Saturday, March 31, 2012

I'm so not kidding about the fire thing.

I haven’t been a very good blogger lately. In fact, I haven’t been a very good blogger since last fall when my first round of morning sickness reminded me of what that lil’ positive sign on a pregnancy test really equates to.

{Um, are you sick of me talking about morning sickness and pregnancy woes?!}

{Yeah, I thought so. Give me two point five more months and I promise not to mention another word about it.}

{Well, maybe not another word. But I do promise to bring it up a whole lot less.}

Speaking of pregnancy woes: I hate maternity clothes. It probably has something to do with the fact that all of my maternity clothes were purchased from a department store clearance rack six and a half years ago. But, still. They are big, and awkward, and maternity pants – oh my heavens, maternity pants. They swallow you whole. Start at my ankles and end at my {double} chin. Err, at least they start that way. But then by lunchtime I’m a hot mess of pregnancy wonder with the crotch of my pants hanging mid-thigh. It’s hot.

And now my doc has me wearing compression socks to try to keep the varicose veins from taking over my ENTIRE RIGHT LEG {pregnancy woes people, pregnancy woes}!

I feel like lunch lady meets Steve Urkel.

Only white.

And pregnant.

But Steve Urkel pants are better than the alternative. The other day Brynlee declared it a stay at home all day sorta day. And to celebrate I voted against maternity wear and squeezed my expanding self into a pair of pre-pregnancy black yoga pants. Every time I bent over Jace announced to anybody that would listen that “mama has a butt crack”.

I keep cheering myself on with the reminder that I only have two and a half more months - I can do two and a half more months.

Really two and a half pregnant months is a sweet forever! But I just tell myself that I’m oh so close so I don’t feel quite as tempted to throw all the maternity clothes in the driveway and SET THEM ON FIRE.

I’m 29 weeks though. {29 weeks and two days, asamatteroffact} Which means I’m on the homestretch. The last lap. The final trimester. And honestly, I think I’m going to survive ‘till the end.

And if I don’t, feel free to auction off my maternity clothes to help feed my family.

And if you don’t mind, bury me in a knee length dress + my compression socks.

Because I think it would be funny.

But if I do survive - fingers crossed - I hope that the blogger in me resurfaces. I sorta miss updating my unedited life with our random happenings for memories sake.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

He said:

I had a doctor’s appointment on Thursday {glucose test, gag me!} and afterwards Jace and I treated ourselves to a lunch of soup and sandwiches at Subway. While we were eating a heavier –much heavier- woman walked in. Wearing red.

Jace laughs to himself and using his best should only be used outside voice exclaims, “Mommy look, her tummy looks just like Kung Fu Panda!”

I was slow on my reaction so he repeats again, louder this time and pointing, “The lady wearing red. Do you see her? Right there, her tummy looks just like Kung Fu Panda!”

An hour later I was still hiding under the Subway table, vowing not to come out without a scarf and sunglasses.

In less embarrassing news we are wearing green and hunting leprechauns today. Happy St. Patty’s Day!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

12 on the 12th [03.12.12]

01.  Upside Down. The kids ran outside first thing this morning, even before breakfast. The weather was inviting and the spring air was filled with their laughter.
02. Laundry Day.  Laundry today or naked tomorrow. Or, at least underwear-less tomorrow.
03. Lunch Date. I had a noon Art Mom meeting at Brynlee’s school. I packed a lunch and the kids dined while I helped plan the schools upcoming Art Show and Auction.
04. Chalk. Sidewalk artwork, oh how I love thee.
05.  Park. We spent our afternoon sliding down park slides, flipping over bars and kicking around a soccer ball.
06.  Otter Pops. We’re getting an early start this year and I don’t even feel the tiniest bit bad about it.
07.  Knights of the Trampoline. With winter hats as makeshift helmets.
08.  Responsibilities. Typing up minutes from last week’s PTA meeting.
09.  Punch Balloons. The wind was just strong enough to carry the balloons across the yard, but not strong enough to make them leap the fence. The kids chased them around trying not to let them touch the ground.
10.  Story Time. Read our library books outside on the swing. The weather truly was dreamy and we wanted to soak up as much as possible.
11.  Decor. The guest room to Brynlee’s room transformation is coming along quite nicely. Although I’ve still been unsuccessful in finding the right fabric to recover the headboard.
12.  Muffins. Spence has been super busy at work lately and called and said he wouldn’t be home in time for dinner again. To make up for his absence I promised the kids a make-up Tuesday night FHE and let them pick whatever they wanted for dinner. They decided on breakfast served with blueberry muffins.

Monday, March 12, 2012


+School Activities: 100th day of school, a birthday party for Dr. Seuss and a Reading Challenge Pizza Party.
+A family sleepover in the toy room: popcorn, movies and an extra late bedtime. So much fun.
+An evening at the gym’s pool. Jace’s request.
+A mommy/me date for Brynlee and I; a performance by the BYU Ambassadors. I don’t think I will ever tire of watching plays and performances with my girl.
+Bedroom swap. The guest bedroom is becoming Brynlee’s new room and Bryn’s old room will be reserved for baby sister.
+Enjoying spring like weather: golf course running, trampoline jumping, bike riding and park playing.
+Giving the scripture in primary - a first for my oh so big sunbeam boy. Melt my heart.
+Doorbell ditching a neighbor with a plate of chocolate frosted goodness.
+Pregnancy counting: {almost} 27 weeks.

Also, don’t tell Spencer, but I’ve developed a major crush on Edna! I hate when he’s right – and I don’t want to hear I told you so. But Edna, she now holds memoirs that are my world: thousands of pictures that represent life – our life. Spence programmed her to be a constant stream of old photos. The kids and I will laugh and reminisce of days gone by. Oooohhhing and aaaahhhing at their baby photos, laughing at some of the funny things we’ve done and remembering when we did this or when we did that. While the kids sleep, Spence and I will cuddle up on the couch glued to Edna’s slideshow, feeling so thankful for everything that we’ve been blessed with. It’s a constant reminder that life is perfection. That, as a whole, our life is more than we could have dreamt it to be. Request Edna to play a little Pandora in the background and I am a pregnant blubbering mess of happiness and sappiness. I really am the luckiest girl alive! With the goofiest family. And that makes me so very, very happy.

Here are a few new photos that we've added to Edna's collection over the last week or so:

headstand contest

cheese: jace style

easy baking

the sleepover

fort living



homework, via extra large pencil

pool tricks

park life

welcome spring weather
please stay awhile

Friday, March 9, 2012

A word about HG.

My mother-in-law had TWELVE kids. No multiples. No adoptions. No step kids. No kidding.

Excuse me while I compute.

That means she spent 9 years of her life pregnant. Or 108 months. Or 470 weeks/3,288 days/78,893 hours PREGNANT!

God bless her child bearing soul. The thought alone gives me heartburn. Honestly, everything right now gives me heartburn. But, still the same.

They say you forget all the misery and endless woe at first whiff of that fresh from heaven newborn aroma. And I agree, you do!

BUT TWELVE TIMES?! OH. MY. WORD! I don't care how good heaven smells...nothing is intoxicating enough to make me forget twelve times over.

Mind if I make a confession?

This pregnancy has been so dang hard for me. I feel bad saying it; like I’m complaining or undermining the beauty that is pregnancy. And I’m not - I would never wish it away. Never, ever. As miserable as pregnancy is, miscarrying is even worse. And, although I’ve never experienced it, I imagine infertility to be totally devastating.

But we all have different trials and hardships. And pregnancy: it's one of mine.

A couple weeks ago a friend sent me this link on hyperemesis gravidarum {I wrote a little about my own experience with it back here.} I found comfort in the article. Validation, I guess.  So I’m paying it forward and linking to the article in case anybody else is interested in reading it.

Anyway, go celebrate. It’s Friday! And it’s March. Three cheers.

The kids and I soaking up last weekends sun.

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