Monday, January 26, 2009

Looky, looky what we did!

Last Monday Spencer got the big work project done and so his boss told him to take the rest of the week off. And since his boss is, well, you know…the boss! he spent the rest of the week at home.

It was enjoyable. It was relaxing. It was divine.

While he was off, we took out a second mortgage to sponsor our new Redbox addiction. I’m kidding, geez. We split the money equally between Redbox and gas money. Those DVD’s don’t deliver themselves. And on top of all the Redboxes, I spent three glorious hours watching Titanic. I cried. And then I laughed. Because I can’t watch Titanic without being reminded of that one time, at a movie theater, in high school, where there was that incident involving a nose and a tart-n-tiny. Oh, ho. Good times. (And for some reason I suddenly feel it’s incredibly important to disclose that it wasn’t my nose. Or my tart-n-tiny.)
While Spencer was home we also ate Cherry Chip Cupcakes with frosting for Breakfast, got more mileage out of our house slippers and pajamas then what is deemed healthy, and aside from the Redbox runs and gym time (cupcakes for breakfast you guys) we never left the house. It was great. I'm so glad we like each other, it makes being a family so much easier.

Oh, and we also did something productive. And since I just knew that nobody would believe me I took picture proof. I couldn't find any before pictures of the Family Room, so you will just have to believe me when I say it looks better now.
I want to find four storage ottomen that I can put in those four cubbies. Then they can be used for extra storage when not in use and extra seating when we have a full house.
When we first moved in we wanted to get rid of that fireplace because we thought it was hideous. It may be hideous, but man that thing is warm and cozy. I think we will keep it. Maybe when I get a picture hung up above the fireplace it won't look so ugly. But, then again it probably still will.

And now for my favorite part. Toys, toys, beautifully organized toys! They may only look like this from 9pm until 8am. But during those hours, it feels good.
I need to do a few more decorating stuff (and things) and paint the fireplace. But I am going to cross the Family Room off of the house to-do list because almost counts with horseshoes, hand grenades and home repairs. Plus, good-enuff is the new black. Right? Right?

And here are my two favorite accessories in the family room. (These pictures are mainly for my mom. She hasn't seen the kids in 25 whole days and is getting a little panicked that she won't recognize them next time we see her. Suprisingly she didn't request me to post an updated picture of myself. I think she picks favorites.)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Artwork this good needs to be hung on the fridge!

Had one of those weeks last week.

Found the infant Tylenol in the refrigerator and the Yogurt on the medicine shelf, waited an hour for the washer to get done only to find dry clothes because I forgot to shut the lid, cleaned out the shoe closet and found stuffed in the very back a favorite pair of shoes that had formed into a shape that was no longer suitable for feet, made a phone call and when they answered forgot who I had called. (Big breath followed by a sigh) Emptied the last of the Chex Mix into my mouth then quickly realized that Brynlee had also emptied the last bit in her mouth, decided she didn’t like it, and returned the wet Chex Mix to the bag; spilled bleach on my favorite pants (aka the only pants that comfortably fit) and toyed with the idea of selling a freshly immunized four month old and an overly dramatic two year old on eBay. But I remembered that we are still suspended from eBay* and then felt a little overwhelmed that reinstating our eBay account has been on my to-do list for, um, three years and it still hasn’t gotten done.

OHMYWORD it was quite a week. Oh, but yesterday! Yesterday was good. We got home from church at 12:00! (I LOVE 9:00 CHURCH! I would pay 12% tithing if we could have 9:00 church every single year!)

From 12:00 on we had nothing on our schedule but resting and keeping the Sabbath day holy. So, after dinner we pulled out the hide-a-bed in the family slash toy slash TV room (its kind of a catch-all) and watched a movie. After the movie, Jace and I fell asleep at the head of the bed and Spencer half slept, half entertained Brynlee at the foot of the bed. I’m assuming that Brynlee was playing doctor and Spencer was her patient. She asked Spencer if a series of things would make him feel better and half-sleeping Spencer would reply “yes” to appease his make-shift doctor.

Well, Brynlee diagnosed that if she colored on daddy’s head it would make for a quick recovery. And Spencer (more sleeping than entertaining at this point) agreed that coloring on his head would do the trick. So Brynlee grabbed her markers and proceeded to create beautiful artwork on sleeping Spencer’s forehead. Oh ho ho! I couldn’t have done better myself.

Last week was not so good. But, this week is going to rock. Any week that starts with Spencer’s head getting colored on has got to!!

*Oh, and I would love if someone could explain to me why you can sell a chicken nugget that looks like Jay Leno or the hair from your hair brush on eBay. But, if you get busted selling an answer key for Engineering Economics you are officially suspended!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We had an appointment

Aside from the shots, I love to take my little ones to their check-up doctor’s appointments. Something about hearing the nurse tell me their weight and height is insta-gratification. They might not be the best dressed kids or the most well-behaved but gosh dang, at least they’re gaining weight. Today was Jace’s four month check-up. He weighed 15 pounds and 3.5 ounces (75 percentile); and he was 26 inches tall (90th percentile). Not sure where he got his height, but I can guarantee that Spencer was never never ever ever in the 90th percentile. And just for fun, three things I love about Jace. One. I love that every time I feed, rock or cuddle my little guy he clinches his little fist as tight as he can around the collar of my shirt. Two. I love the way he snuggles. The sound of his breath. His smell. The way he so perfectly fits on my chest. Three. I love how excited he gets when I go to get him out of his crib. His feet and arms start flying in every directions and his smile makes his eyes twinkle.
Ignore the wet shirt. Although it's not my favorite he loves to drool.
And again because I think its fun to compare and because I know my mom is going to ask, Brynlee’s was 13 pounds 8 ounces and 24 inches tall at her 4 month appointment. Three things I love about Brynlee. One. I love when she uses super as an adjective. (Dad you are driving super fast.) And when she uses the word awesome. But especially when she uses them together. (Oh, this is gonna be super awesome.) Two. I love when she runs into my room all bright eyed and overly excited first thing in the morning and says, “Wake up mommy, ‘cause the suns awake!” Three. I love when she tries to comfort crying Jace by saying, “It’s okay little huddy (buddy) big sissy is right here by you.”

Spence just got home from Scouts, so I am off to volleyball practice! I haven’t really played volleyball since my first year of college. Wish me luck. Or rather, wish my poor team members luck.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Fabulous Friday Five

Remember in grade school when you learned that an adjective is a word which gives more information about the noun that follows it. So, in my title the word fabulous is an adjective for Friday, not for the five things I am going to tell you. Like always, those five things will just be mediocre.
  • Yesterday the kids and I made a trip to a neighboring town to visit my friend Kali, and her perfect new little baby at the hospital. I would post some pictures of us snuggling her sweet baby, but a) I didn’t take any, and b) it’s her sweet baby so I will let her post the pictures. On the way home Brynlee said, “I don’t know why Coweee and the tiny, tiny buddy had to go to the doctor. Santa gave me doctor stuff for Christmas so I could have helped them". Kali? I know her education and experience don’t amount to much, but I am sure she is very reasonably priced. I’m just saying, maybe you should consider it on the next go around. Just something to think about.
  • Do not read this bullet point if you are a male, under the age of 16 or completely and utterly (pun intended) disgusted by breast feeding. I got these Lily Padz for a gift for Kali. I need a review before I purchase some for myself. Has anyone heard of them? Used them? Had a friend of a friend that used them?
  • Brynlee’s obsession this week is playing “Twister” and so we have played it at least six times a day. We take turns spinning the color wheel and playing the game. It is a great way for Brynlee to practice her colors, and a great way for me to be reminded how, um, flexible I am.
  • Spence has been working a crazy amount of hours lately trying to get a big project done. His boss informed me (through Spencer) that after the project is complete he will get to take a few days off to make up for all the overtime. I told Spence’s boss (through Spencer) that that was great news, but I wanted to know when I got to take my few days off for all the overtime. We love you Spencer! Thanks for all the hard work you do for our family.
  • And just FYI the entire time I have been typing Brynlee has been combing my hair with a Barbie comb. OUCH! Little Jace is sitting in his walker with two headbands and a turquoise beaded necklace on. Poor kid, he is totally defenseless. And I am sitting criss-cross-applesauce on the floor with no less than 826 ponytail holders in my hair. We look marvelous.
Happy Friday!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

In which I talk about New Years

My little sister, Katie, was over last night watching an episode of “The Biggest Loser”. Not sure why, but something about a 400 pound guy running, sweating, bawling and throwing-up while on the treadmill makes my eyes get all sorts of watery. Chokes me right up. While Kate and I fought back tears, Spencer was in the kitchen eating (the show obviously has a much different effect on him). Brynlee joined Spence and very matter-of-factly informed him that Kate had been watching a show “where that guy took his clothes off.” Shame on you Katie. I think you need to explain yourself. And now for the second installment of the list. The New Years Edition.
  • We went to my Aunt Rose’s and Uncle Jim’s house for New Years. And what a ball we had. Thanks Rosey for hosting us.
  • Doing nothing but playing cards for two days may be great for the mind, but not so good for your personal hygiene. And don’t quote me about it being good for the mind.
  • And just for the record my mom is a card-a-holic! She loves playing cards almost as much as she loves a good book on tape. And I’m not kidding when I tell you that she loves a good book on tape.
  • And also for the record when playing "Catch Phrase" try your darnest to make sure my moms not on your team. She can’t see those little tiny words if winning the game depended on it.
  • You can tell how intense a game of Pounce is based on how many people are standing and how many are sitting. You can also tell the intensity by the amount of times you hear “My card was there first! Move. Your. Card”! Friendliness is so secondary in a good game of cards.
  • I can now correctly tell you how many and who (except for Alan who wouldn’t share names) each member of my family has kissed. I’m not sure when, but at sometime this has got to be vital knowledge.
  • The Wii is pert near as important in our family gatherings as the family members themselves. And will always and forever be. Amen.
  • Brynlee was fascinated by a little wooden toy that my Aunt Rose’s mother had bought from the Amish during a trip to New York. Brynlee is constantly disappearing during family prayer because she can’t stay still that long, but somehow has the attention to roll a wooden train thingy down a little wooden ladder for hours. That toy is golden. God bless the Amish. I’m wondering if the Amish sell those things on the Internet?
  • “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” is not an appropriate game for the entire family. Not sure who it is appropriate for, but definitely not to be played with your parents and brother-in-laws.
  • Remember all the time and band-aides that I dedicated to creating my very own not so pre-lit, pre-lit tree? Well, while taking down the tree (quite possibly humming a joyous tune knowing that next years tree lighting would be nothing more than simple plug in) I saw something fall to the ground. While removing the zip ties that held the extension cords in place I wire snipped right through a string of lights. My coordination never ceases to amaze me. I’m a graceful swan.
And just in case you’re wondering, me and google did a quick search and the Amish do sell their handmade wooden toys on the Internet. No electricity, no cars, no TV, no dating. But the Internet? Sure, why not. I wonder if the Amish blog?

Birthday Wishes

Happy 7th Birthday to an absolutely funny little girl, an extremely adorable little sister, and the most perfect little aunt. We love you Marie!

Monday, January 5, 2009

In which I talk about Christmas

I am giving myself 15 minutes to type this post. Because, I’m tired and it’s bedtime. Plus, I shut my foot in the door yesterday. It hurt bad! So bad that I fell to the floor in fetal position. I don’t think the back of my foot will ever be the same. I put on my running shoes today (new pink ones that Spence got me for Christmas) to go to the gym and I wanted to cry. It. Hurt. Bad. So instead of going to the gym I just got done doing a work-out video. Barefoot. Anyways, all that just to tell you that I am tired AND due to the work-out video I also need to shower before bed. Umm, I don’t think I am using my 15 minutes wisely. In the next 14 minutes I wanted to jot down a little about our Christmas. But how can I ever recap so much, in so little time? A list. A list conquerth all:
  • First up, Christmas Eve. We had the typical Christmas Eve. Opened up our new Christmas pajamas. Made cookies for Santa. And spent a good 30 minutes rolling a marble down the vacuum attachment.
  • Brynlee loved everything about Christmas morning. And would say, “Oh, it’s just what I wanted” with every present she opened.
  • She loved it so much that she opened her presents, Jace’s presents, Spence’s presents and my presents.
  • We planned on having my parents, Marie, Alan, Katie and my Grandma & Grandpa Showell over for Christmas dinner. But due to snow and closed roads most were unable to make it. Thankfully my Grandparents and Katie were already in town so they were available to share the 12 pound ham with us. Otherwise, my Holiday weight gain very well could have doubled. And as a bonus, we also got to enjoy a wonderful visit with my grandparents.
  • I know I already mentioned this, but now I have picture proof that we went ice blocking sledding with the Francis Family. There wasn’t much snow, but what was there had iced over and was slick, slick, slick! Holy super fast. Pictures by SFoto
  • And did I mention that I beat Sarah at Dr. Mario? Just wonderin’! Times up. I guess there will have to be a second installment. Good Night!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A years worth of knowledge

Can’t believe it is already 2009! That officially means that from here until sometime in the middle of June or July I will be writing the date wrong on all checks. I think it’s because I’m a slow learner; it takes me a good six month to finally get it through my head that the year has changed. Slow learner or not…here are a few things learned in 2008. In January I learned that Brynlee is always willing to help with construction projects.
Brynlee and Spencer installing a light fixture in the bathroom.
Brynlee removing tiles from entry way floor.
In February I learned how much more intently you listen to and treasure your unborn baby’s heartbeat, if just five months previously you had been informed that you’re much anticipated unborn child’s heart no longer had a beat. In March I learned that Brynlee is NOT a fan of sand between her toes, and that I am NOT a fan of spring snow between my toes.

Katie and Brynlee at beach in San Francisco.
Snow on March 31st
In April I learned that the pregnancy card will allow you to sit back and relax while your husband gets to paint all the kitchen cabinets. In May I learned that the beautiful blossoms that our crabapple tree produces in the spring almost makes the fall crabapple clean-up worth it. Almost!
In June I learned that two years in a foreign country might have an ill effect on ones hairstyle, but it will only strengthen a personality and further develop their already great character. Oh, and I also learned that within a few weeks a bad missionary hairstyle will fix itself.
In July I learned that the first five years of marriage goes by oh so quickly. In August I re-learned the fact that cancer knows no boundaries and is not choosey as to the body he decides to make his home. On November 25 of 2007 my Grandma B. passed away after a valiant battle with pancreatic cancer. This August my Grandma Marilyn learned that she had developed breast cancer. In this month I was also reminded of the power of prayer. We love you Grandma Marilyn and pray daily that your body will be strong and the cancer weak. In September I learned that no matter how much love you devote to your first child you will still have more than enough left over for your second child. In October I learned that there is nothing more precious than two siblings that adore each other. In November I learned that some of a child’s qualities are gained through nature, some through nurture, and still others are forced!
Brynlee reading Spencer's powerlifting magazines.
In December I learned that the older you get the faster time goes. Some days might be long, some nights never end, a quick trip to the grocery store takes no less than four hours, and there is no nine month period longer than nine months spent pregnant. But, from January 1st to December 31st is truly a short period of time. Happy New Year and I hope your 2009 is just dandy!
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