Monday, May 17, 2010

This weekend we celebrated.

::Cousins {and aunt}::
::Olivia, Marie, Maddie, Brynlee & Brooke::

Bryn and Jace have 35 cousins and counting.
This weekend we got to see 25 of them.
Including our newest {precious, red-headed} cousin, Sam.

::Baby Sam on his blessing day with his sister Lillie and Mom and Dad, Anna & Mike::

And this weekend, my brother kissed his wife.
And I became one sister richer.

::the original five with our newest member::
I love cousins.
I love sisters.
I love a wedding's love story.
I love family time.
I love the weekend.

::When Jami took this picture she sighed and said, "Kim, you ruin ever single picture I take!"  Touché, my dear, touché.:: 

More weekend, wedding, and celebrating updates to come.
But today we were too busy enjoying the sun. And the bloom.

::The tree in my backyard.  It smells even prettier than it looks::

So, maybe tomorrow.


The Jones Family said...

must be bountiful...I love it. I love weekends like that and where the weather actually was MAY-like weather! Love your tree and the pic of girls even better!

Kali Jo said...

you are so right. alan's wifey does look like katie! going by jessica's pregnacy routine, katie won't get married for about 3-5 months or else 1+ years right?

Anonymous said...

Kali. Try 4-6 years!! :)


Kimberlee said...

Umm right, Katie.

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