Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My Photo Album: SLC + Temple Square

For Family Home Evening last night we picked up pizza and picnicked at the park. Afterwards Spence gave us a little lesson on work: learning to work hard and learning to love to work. I so appreciated his thoughts. If there is one thing in this world that my parents taught me - it was to be a hard worker. And Spence’s parents too. I hope that Spencer and I are able to etch that same dedication of work into our children.

Today we are heading to Idaho Falls for back to school shopping. (Jessica moved back to Idaho!) (That makes me so happy.) Anyway, we will be slumber partying at Jessica’s house and doing school shopping in shifts. Brynlee is so excited! She so loves and looks forward to our little yearly back to school shopping date. Jace, on the other hand, could care less! But nonetheless he will go. And try on pants, and shoes, and pick out shirts at my request. Without two words of complaint. Because, that’s just who he is. Bless his little pleasing heart. We went and picked up new school shoes yesterday afternoon. He walked straight into the shoe store, grabbed the first pair of shoes that looked similar in size to his foot and declared them his new school shoes. He didn’t even want to look at any other options. Unlike Brynlee, who tried on every pair and then decided that there weren’t shoes in the whole entire store that fit her feet and style properly. Typical girl vs. boy shopping trip I suppose.

Eight more days ‘till school starts. Summer is gasping its last breath. And with school registration, back to school night and things like PTA meetings and soccer practice on our schedule I can already feel real life resurfacing. Plus, the weather as of late has made me long for fall. Fall is the perfect going away party for summer. Don’t you agree?

Anyway, more blog catch-up. This time it’s a photo dump of our little Salt Lake get-a-way at the end of July:

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Team USofA

It’s raining. It’s becoming an expected afternoon ritual around these parts. Rain, rain and more rain. I think Idaho is confused. But the rainy change of weather has forced us to slow down a bit this week. It’s been a very welcomed change of pace actually. Aside from a much needed grocery store run, gymnastics and Jace’s Kindergarten screening I don’t think we’ve left the house. It’s so not typical of me, but it’s given us time to recharge and relax. We needed that.  

I can’t believe it’s the fourteenth of August. Thirteen measly days and school starts up again. Shesh. And Jace is going to Kindergarten! It’s such a different experience and feeling for me than it was when we were in this same place with Brynlee. Jace is ready, and I'm more comfortable with what is to come. I’ve been here before – and I survived. We were reminiscing at dinner last night about when Brynlee went to her Kindergarten screening. She fought tears, and hid her face, and grabbed on to my arm for dear life. Jace actually ended up going into her screening with her because she wasn’t feeling brave enough to do it herself. He sat next to her and held her hand and gave her courage. Jace, on the other hand, marched right in there. He wasn’t shy, or hesitant, and certainly didn’t need my encouraging words to boost his confidence. He seems so much bigger and older than Brynlee did in that stage of life. And I guess he is. He turns six next month. I can’t believe it! I’ve got my fingers crossed that he and his little buddy, Kyle, get to be in the same Kindergarten class though. I think that was one of the hardest things when I sent Brynlee to Kindergarten. She didn’t know anybody in her class prior to school, and meeting new people has always been fairly intimidating and overwhelming for my kiddos.

I think I’m still going to try and post my capturing summer pictures even though the last one I posted was on June 15, and it is now August 14. Oops. Lame that I didn’t keep up on it. I’d hoped to do better but I think, for the most part, I still took pictures every day. I just never got around to actually posting them. But for the sake of journaling I think I’ll still take the time to complete it. Just for me. 

But first a few pictures from the 4th of July. Because I never posted any of those either. And because it’s one of my favorite holidays. And because it’s raining. And because the kids have friends over, and Marlee’s asleep, and it’s either post 4th of July pictures or do the dishes. And I certainly don’t want to do the dishes.

you should have seen her inhale that cotton candy.  it was quite impressive.
the loot. an absolute favorite thing about the 4th of july party in my parents town.

it was so, so hot at the parade. there was about 2 inches of shade right in that corner. we all squished for refuge from the sun.

my kids learn all of their bad behavior from uncle jake!

i bet your insanely jealous of our smashing good looks.
jake let the kids take turn starting the fireworks. my favorite part was watching how fast they would run away after starting it.
also, notice brynlee's shoes. jace lost his at the firework show earlier that evening, so they would switch brynlee's back and forth while starting the fireworks. But seriously, how do you lose your shoes while watching fireworks? #takestalent

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