Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weekend summed up

blossoms on our tree
“Mom!” Brynlee exclaimed when she first woke up this morning, “It smells like summer!” It was warm enough to leave the windows open last night, and her bedroom sits in direct aroma trail of the crabapple tree. It’s in full bloom, and smells like a million bouquets of fresh flowers. And, when the sun’s rays hit it just right, it paints her bedroom and the dining room the perfect color of summer sunrise pink. Come fall time Spencer will be cursing that very tree for raining crabapples on his lawn. But right now, that tree could do no wrong. It’s springtime beauty. As are the tulips and daffodils and blooming periwinkle.

Honestly though, the last few days have been so warm that it feels as if we skipped springtime entirely and dove headfirst into summer. Our days have been filled with sunscreen, popsicles and the sprinkler under the trampoline.
We spent Saturday in the burning sun at our town’s Environment Fair where we ate hotdogs and listened to our neighbor boy’s band play {the neighbor boy’s band, which is different that our neighbor’s boy band f.y.i.}. We wrapped up the day with a scoop of ice-cream at Farrs.
On Sunday after church we loaded up our bikes and spent the afternoon rotating between bike rides on the bike trail and playing on our town’s newest resort of a playground: Brooklyn’s playground.

Over the weekend Spencer and I were also able to sneak in a hot date. Dinner and a movie {thanks mom}. We’ve also been grilling dinner outside, doing yard work, running around in our swimming suits {not me so much} and running around barefoot. I love warm weather!  
at the environmental fair
notice the batman logo face paint that left the left side of his shirt a lovely shade of grease stained black
in the sprinklers
flying her homemade kite
water balloons on the trampoline

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Post-it Notes: The Trip

When Brynlee suggested that we stay in a hotel with a swimming pool for her six year old birthday party I high-fived myself.  That was just the amount of planning and organizing that this pregnant mama felt capable of at the time. We booked the hotel, talked the Bingham family and cousin Livvie into joining us, and packed birthday presents and cupcakes. Party planned.

In case you’re wondering a six year old birthday party trip to Salt Lake City consist of:
a hotel stay with cousins//fancy hotel dining//hotel swimming
duck feeding and chasing//jungle jim’s amusement park//the lorax
dinner poolside + birthday cupcakes
kangaroo zoo//city creek mall//and a birthday shopping trip to target

And since it was Spring Break anyway the trip served two purposes. Birthday party + family get-a-way. Win, win.

//opening presents at the hotel//
//the birthday loot//

//feeding doughnuts to the ducks//
//jungle jims playland//
//brooke, brynlee and livvie riding in style//
//the gang minus zayne//
//poolside birthday party//

//kangaroo zoo / the land of bouncy houses//
//hotel swimming//
//at city creek shopping plaza//
//three of my favorite girls//

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Post-it Notes: Six Candles

It’s 8:27am. Jace is still in bed and Brynlee was off to school at 7:45 this morning. Since then I’ve been sitting on the couch trying to muster enough energy to get myself into the shower. Showering is such a hassle.

I’m kidding.

{Kind of.}

Jami and the kids came down yesterday and it made me yearn for summer days even more than I have been lately. The kids devoured an undisclosed amount of popsicles while spending the afternoon running amuck in the backyard. It has me dreaming of all the family get-togethers that the warmer days will bring. Cousins are so rad.

Today we’re staying home. I’m hoping to get some deep cleaning done and to cross off a few things on my ignored to-d0 list: writing some thank you notes, typing up PTA minutes, laundry and things and stuff. I have high hopes of a super productive day, but first, I’m procrastinating with a blog post. And then, fingers crossed, I’m hoping I’ve the energy to shower.

Anyways, a March post-it:
We wrapped up March with Brynlee’s 6th Birthday. I can’t believe she’s six! I think I say this every year, but truly, time goes so fast.

We started the day with our traditional birthday breakfast of doughnuts decorated with sprinkles and candles and then after begging me to let her open a present or two she was off to school.

She was a bit disappointed that her birthday had to be shared with a school day and to make up for it she requested that Spencer, Jace and I bring her McDonalds for lunch. And just for the record, lunch with a table full of kindergarteners is, well, disgusting. But I held it together and we had a grand old time despite the disgust of it all. And Brynlee and her classmates were so excited that Spencer stayed for recess. My husband is quite popular. Don’t believe me, ask any kid 10 or under. They think he’s hilarious!

McDonalds Birthday lunch at the Elementary School cafeteria.
Brynlee decided that instead of a friend birthday party this year she wanted to stay in a hotel with a swimming pool. Um, heck yeah! So much easier and more relaxing than a birthday party. So right when she got home from school we loaded up and headed out.

Pictures to come in my very last of the March post-it note series. But for now I’m off to the shower.

My toothless six year old.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pregnancy: Photo Evidenced

The Post-it Notes: To my Old Man

On March 19th my dad turned one year older. Happy {Belated} Birthday, Dad.
I love you.


Photo Album: At the Play

Friday, April 13, 2012

12 on the 12th [04.12.12]

01.   Gramps. We spent Wednesday night at The Xtreme Bull Riding Competition with my mom, dad and Marie {thanks for the hook up, Kate}. And then the grandparent gang spent the night at our house. It’s always fun when Grandpa, Grandma and Marie come.
02.   Cowboy Up. It was rodeo week at Brynlee’s school and to celebrate her class spent the 12th dressed in cowboy attire. Jace loved Brynlee’s hat and tried to talk her into wearing his Spiderman beanie instead so he could keep the straw hat at home with him.
03.   My Girl. At school. Minus her hat. Any guesses who is wearing it?
04.   Pancakes. Jace and I joined Brynlee’s class to volunteer at the early morning Rodeo Pancake Breakfast. I love that I am able to spend so much time volunteering in Brynlee’s school. It makes me happy.
05.   Silly Boy. And this little guy loves when he gets to tag along to volunteer at Brynlee’s school too.
Funny Jace story: the other day Spence asked Jace, “What’s up dude?” Jace answered, “Oh nothing, what’s up old man?!"
06.   Going Up. Elevator ride to my 31 week doctor’s appointment.
Also, this picture cracks me up. It looks like a surveillance video snapshot that’s put into the newspaper after the local convenience store has been robbed. If anybody has information on the white, pregnant, blonde seen in this photo please contact the local police department immediately.
07.   Weigh in’. And congratulations, my dear, it turns out that you’re carrying an elephant.
08.  Lunch. A Papa Kelsey’s lunch date for me and Jace.
09.   Produce. Followed by an afternoon of grocery shopping.
10.   Crashed. Poor Brynlee hasn’t quite felt herself for the last few days. She’s been a bit lethargic and complaining of headaches. She skipped yesterday’s gymnastics class for some Tylenol and an after school nap.
11.    It’s coming. Spring in my backyard.
12.    Boys. Scraps and nicks and circus tricks that’s what my boys are made of.
Hope everyone had a great 12th. Yesterday when I was putting together my 12th grid Spencer mentioned that we might only have one more 12th until we are a family of five. Crazy! And so exciting.
My parents and Aunt Marie are coming back down tonight for another sleepover and an evening with Brynlee and I at the local playhouse watching Saturday’s Warrior. And I have big plans of putting finishing touches on Brynlee’s new room and maybe even painting the crib this weekend. I’m thinking pink, but we’ll see.
Happy Friday {the 13th} you guys!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Post-it Notes: Heaven Sent Birthday Wishes

She called me Kimee. And although she had over forty grandchildren she always had a way of making each one of us feel special. She was just strict enough that you dare not disobey, but loving enough that you longed to be around her. She sang like an angel and cooked like one too. She was my spiritual example. She never seemed to get old, to me. Always the same. Always grandma. Always caring for everybody else. Always running the show. Until one day she wasn’t anymore. Her body appeared yellow and fragile and weak. And then suddenly - just like that - she was gone.
Cancer may have taken her life,
but it will never be able to take her memory.
Happy Birthday Grandma.
I miss you.

Grandma - in her last days
and Marie, wearing Grandma's head scarf

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Post-it Notes: When Leprechauns Come to Town

I think Brynlee will be disappointed when she learns the truth about Santa Claus. She’s a dreamer, a make-believer. So until she grows into the truth like all children eventually do I’ll eat the cookies. And when she and Jace leave milk (with a straw, because Santa has a beard, and he likes a straw), I’ll drink up. And leave a thank you note. And maybe chew on the carrots left for the reindeer, just a bit. Because it’s all about the magic.

And although I’m certain she will be a bit sad when the truth about Santa is discovered I think she will be even more devastated when she learns the truth of Leprechauns.

In fact, St. Patrick’s Day may be her very favorite holiday. She plans, she strategizes, she dreams and brainstorms and then spends her entire day in hunt of Leprechauns – real live Leprechauns – that she can catch, examine, and then share some of their gold.

I’m not entirely sure when or where the tradition of hunting for Leprechauns came to be. Probably some idea her dad had when she was barely starting to walk and talk, but every year it snowballs into something bigger. And this year was no different.

Truthfully, I was a little relieved when I saw that St. Patrick’s Day fell on a Saturday this year. An entire day filled with Leprechaun hunting can be a little daunting. It’s your year, I told Spencer, Leprechaun hunting is going to be you and the kids this year. So you can image my excitement when the day before St. Patrick’s Day Brynlee was certain she heard the garage door open all.by.itself. The Leprechauns have come early this year, she announced!

So under her direction we started our hunt. And this year, just like last year, and the year before, we came up empty handed.

But if asked, for a few more years at least, I’m going to tell my truth about Leprechauns {and Santa too}. I think it’s what works best for us all — it makes it magical. I won’t beat around the bush, or lamely say that if you don’t believe, they won’t come.

Of course. I think they’re real, I’ll say. With a smile.

And I might even spend the night before – while children are sleeping – turning furniture upside down, leaving trails of flour, and trashing the toy room in the Leprechaun’s honor.

The weekend before.

We spent last Sunday at my little sister’s house watching General Conference. The whole gang was there gathered around the television in Jami’s front room. Our family is getting bigger – ten grandkids now if you count my soon to be and ten-year-old Aunt Marie {and we do}. Add in the twelve adults and it’s loud when we hang out. Loud and rambunctious and a teeny bit overwhelming. Just as a family get-together should be.

Here’s five things that made me smile on General Conference Sunday.

One. Singing along with a YouTube video to the apostle song. We are learning it in primary in our ward and I think it’s so fun that I suggested that the entire family learn it.

Two. The fringed denim cowgirl duster. Enough said.

Three.  When dad broke Jami’s chair.

Four. Since we weren’t planning on all being together for Easter Weekend we celebrated with the Grandma & Grandpa Easter baskets a week early. The Grandma & Grandpa Bunny we call it. My mom tends to go a bit over board on holidays with bags for each kids of random randomness: shoes, clothes, random toys, treats, anything goes really. My mom gets a kick out of it, the kids love it, and grandpa pays for it.

Anyway, on Easter Sunday Brynlee leaned over during church and said, “Mom, when I grow up and have kids you will be there grandma, right?” I confirmed and she continued “Okay then…you HAVE to do the Grandma Bunny like Grandma B does because my kids need to be just as spoiled as your kids are!”

Five. The fact that Jace cried the entire way home because he wanted to go back to be with his cousins.

Okay, it made me smile at first. But about midway I was ready to throw him out the window. {And don’t think that I’m above threatening with such a thing.}
Searching for the Grandma Bunny Bags
The Girls
{minus Chloe}

Monday, April 9, 2012

On Easter

Our Easter weekend was superb.  The kind of weekend that makes me ready for summer and no schedule and long days and no schedule and Otter Pops and no schedule. In fact, when the alarm went off this morning I moaned and groaned and told Spencer that I would be withdrawing Brynlee from school that very day because I was sick and tired of having to enforce a morning routine. He said it sounded reasonable, shut off the alarm and pulled the blankets over his head. Responsible parenthood is the pits. Especially during the early morning hours.
Anyway, Easter.

On Saturday: we braved the morning’s wind to search for candy filled eggs at the neighborhood easter egg hunt//decorated and colored eggs//spent the afternoon at the sledding hill racing our hard boiled eggs//it was decided that the easter egg race winner got to pick where we got dessert//ended up at kiwi loco, brynlee’s choice//ran a few last minute errands for the easter bunny//and wrapped up Saturday evening with some major sugar induced pregnancy nausea.

On Sunday: remembered the real meaning of easter//taught adorable 3&4 year olds the easter story//let my heart rejoice when jace retold the story when asked why we celebrate easter//snapped a quick picture of the kiddos in their sunday easter clothes before they ran off to find what the bunny had left them//a basket full of summer goodies for the kiddos//new patio furniture cushions for me and a leaf blower/vacuum/mulcher for Spence//realized that the easter bunny is super practical//dutch oven potatoes and bbq chicken for easter dinner//it tasted like summer//naps in shifts and playing outside until we were all kissed red by the sun’s rays

Easter weekend in a sappy review: The last few weekends have been perfect reminders that I’m living in my heaven on earth. This is my paradise; my family, my life. And it makes me so happy. I am so blessed.

Easter weekend in pictures:

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