Monday, January 9, 2012

What I Meant to Say – Back in October

The other day while I was in the shower Jace asked me where I had put the baby. 

“What baby?” I asked. 

“The baby in your tummy.” he answered. 

“Ummm. . .it’s still right here in my tummy.  How come?” 

He looked at me confused, thought for a little bit then said “because mom and dad’s take showers, babies take baths.”


Anyway, I’m rewinding to October.  And I’m keeping it short.

·    Remember how someone broke into our bank account back in May and stole all of our money.  In October it happened again.  Totally awesome, take two.
·    Brynlee started writing her first, middle AND last name on of her school papers.  Dang overachiever. 
·    Kali Jo and I went on a hot date to the Mystic Theater.  Prime rib, cheesecake and Jekyll and Hyde.  And although I was in the first stages of ummmm, this pregnancy may very well be the death of me we had a great time.  Fabulous time, even.  And since Kali is such a great friend she didn’t even complain when I requested that we go outside during intermission so I could spit without qualm.  Why yes, I am that classy.
·    Side note: A good portion of my pregnancy doom and gloom comes from the sheer amount of spit that I produce while creating a baby.  My saliva glands go into overdrive.  It’s disgusting.  I can fill an entire water bottle. . . too much information?  Yeah, I think so too.  Moving on. 
·    Spence introduced Jace to He-Man {circa 1983}.  Jace was smitten at episode one and every now and again convinces Brynlee to be Battle Cat so he can ride on her back in his quest to conquer the universe.
·    We brought home my newest love, my LG Steam washer and dryer.  Doing laundry has never felt so hip.
·    My sisters and I successfully threw a baby shower for Jaelynn.  Jessica brought Taco Soup.  I decided that Taco Soup was the BEST THING EVER and ate it for a week straight. 
·    FYI: And then Taco Soup joined a quickly growing list of foods that I shall never, ever partake of again.
·    Brynlee sang a solo in the primary program at church.  I Love to See the Temple.  Everything about it was perfection, says her totally unbiased mother.
·    Jace and I continue to love our one on one time while Brynlee is at school.  That kid, I can't get enough of him.
·    We found a huge beehive in our maple tree and had a good time dissecting it.
·    And of course Halloween festivities: painting pumpkins, volunteering at Brynlee’s school Halloween party, pumpkin patch and Halloween.

Brynlee and her VSP doll.
Kali and I after our night out.
My superhero.
Brynlee and her friend, Alyssa, after self decorating with the Halloween stickers.
A beehive from our maple tree.
Halloween party at Brynlee's school.
Kate and Jake filled the kids Halloween bags to the brim.  My kids sorta love those two.
And that’s October in a nutshell.


Jami said...

Wow!!! That beehive is AmAzing! I am glad you are back-blogging, I have kinda missed ya! That is a funny story about Jace buddy and the baby.

Kate said...

That beehive gives me the creeps.

Kate said...

The picture of me gives me the creeps as well.

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