I will do it again sometime. But, I’m not goin’ lie, as soon as I posted Day 30 I had an urge to break into a little celebratory dance while singing the lyrics of “We Did It” (You know? The one by Dora the Explorer.) However we had company, so I contained myself. Your welcome, Anna.
Speaking of Anna. She is my sister-in-law. And she has an adorable little girl named Lillie. They spent a good part of last week at our house. It was fun! We went to the circus. I had mild heartburn while paying $60.00 for us to watch the show. Followed by some HARDCORE HEARTBURN when I realized that I had just paid $60.00 to watch some dogs walk around in a circle while a circus announcer dangled overpriced circus paraphernalia in front of my child. Lame! I don’t even like dogs. I do like new computers though. And a new one came in the mail. Oh Happy Day! Oh, and we jumped on the bandwagon and are in the process of refinancing our house. Today we had our appraisal. Me, half a pan of brownies (wish I were kidding), and some DVRed cartoons worked our magic and made the place shine. The appraisers arrived at our house at 3:42pm and left at 3:51pm. WHAT! I spit shined my house and paid 300 dollars for nine minutes of their time! To distract from the frustration I finished off the remaining brownies. Just one more thing. Spencer got me a new Barbecue Grill for my birthday. I like it! I would appreciate if you would send all good BBQ recipes, tips and techniques my way. Thanks.
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