Thursday, January 31, 2013

12 on the 12th [12.12.12]

12..12.12 was a special day for our family. It’s a day that will be remembered and recalled forever after. It was an ending point and a starting point all in the same. It’s a day that deeply changed so many of us – especially my little sister and her husband. On 12.12.12 at 7:44 pm sweet baby Maycie Laine joned our family.  Because of the day’s sacredness, I’ve had some reservation about posting my December 12 on the 12th. Mainly because my little photo journal of the day seems so trivial and will not even began to tell the beautiful story that came to be on 12.12.12. But at the same time, Maycie’s story is one that needs told and remembered and posting my 12 on the 12th is a tiny way for me to help document that day. So in baby Maycie’s honor, my 12 on the 12 from December 12, 2012:

01.   The Countdown. The day started out just like the day before, and the day before that, and the day before that: counting down ‘till Christmas. 13 days to go…
02.  From Spencer. Well I’ll be … a 12 on the 12th blogging idea from the Mr.
03.  His Countdown. Building Santa’s beard one day + one cotton ball at a time.
04.  Big News at 11:41. I got the text as I was headed into town to grab a few groceries. Instead I headed to Kate and Jake’s house to help them pack + get more details + take their milk and bread so it wouldn’t go bad {and so my family would have a few groceries while I was away (win/win)}.
05.  Packing. At the time we were still being told that Kate would be life flighted to SLC, so we knew time was of the essence if we were to make it to the hospital in time to be with Katie. I’ve never packed so fast {and so randomly} in my life. Still, even with my quick packing, Mom and Dad beat Marlee and me to our decided meet up spot. Probably because I took time to stop and take a picture. Ha.
06.  The don’t forget list. Scribbled out for Mr. Mom.
07.  While driving. University of Utah bound.
08.  The belly. A self portrait of a pregnant Katie taken in the U of U hospital bathroom.
09.  Waiting Room. Katie ended up not having to be life flighted and we made it to Salt Lake City with time to spare. And so we waited. Waiting became the name of the game for dad, mom and I. And since we didn’t have cell phone service in the labor and delivery waiting room {which sidenote: what in the world did people do before cell phones. Seriously. The cell phone was a constant. We would hear any bit of information and would start the chain of calls to the rest of the family that were at home waiting and praying.} Anyway, we didn’t get cell phone service on the labor and delivery floor, so we would wait in the main lobby three floors down. By the end of our short stay I think I walked the route from Katie’s floor to the front lobby…I don’t know…at least 5 billion times.
10.   The proud parents. Maycie was born at 7:44pm and weighed 3 lbs 3 oz and was 16 inches long.
11.    Meeting Maycie. We got to briefly meet baby Maycie before she was transported to Primary Childrens. Maycie was absolutely, beyond words, beautiful. The body that housed her little spirit was weak and imperfect. But her spirit was unlike anything I have ever witnessed before. Even with everything going on around Maycie – the machines, the beeping, the lights, the testing - she seemed so peaceful and comforted. Again, her beauty was beyond words. Indescribable.
12.   Miracles. I took this photo while my mom and I walked around Primary Childrens in the late evening hours trying to find Jake something to eat. All the cafeterias had closed for the night, and we wandered for at least an hour in search of a sandwich. At this time we didn’t know Maycie’s fate, but this Christmas tree told what all of us were hoping and praying for. A Miracle. Looking back, a miracle is exactly what we got. Maycie short life was, and is, and will forever be, a miracle!

6am on 12.14.12, about 36 hours after her arrival little Maycie Laine returned home to Heavenly Fathers welcoming arms.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Sunday, January 27, 2013

December's Album

The neighbor boy told his mom that he dreamt about Marlee the other night. He’s three.  His mom asked him over the breakfast table what he dreamt about the night before. He shrugged his shoulders and answered “Oh, just Marlee!” His mom tells me it’s his response per usual. Every morning over breakfast she asks him what he dreamt about and nearly every morning he shrugs his shoulders with the same answer “Oh, just Marlee!” Cute little thing.

Speaking of my baby girl, she says Mama like a rockstar. Every time she says it Jace hollers to me, “Mooooom, Marlee needs to tell you something. Probably that she loves you.” Makes me smile.

Anyway, December in a single blog post:

In December we:
::Went to the Festival of Trees.
::Brynlee and I went to our second Princess Tea Party.
::Visited Santa at the movie theater for Spencer’s work Christmas party.
::Watched our cousin Brynn sing a solo for a Christmas Production at the Mall.
::Went to the Jump Zone with The Francis Family.
::Decorated gingerbread cookies, our gingerbread house and loads and loads of sugar cookies.
::Took swimming lessons.
::Marlee and I spent a few days at University of Utah/Primary Children’s with Jake, Kate and sweet baby Maycie.
::Welcome beautiful baby Maycie to earth, if only but a short time.
::Realized that Maycie’s parents are truly amazing. And felt so lucky to have gotten to take part in Maycie’s short life.
::Watched a production of The Miracle on 34th Street with my bff, Kali Jo.
::Shoveled, sled and played in the snow.
::Decorated cookies for Santa + sprinkled the lawn with reindeer food for his helpers.
::Had a Christmas Eve Birthday dinner for Jesus. Complete with candles, the birthday song and sparkling cider.
::Celebrated Christmas.
::Went to Jessica’s for Christmas Day dinner.
::Got snowed in for a few days: went swimming at Granpda B’s, played starburst poker, watched numerous performances by our cute kids, and enjoyed our time together.

…and that was December.

Friday, January 25, 2013

12 on the 12th [11.12.12]

01.   Veterans Day. A flag in the snow.
02.   Storytime. Jace tells the story. Marlee listens. And on occasion, eats the books.
03.  Doctors appointment. Honestly, November 12th was so long ago I can’t remember who the appointment was for or what it was regarding. But nonetheless, the picture exists. So on November 12th somebody in our household went to the doctor.
04. Naptime. A swaddled babe.
05.  100%. On a spelling test.
06. The Superman. For the longest time this was Marlee’s favorite move. We nicknamed it the Superman. Now that she’s crawling she’s doesn’t do it near as much, but it will always be one of my favorites.
07.  Snow. Plus Jace Buddy.
08. Snow. Plus Brynlee.
09. Teamwork. My favorite part of this picture is Jace’s sword tucked into the back of his coat, He-Man style.
10.   Teamwork, take two. Homework.
11.    Relaxing. Webkinz, I’m guessing?
12.   The Highchair Game. It’s a game that Spence started playing with Brynlee when she first became an eater. Then it was Jace’s turn. And now Spence and Marlee play. Goes like this: Spencer sticks his finger underneath the highchair tray and pops out the removable stopper. It flies. The highchair bound baby giggles and giggles. Spence picks it up and puts it back in. And the game starts over again.

How to earn a quick buck...

Somewhere, sometime during our holiday travels we ate at McDonalds. A McDonalds with a life size Ronald. Jace was scared to death of the thing.
Spence said he would give him a dollar if he sat on Ronald’s lap. Viola’! Fear conquered.
Brynlee, on the other hand, needed absolutely no bribing.
These kids. My husband!! Such dorks.

...and then we went to grandma's to go swimming and make gingerbread houses

Celebrating Thanksgiving

Oh My Quotable {dated} Friday: Christmas

Todays plans

Earlier this week I woke up and decided that life would be more fun if my kitchen chairs were turquoise. So after preschool Jace, Marlee and I made a stop at Sherwin Williams - and Jamba Juice too {you know, while we were at it} – and bought a can of turquoise-y paint.
Spence came home and asked who covered our kitchen chairs with toothpaste! So good news, he loves them!
Don’t tell Spence, but today I’m doing more painting. While I simultaneously get this little bloggy up to date. And blast Pandora. While eating bon-bons.
What I’m saying is that it’s going to be a major party at my house!

Monday, January 14, 2013


It is so dang cold. On a Sunday evening car ride last night our van thermometer read -16 degrees. It is so bitter out there that the thought of sending the kids out to school and their other activities overwhelms me.

Luckily, school was cancelled on Friday. Brynlee cried! She had a “ride the bus to somebody else’s house” playdate planned and was devastated at the possibility of it too being cancelled. Well that, and she was supposed to get a grab in the treasure box for having earned a certain number of accelerated reader points. Plus, {get this} Friday’s the day they take spelling tests and now they weren’t going to be able to take the test! {I’m not kidding}. There was ‘it’s not fair’ and ‘this is the worst thing that ever happened to me’ comments. Ohhhh my … the dramatics.

All ended well, though. She and Jace kept themselves busy all morning long – some detailed game of make-believe that lasted hours on end. And then the scheduled afternoon playdate turned into a rest of the day, snow day, affair. By the end of the day she was crossing fingers that Monday would be another school closure. No cigar, though.

On Friday night the Severe Family came over for pizza + barnyard rummy. Spence and I tried to finish up the evening with a game of Mao – however, both of us were miserable Mao Masters. Come over Jake, we need more practice.

Saturday was the 12th. I opted not to take 12 on the 12th pictures though. I think I’m suffering a burnout. Although, I am hoping to brainstorm a similar 2013 project that gets me motivated again, but for now I’m just trying to find the drive to get the photo’s I took on November 12th + December 12th on the blog. Maybe tonight, we shall see.

Exciting news! Jace can write his name. You wouldn’t be able to recognize his “e” if you weren’t his mom or dad, but the “J” “a” and “c” are adorably perfect. For his “homework” we have been working a little every day in helping him recognize his letters and sounds. He is always so compliant and I can see our work paying off. I love that kid.

Speaking of Jace, the other day at Brynlee’s gymnastics one of the gymnasts landed a tumbling routine wrong - a bad sprang, I’m assuming. It broke Jace’s heart. Hours later he was still reminding me how sad it made him that a girl got hurt at gymnastics. That kid has the sweetest heart and is my constant personal reminder to be kinder to others. I’m always trying to be more like him. These kids of mine, they teach me so much.

Anyway, the kids have friends over and the girls are requesting manicures and pedicures, so until later my friends.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Firewood, growing pains and non-productivity.

We made a quick trip to ‘The Farm’ last night. Ate dinner, sang happy birthday to the eleven year old and loaded up on more firewood. It’s been such an arctic tundra lately that we are burning that stuff like crazy. It really is one of my winter loves though – a roasty, toasty wood burning fire – and we keep it burning almost every day. It makes those freezing winter days feel cozy. Or at very least, doable.

And then Jace woke up in the middle of the night with tears from aching growing pains. This afternoon he reminded me, “Remember last night when my legs hurt? That was not cool!” And he’s right, not one bit cool. Poor kid.

Which means today we were all a bit exhausted. Not too cranky {thankfully}, just happily opted for a slow, non-productive day. Speaking of non-productive, I told Jami last night that I was getting that bug to start redecorating, repainting and redoing.  If only that bug came with the needed energy. And an abundance of time, money and resources. Right? My mind is full of envisioned projects, but so far that is where they’ve rested. I did bring a can of primer in from the garage and stuck in the laundry room to defrost. So there’s that.

But don’t be fooled, I haven’t been completely worthless lately. I mean, I beat every.single.level of Where’s My Water over Christmas break. That takes mad skill and an astounding level of dedication. Oh, and I also got another blog book compiled {one more and I’m up to date} AND a few digital photo albums ordered. One of the albums was an accumulation of all the slides from our wedding slideshow. There was a slip-up when printing and the photo book came back with a yellow error page right in the middle of the album. No biggie though, Spencer removed it with a steady hand and a razor blade and all was well. But, when the printing company realized their error they sent me a second book. So that’s good news! Because we totally needed two books of the exact same thing. Now if Spencer and I ever get divorced we will both walk away with our very own copy of our wedding slideshow. {ha}

Anyway, it’s late…so until tomorrow, or whenever.

P.S. Jami, you and I are both fully aware that I kick butt at back-up singing, Geez.
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