Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The "Look at Me" Projects: Nightstand.

We've done a bazillion* projects lately.
House projects. Yard projects. All sorts of other projects.
I've posted about a grand total of ZERO of them.
Which means absolutely nothing.
Except for,
directly related to my lack of posting...
I've taken a grand total of ZERO before pictures.
And a grand total of ZERO after pictures.
I say we remedy that.
Wouldn't you agree?
I'll start posting a few of them on the blog.
We will make it into a series.
We'll title it "look at me, look at me".**
For obvious reasons.
And I'll start today.

*This number is an estimate. I have a tendency to round up.

**The me in "look at me, look at me" refers to the Spencer and me, me.
Not me, by myself, me.
Because are you kidding!
Like I could do a bazillion projects by myself.


I bought this nightstand at the Goodwill.
For $6.00.
It's solid, and heavy.
And had good structure.
But it was ugly.

No before picture.
Because I didn't take any.
But you already knew that.
And we already talked about it.
I'm remedy-ing it.

But here's the after picture.
Primed, painted and antiqued the thing.
I like the end result.
Do you?

I got those chairs at the thrift store too.
Painted and reupholstered them.
They were $5.00 each.

The end.


Katie said...

Awesome sauce, Kim. That night stand looks fantastic with your wall. I heart the color. What is it?

Miranda said...


Jami said...

Whoops...I forgot to leave a comment about this...But I really like it too!!! Looks nice!!!

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