Saturday, July 26, 2014

bits and pieces of this and that

I haven’t felt much like writing lately. I've learned that for me it’s a desire that ebbs and flows. An apparently it’s been much more ebb than flow lately. But then sometimes, in all the ebb, I get a tiny flicker of flow. Tonight feels like one of those times. So I’ll write…

I can’t believe that we are nearing July’s end. And there are school supplies lining the aisles of the stores. Bleh. In the past I've been really good at making the kids do a couple workbook pages every day in the summer. Just to keep up on things, you know. But this summer we've really neglected it. In fact, I think we've only pulled out workbooks three or four times all summer long. And that was back the first part of June. I think I should probably remedy that. Especially since all the stores keep reminding me that school is right around the corner.

We've been prepping for our family’s upcoming pioneer trek. And by prepping I actually mean doing absolutely nothing in terms of getting ready for the upcoming pioneer trek, and then worrying and stressing that I've still yet to do anything to get ready for the upcoming trek. We have been reading little pioneer stories each night for scripture study though. And Brynlee is in the process of preparing Monday’s FHE lesson – pioneers are the theme. So that counts as something, right.

We are headed to Martin’s Cove. For four days. It should be …I don’t know, an adventure, maybe?  Grueling? A good experience? Absolutely exhausting? A mix of all of the above, I suppose. I expect there will be times when I question why we agreed to such a stupid thing. But I hope it will also be sprinkled with good memories for the kids. There is something about parading around in the mountains, dressed as our pioneer ancestors, without showers, or television, or any modern conveniences, really, that allows you to feel extremely close to God. That’s the part that makes it all worth it. I hope that’s the part that the kids remember.

Spence and I debated leaving Marlee with one of my sisters since none of them are able to go. But when I mentioned the idea to Brynlee she reprimanded me. “Marlee is part of our family too, mom!” Which true, she is. But she’s also TWO. And the recipe for modern day two year olds doesn't include absence of baths, and the abundance of mosquitoes, and pioneer bonnets, and twelve miles of hiking with a handcart. But Brynlee is right, Marlee is part of our family, and I suppose dragging a two year old along will just make it seem that much more realistic (read: HARD). If I come home after one night on the trail don’t think any less of me. That’s why I was born in a day of modern conveniences and not during pioneer time, thankyouverymuch! Well that, and pillow top mattresses. Oh, and also air conditioning. And razors!

We spent last weekend in SLC with Mom, Dad, Marie, Katie and baby Tyson. On Saturday we had a family dinner. Julie Rogers, an amazing artist who happens to be married to my dad’s cousin, also came and spoke to us. And now that I say that, I not feeling confident that that is how she is related to us. But regardless, somehow we're related. And more importantly her art was absolutely beautiful and her stories were touching. To hear her personal stories behind her artwork was a neat experience. It brought her artwork to life. Then we spent Sunday morning at my cousins missionary farewell, and Sunday evening at Temple Square. And we finished with a bang, packing Monday as full as possible: the zoo, the natural history museum, the planetarium and the children’s museum. In fact, we packed it so full that by Monday night we were all too tired to make the drive home. So instead we drug our luggage back into the hotel and extended our little mini vacation one more night. Since Spence wasn’t able to come with us we were all pretty anxious to get home to daddy come Tuesday morning. Jace especially. Daddy is that boy’s very best friend. Spence made coming home that much cooler and surprised us all with little welcome home gifts. I think he missed us too.

Jami and Zeb stopped by for an unexpected visit this evening. And tomorrow night we are planning a backyard camp-out. Spence has requested s’mores and the kids want glow sticks. I think I will make dutch oven for dinner. Or, on second thoughts, maybe I’ll just warm up something in the microwave. Because that’s the beauty of camping in your own backyard, the microwave is totally an option. And a pioneer I am not!

The kids and I at Temple Square
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