Friday, October 28, 2011

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Photo Album: The party was at my house.

A few weeks ago Mandy’s husband, Nate, contacted me about hosting a 30th Birthday party for Miranda.  On Saturday we toasted Mandy’s 30th year in my backyard with hot chocolate, homemade doughnuts, caramel apples and a candle-lit game of trivia.  Here’s my photo album from the night:

Me + Miranda + Jen + Kali Jo
Old 717 Roomies
Jaime, so sad you left before we got a picture together.  :(
:: The kids had their very first {parent free} sleepover at Kate & Jake’s while we hosted the party.  They had a ball and have asked almost daily when they get to do it again.
:: Kali Jo and I will always and forever be BFF’s.  Always and forever.  And forever.  Amen.  Thanks Kali for helping me haul tables and chairs around and for helping me set up.  You da'best.
:: My husband’s rad.
:: In case you’re wondering. . . a party that takes an entire day to set up for can be completely dismantled and put away 22 minutes after the last guest leaves.  Again, my husband is rad!
:: Someday, when Brynlee grows up, the two of us are going to open a party planning business together.  She is my perfect little partner in crime.

And also, we are sick at my house.  And majorly cranky.  Fingers crossed that tomorrow runs smoother than today.

Oh and one more thing, yesterday Brynlee called me a hot babe{hot dang}! And earlier this week Jace stood on the kitchen counter swinging a fly swatter like a sword and announcing to anybody that would listen that he was the quote, unquote King of Awesome.  Oh how I adore those little monkeys.  Even when I’ve had it up to here with all the crankiness.  And believe me, today I had had it up to here.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

12 on the 12th [The October Chapter]

01.  October.  My front steps decorated with Halloween.
02.  Pumpkins.  Painted jack-o-lantern faces at library reading hour.
03.  Fabric.  Stopped by the fabric store for a few Halloween costume must haves.  
04.  Chauffer.  Me and my possy in route of getting our Wednesday errands done.
05.  Mask.  Spent no less than an hour in the Halloween store.  My kids would have stayed there all day if I would have allowed for it.
06.  Gymnast.  Brynlee got a special prize {a blue popsicle} at gymnastics for mastering her back bend.  She no longer needs a spotter.
07.  Kim.  Found my name scribbled on a chalkboard in the viewing room at gymnastics. 
08.  Young Women.  Wednesday’s equal mutual.  Today’s activity: The Corn Maze.
09.  Corn.  There was a fun little crime scene investigation at the Corn Maze.  Beth and I solved the crime fairly quickly.  Our challenge: getting out of the dang maze.  We walked in circles in search of the exit way longer than we did trying to solve the crime.  There was a full moon, we were sweating hot from trying to solve the crime quickly, I was feeling a bit claustrophobic and we forgot our cell phones in the car so we couldn’t even call 9-1-1!
10.  Zoom.  My first attempt of a picture of Beth & I.  An accidental close-up.  The best part of my Young Women’s calling is the women I serve with.  They are so rad!  Every single one of them.   
11.  Pumpkins.  Pumpkin stand at the corn maze.  It was the perfect place for some hot chocolate, apple cider and doughnuts.
12.  Front Door.  Spiders on my wreath.  Happy October.

12 on the 12th inspired by her.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Photo Album: To the pumpkin patch

There’s a party at my house this weekend!  Plus a baby shower for my dang cool sister in law the next weekend.  So my regular after the kids are in bed blogging time has been taken over with glitter, paper crafts and organizing partay details.  And so it goes, I guess.  But, in between the party planning and all the holy crap life is so dang busy business we have been properly celebrating October.  Two trips to the pumpkin patch, a visit to a pumpkin pro’s garden to see a 600 pound pumpkin, family night out for hamburgers and milkshakes, Halloween decorating, bundling up for walks and bike rides, and even a date night.  Harry Potter in the cheap theater.  I’m not a Harry Potter fan, but there was popcorn and Apple Beer.  Plus, that means next movie is my choice so it’s worth it.  Operation Halloween costume is also in full swing.  As is hot chocolate, warm coats and the heater.  It’s been rainy and cold in our world - and I love it.  Though my fingers are crossed that the weekend brings warmer weather.  In fact, all the cold weather caused me to send a frantic email to Miranda.  Something like:  It’s freakin’ freezin’!  An outdoor party, in October, in Idaho . . . ummmm. . . probably not the brightest idea to date!  But I continue planning still the same with hopes that the sun decides to come out on Saturday.  And if not, well . . . our first trip to the pumpkin patch was in the pouring rain and we deemed it successful still the same.  So an outdoor party in the rain may be a total blast.  Or maybe not. 
:: a 600 pound pumpkin ::
:: seriously, what would you do with a 600 pound pumpkin? ::

A golf course isn't just for golfing.

I love my neighborhood, especially this time of year when the daily golfers that frequent our neighborhood golf course are slowly weeded out by colder weather.  Which means we have 18 holes of beautifully manicured lawn to claim as our own.  And claim we do.  We spend our time gathering pinecones and wildflowers for collections and throwing twirly whirlies into the river that runs through the course.  We roll down the hills and play on the golf cart bridges.  We send paper sailboats under the bridge and occasionally we venture over to the 18th hole and feed the ducks.   I love to run on the putting green barefoot.  Coolest feeling ever.  And when it snows we will pull our kids on snow sleds around the untouched golf course snow.  And I’m sure someday – when my kids are bigger – they will beg to dive for lost golf balls in the rivers banks.  And I'll let them.  To a diehard golfer {read: most my neighborhood} we are probably offendeding their sacred turf.  But we aren’t golfers, so we see no harm.
[[pictures of Sunday evening on the golf course]]

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Earning his wings

Remember how I said that the odds were pretty slim that my children would actually die  when Spence threw them in the air.  I move to strike that from the records. 


**read my origianl post here

Monday, October 3, 2011

In regards to the weekend:

::at the concert::
On Saturday we went to the Homecoming Parade.  It was two hours long.  Sheesh.  But the kids got enough candy to rot all their teeth so we deemed it successful nonetheless.  Is it lame that my family loves a parade?  {hypothetical question, no need to answer that}  The parade made me fully aware of the number of dance studios that are in our town.  My heck.  I told Spence that I wasn’t sure which there were more of: auto part stores or dance studios.  Both have a ridiculous amount.  We left the parade with two bags of candy, a stack of fliers, a few pencils, a football and four potatoes.  Way to go, I-da-ho!

I love conference.  This conference session came at just the right time for me, my soul felt weary and it needed this boost.  I think my favorites were the talk given to dads on how to raise daughters and the talk given by Cook reminding us that it’s better to look up.  And is President Monson not hilarious?  And Uchtdorf absolutely amazing?  His talks are always just what I need to hear.  I know the church is true, in case you were wondering.

On Saturday evening the kids and I went to The Standards concert {which now, apparently, go by Spencer’s Own}.  Loved it.  My favorite parts:  Jace clapping with both hands above his head for the majority of the two hour concert.  Brynlee asking if I minded if she stood up and danced.  Jace and I standing up and dancing with her.  Sensing Brynlee & Jace’s excitement when they sang “the lion king song”.  Putting my kids in their pj’s and letting them fall asleep on the ride back home.  Only thing that would have made it better is if Spencer could have joined us.  I called him immediately after the concert though to tell him how much fun we had and to remind him that we have the cutest kids in the world.  He agreed.

We didn’t get out of our pajamas, brush our teeth our comb our hair all day long on Sunday.  None of us.  And it’s just the way a conference weekend should be.

Brynlee and I spent a good portion of the Sunday morning conference session working on her ALL ABOUT ME poster.  All the glitter and gems at her immediate disposable made her giddy with excitement.  For reals.  She loves, loves, loves working on craft projects like this.  We ended up with an ALL ABOUT ME paper doll so over the top and flashy that it would make a Vegas showgirl jealous.  Tomorrow she will take it to school so she can be featured as the VIP.  And SHE GETS TO BE THE LINE LEAD!  So hot dang it’s going to be a great week at Kindergarten.

It’s been feeling a little fall-ish outside.  I’m ready for the weather to change and for the leaves to fall.  I think I will unbury my totes of Halloween decoration from the place they rest 11 months out of the year and then the kids and I can “ooh” and “aah” over all the cute decorations we forgot we had.  While he eat bags and bags of Halloween {birthday} candy.  Oh, and some parade candy too.  Our dentist loves us. 

Happy Monday.
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