Saturday, January 21, 2012

What I Meant to Say – Back in December

::While I type Spence and the kids are creating monster trucks out of boxes::
::Oh and it's 1:00 and we are still in our pajamas, but it's raining outside so it feels like the right thing to do::
Brynlee lost her fourth tooth this week in a determined stunt to keep the tooth fairy busy. Mom and Aunt Marie were at our house for the weekend. They didn’t really come to visit us, but to get Marie’s tooth pulled to prep her mouth for braces. It just so happens that we live in the same town as Marie’s dentist so we scored a visit off the whole ordeal. When Marie brought home a tooth to put under her pillow Brynlee realized that the tooth fairy would soon be visiting Aunt Marie. So not fair. So she found a {sorta} wiggly tooth in her own mouth. She wiggled it, and pulled it, and twisted it, and wiggled it some more until the helpless baby tooth finally surrendered to her concentrated efforts. She’s a determined little fart, that thing. And now she’s without her top, front tooth. It makes me smile every time I look at her. Adorable and hilarious all wrapped up in one toothless grin.

And speaking of adorable and hilarious . . . have you met my son? Oh my goodness, you guys. He’s his dad, only wrapped up in a smaller gift bag. If our family was a poorly written tragic drama, Jace would be our comic relief. He’s witty, comical and amusing, served with a healthy dose of obscene. At Kate’s the other day he depantsed Brynlee – just to be funny. And the time that he tooted in sacrament meeting {heaven help me} he laughed until his side hurt. I hid my face in embarrassment and that kid, he thought it was hilarious. He would have run up and down the pews high fiving all the church goers if I wouldn’t have given him that knock it off look. He says things like “that was hilarious, dude!” and “funny, right”. Him and his dad paired together are enough to drive the girls in this house completely batty.

Anyway, I’m sick of rewinding so my goal for this weekend is to get this little journal of mine all up to date. Here’s to December:

December was filled with all the red and green things that we love: Christmas parties, Santa visits, Christmas decorations, family time, decorating gingerbread houses and cookies, a kindergarten school party, Christmas morning and that sort of stuff. This year we kept things simple though. Mainly because I just wasn’t up to doing all the rest of the hoopla that we usually try to squeeze into the Christmas season. We didn’t make it to our usual Christmas festivities: Festival of Trees, or The Nutcracker, or even putting lights up on the outside of our house. It bummed me a bit; sometimes keeping it simple is hard for me. But I had to keep reminding myself that there were many more Christmas’ to come and there would come a day when the morning sickness would subdue and I’d be that over the top, frivolous, frosted with annoying person that I usually am.

Also In December:

:: I got released from my calling as the Laurel advisor. At first I was relieved, then a little bummed and now I’m indifferent. I miss the leaders that I served with so much, but a break from the extra responsibility is a very welcomed change.
:: My new calling: Jace’s Sunbeam Teacher. Love it. It’s so fun to be in the primary with my little runts.
:: Brynlee became obsessed with “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”.
:: Spence and I had a date night and Kate did Brynlee’s hair like Cindy Lou Who. Brynlee’s never been so proud.
:: This year Santa made a special stop at our house. Knocked right on our door and personally delivered the kids treats and Christmas Cheer. I was surprised by Jace’s reaction. He ran right over to Santa, grabbed his hand, gave him a hug and climbed on his lap. Brynlee was a bit more reserved, but still tickled that he’d showed up at our house.
:: Jace decorated and redecorated the Christmas tree in the toy room on a daily basis. The Christmas ornaments became December’s favorite toy.
:: Kate and Jake joined us for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.
:: The family gathered at Jessica and Brad’s for Christmas dinner and a sleepover.
:: You always eat well at the Wahlen’s house: Chocolate Chip pancakes for breakfast, turkey sandwiches on homemade focaccia bread for lunch, homemade pies, and to top it off, Jessica’s gravy always turns out.
:: Spence’s mom, sister Gretta and her three kids came and stayed for a night.
:: Zeb and Jami also came down for a couple days and we spent an evening celebrating Brookie’s birthday. Outer Limits, Pizza Hut and cake and ice-cream.


Jaelynn said...

I literally laughed out load just picturing Jace doing all of the above mentioned. And then woke up Chloe doing so... But so worth it!

And, I totally pulled my teeth out way before they were ready when I was younger.. but only because I really wanted money for a polly pocket. A kid's gotta have a job somehow...

Jessica said...

Okay Jaelynn that is Hilarious! Jace is hilarious to! Today Luke was making tooting noises with his hands and he thought it was the funniest thing ever! Boys are so DIFFERENT!

kylee said...

ahh sunbeams are the best! i was a sunbeam teacher once and loved every minute of it. although, it was no easy task. you plan lessons that seemingly go uheard and the attention span of those kiddos is well... nonexistant. but you know what? they really do understand what you teach, they really do listen & care, and they really do love you & the gospel so much. plus you get to eat snacks & play with bubbles. you better believe i snuck a few gold fish and fruit snacks for myself.

Kate said...

I love those two little munchkins.

Kimberlee said...

Oh my heck Jaelynn, that's hilarious.

Jami said...


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