Wednesday, December 11, 2013

this november

Brynlee’s school did a drug free parade during red ribbon week where they walked through the nearby neighborhood shouting drug free chants. You know that crazy mom that shows up at every.single.anything and everything with camera in hand. Yeah, that’s me. But Brynee was so excited to see me. So, ha!

The tiniest trace of snow with perfect little snow balls.

My three snow angels.

Smoothies for breakfast. Made by Brynlee.

An afternoon at the school playground.

She’s da’boss. Amen.

Moments before a daddy and me date. They watched Despicable Me II and went to ice-cream.

Jace and is newest cousin, adorable baby Lucy Goose.

Jace +Kyle + a 100 piece.

We make 'em cute…

…and craaaaazy!

A chocolate chip thief, busted.

November’s favorite activity at our house: game night. It happened nearly every single November day.

On a golf course walk.

Jace’s “monster party” at his school. We made monster cookies, a monster craft and got our family picture taken in the cutest little monster cutouts. And Jace was on the moon to have a chance to show us all around his school. He felt so important and celebrity-like. It was a fun night.

Happy First Snow Day!

Oh, I could kiss her.

That hat. Those freckles. I could kiss her too!

Snowballs keep falling on my head.

Leading to nowhere.

Remnants of the school monster party.

Princess Party, brother invited.

Riddle me this: Why does everything {everything!} have to become that little man’s weapon? Even while wearing pink.

Jace is so funny. He is always requesting that I take pictures of anything remotely cool so he can show dad when he gets home from work. His finished chore chart, his schoolwork pages, a superhero posing on the Christmas tree… today it was Hulk’s village made of mega blocks and jenga pieces.

Bring on the Thanksgiving cooking. The party is to be at our house.

See, told ya.

Way, way on the other end.

And then, per tradition, there was the after meal entertainment. A play put on by the kiddos.

And also, per tradition, it included the line not by the wobble of my gobble, gobble, gobble.

The cast.
 Marie had even crafted these adorable play props. Not pictured are the cute as could be tail feathers that the little turkeys wore.

Ree’s books were made for walking.

A Thanksgiving Bowl-a-thon.

All by herself.

And then we hung out at the Night Lights parade.

I have no clue, except for to say that Jace’s spiderman hat brought out the crazy in Zeb! Please, fell free to [enter your own caption here].

And finally, my little Thanksgiving turkey.

The end.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Postcards from December // three

Funny stuff: Spence just texted Zeb to ask him how his computer was doing ... it's broken, and Spence is playing computer doctor ... anyway. He meant to type 'how is your 'puter doing' (Spence's nickname for a computer) and his phone auto corrected to say, "hows your peter doing!". Bahahahhaha!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thursday, November 14, 2013

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