Wednesday, May 5, 2010

a (fifteenth) confession

Today the “Days since Last Injury While Giving a Haircut” sign had to been changed back to zero. I managed to snip the bottom part of my left pointer finger while cutting Spence’s hair. It hurt. It hurts. It has its very own pulse.

I charged him double for the haircut. And rightfully so.

The last time I suffered major injury while giving a haircut was seven years ago. I was angle cutting Jami’s hair to frame her face. I clipped the lower back section of my middle left finger. It hurt then too. It scarred. And now it turns a lovely shade of blue when my hands get cold.

But on a less painful note, on this lovely Wednesday evening, a beautiful bouquet of yellow spring flowers to you. From Brynlee.

1 comment:

The Gabica's said...

Kim! I can't believe how big your kids are now!

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