Friday, June 12, 2015

The Cupcake Thief

So yesterday while out running errands Marlee picked out cupcakes for her birthday today. Princess ones, naturally. She asked a couple times last night and again this morning if she could eat her cupcakes. I reminded her they were for her birthday party and she accepted the answer without complaint.

Then this afternoon I left Marlee playing Legos at the dining table while Brynlee, Jace and I went outside to play some basketball. I lost, but I’m sure you already knew that.

Anyway, when we made our way back inside I found the Legos abandoned and a newly three year old girl locked in the bathroom with her loot – a dozen {half-eaten} princess cupcakes. And by half-eaten I mean the top half. Understandably. Because there is absolutely no reason to waste your time eating cake when there’s still more cupcakes with frosting to be licked.

Happy 3rd Birthday Marlee. You little stinker.

Well, hello...

So I quit blogging.


Yada yada yada.

Because you know how it goes…the further you get behind, the more you get behind. And then you’re so far behind you don’t know where to start. So you don’t. And then you get even more behind. In fact, you get so far behind that you forget to even think about ever journaling again. And you’re good with that. You think.

Until its 1:00 in the early morning on a Friday in June and you can’t sleep. S0 you update the blog, marathon style. Without thought, or word, or reason. Because why the heck not. You just haphazardly open picture folders on your computer, pick random photos (eeny meeny miny moe), press publish and call it a post.

Bam. Updated. Like a rockstar.

P.S. Three years ago today Marlee was born. Happy Birthday sugar pie.

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