Monday, June 23, 2008

I used an entire bottle of 409 before 10am

As of yesterday at about 6:00pm Spence and I were left with an empty house. Thanks again to everyone that came and helped us with the roof. We really appreciate your effort and hard work. Although the roof is still not completely done, it is at a point where Spence can finish the remaining work alone.

Spence, Brynlee and I spent the majority of yesterday just sitting and vegging in the silence. It was a beautiful thing not to hear the constant banging and hammering on the roof. And in case you didn’t get my point from this post…I could NEVER have seven kids. The noise may have possibly caused me and Brynlee to give into mix drinks. Nothing takes the edge off like a little milk and apple juice on the rocks.
Then I woke up this morning and took a good look at my house. It turns out that 10 days with no less than 12 people at a time under a half-finished roof had done its damage.

Here’s the truth, I might suffer from a mild form of what the people who drive the Cadillac Escalades and have seven year degrees call OCD. I personally like to call it Monica Moments because, well, it seems a whole lot less severe that way.

What’s a Monica Moment you ask? For those of you that have seen an episode of “Friends” you know exactly what I am talking about. And for those of you that haven’t seen “Friends”, ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?! Where have you been the last 13 years? You are also probably one of the six people in America that didn’t go to their hair stylist and request the Rachel haircut.

Let me give you a few examples of my Monica Moments:
  • I have a slight mental breakdown if somebody puts a glass in the sink without rinsing it first. Milk rings disgust me.
  • I’m not proud of it, but I seriously slapped my little sister’s hand when she was helping me make dinner because she was using a fork to stir the gravy in my Teflon pans. I only use plastic or silicone covered whisks in my Metal and Teflon pans.
  • When it comes to loading my dishwasher I ALWAYS wash before I wash. And it just can’t be a quick rinse; it has to be washed with dish soap and a scrub brush before it ever enters the dishwasher zone.
  • I try to dust my house once a week and I would be lying if I said that didn’t include all the picture frames.
Now, don’t let me fool you. My house gets dirty. He-llo, have I mentioned that I live with a two year old and a husband that is constantly in the middle of some construction project. And for a while I am okay with the mess.

But then suddenly it hits me and I start to twitch at the state of my house. The dishwasher needs loaded THIS MOMENT and the floors need mopped IMMEDIATELY and HOLY COW how in the world did I let my kitchen chandeliers get SO dirty? If you are in the middle of enjoying a drink you had better get a death grip on that cup ‘cause I will grab it directly from your hand to get it washed RIGHT NOW.

If that doesn’t make you want to come visit, I don’t know what would.

So what about ya’ll, do you have any Monica Moments? Or at least some form of pet peeve? Please, oh please tell me that I’m not the only one.

Friday, June 20, 2008

A Plethora of Information

Let me begin by saying, I’M EXHAUSTED!! So, if you have clicked on my blog in hopes of reading some sort of coherent thought EXIT IMMEDIATELY!

To be completely honest I probably couldn’t pass a drunk driving test at this point. In fact, at the rate I’m going I might even struggle with a pregnancy test.

So here goes a random overview of the last few days:
  • We had my little brother’s missionary homecoming on Sunday. It is so fun to have him home again. We were all so excited to get home from church and talk with him that we raced home and accidentally left him at the church. Come on ya’ll, two years is a long time. You can’t expect us to adjust to having him home again over night. These things take time. After we realized that the guest of honor was missing (and I wish I could say that it was immediately, but that would be a bold face lie), my Aunt Jillene did the honor of escorting him from the church to the party on her motorcycle.
  • Spence and I got the bright idea to change out the cedar roof on our house. Not the best idea we have ever had. Redoing a roof is a TON OF WORK! I think it might have been easier to worry about the water damage from a leaking roof. I’ve always said that you can’t have to many Home Depot buckets catching rain water in your front room.

  • Thank you so much to Andrew, Troy, Brett, Jordan and Rachel for helping us with our roof. I will post pictures of the finished roof in two or forty-eight days when we are finished with the project.

  • Since Andrew was helping with the roof, my sister-in-law and her seven kids came to visit. Did you hear that, SEVEN KIDS! Oh dear sweet Tammy, you have much more patience than I ever dreamt of having. Let me just say right now to the entire Internet world, I COULD NEVER HAVE SEVEN KIDS! Some mama’s can watch their three and four-year-old finger-paint on the wall with peanut butter, while they listen to the three older kids scream about who’s turn it is to play the video game, make dinner for the army, ignore the four other kids jumping on the couch all while they nurse the newborn. I’m not one of those mamas! To you mamas out there with large families or those with hopes of large families I admire your patience, I have high regard for your determination, but I don't envy you at all! There is most definitely a place in heaven reserved for mamas of six or more.
  • Do you see all the wood in this picture? Multiply that by four and that is how much wood came off our roof. Do you see it now? I stacked all that wood (with some help from Rachel). It may or may not have given me a hernia.
  • It’s been 20 days and we still don’t have our TV back!!
  • Brynlee and I have officially been on neighborhood clean-up for the last few weeks. Every day we walk around the neighborhood (at least 12 times) and pick up every pine cone, rock, pine needle and leaf that is cluttering the sidewalk and road. I think I am going to start submitting our hours to the Neighborhood Association.
  • Why is it that kids can jump on the trampoline for 3 hours straight, run up and down the slide, take a dip in the swimming pool and still have the energy to play tag for another 3 hours? Yet they are to TI-RED to open their own fruit snacks?
That’s all for now. I have got to go get lunch made for the army, and I need to find Spence to have him open the jar of mayo for me. I am just too TI-RED to do it myself.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Daddy’s Little Girl

When Spence and I found out we were having our first little baby, the very first thing Spence said was “We are having a little girl, aren’t we.” He knew from the get go that he was going to have a little girl call him daddy. One thing I don’t think he knew though was how quickly his adorable little girl could have him wrapped around her finger.

I’ve always been a daddy’s girl myself, so the bar was set pretty high for what I expected of a daddy. I know what it means to have a dad who wants to give you the world and thinks you’re about the greatest thing ever. A dad who will instill in his daughter that she can do anything she sets her mind to. A dad that wouldn’t trade having a girl for anything in the world.

And so does Brynlee.

So, to my dad, I wish you a Happy Father’s Day. Thanks for setting the bar high.

And, to Spencer on Father’s Day, watching the way you love Brynlee makes me love you that much more. The way you will crawl in the play land at McDonalds just ‘cause she wants you to. The way you drop everything you are doing to read her a book (never with the right words) or push her on the swing. The way she runs to you when you get home from work. The way you smile when she says the prayer at dinner. The way you hug her when she’s had a bad day. She is blessed to have you as her daddy and I am blessed to have you as a husband.

Happy Fathers Day. We love you!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Good News! I didn't die from the black plague.

Even better news! My little brother is home from his mission. FINALLY! It was so fun to see him again and hear some of his great stories. We are so proud of him and all of his successes. I bet the people of Honduras are going to miss him as much as we are glad to have him home.

We love you Alan!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Please Pity Me

I have spent the last few days feeling certain that I contracted some type of black plague. How else can you explain the fact that I can no longer breathe through my nose and would like nothing more to than to sleep for days? Everyone knows those are hallmark symptoms of the black plague. Or a head cold. Whatever! Either way I feel miserable and am pretty certain that I don’t have the strength or patience to take on our 10 year old primary class today. So if you need me I will probably be wrapped up in a blanket watching the empty wall where the TV used to be. In the meantime, I wouldn’t get too close to your monitor. The Black Plague is highly contagious.

Friday, June 6, 2008

In Honor of the Broken "Man TV"

Since the TV is in the shop, we have had some extra time to work on our landscaping. Here are the before and after pictures.


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Starting to feel the void

Last year at Christmas time Spence and I debated over what we should buy each other for Christmas. I voted for some home d├ęcor items and a new wardrobe. Spencer surprisingly didn’t agree and voted for a Man TV. Somehow I gave in, and the Man TV made its way to our house.

And now that we have the TV, I have to admit that Barney and Baby Bop sure do look a lot better in a 57 inch high-def television. The truth is that I don’t watch much TV that doesn’t involve hamsters, turtles and baby chicks with speech impediments dressed in costume.

Well, here it is 6 months later and the Man TV is broken. Seriously, broken. 6 months!

This would have never happened if we would have gone with my choice and purchased some wall hangings and a new wardrobe (although, the clothes wouldn’t fit me anymore…but that’s trivial details people).

I called the magical TV doctors to get the TV fixed and the nice man on the phone informed me that it would be 10-14 days before our television would be returned. TEN TO FOURTEEN DAYS!! What are they going to do build a rocket out of the thing?

However, since it did need fixed, and I couldn’t do it myself, I politely agreed and they showed up on Saturday morning and left us with this:

In complete honesty, aside from our morning dosage of cartoons, I really haven’t missed the TV all that much. Well, until now! Brynlee and I just got home from a long day of pushing a Racecar Cart around the grocery store and arguing over what things she could and couldn’t add to my quickly growing collection in the cart. She is FINALLY taking a nap and all I want to do is sit in front of the Man TV with a glass of milk and a PB&J (it might just be the hormones talking, but it really does sound delicious).

To top it off I am truly worried about Bryn’s Spanish. I hope she doesn’t fall behind while Diego, Dora and Manny continue to teach other children to become bilingual in the context of having a monkey for a best friend while climbing up Rainbow Mountain and visiting with a socket wrench.
All I have to say is thank goodness American Idol has ended or I might be showing up at your house tonight (with my milk and sandwich) to watch Paula make a compete fool out of herself while Randy Jackson argues that the song was just alright for him, dawg, it was just alright.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Squirt!

Just wanted to wish my lil' sis a Happy 19th Birthday.
We love you Kate.
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