Monday, May 24, 2010

a (sixteenth) confession

Saturday after the kids and I got home from a day spent climbing/jumping/flipping/trampolining/tumbling and completely enjoying ourselves at a local tumbling gym, Spence told me he was going to start demolition on the master bathroom. I rolled my eyes and grunted because demolition has a way of making me do that. I didn't feel like ripping out walls in the master bathroom. And I especially didn't feel like cleaning up ripped out walls in the master bathroom.

So I put Jace down for a nap and in a successful effort to avoid the demolition I went in the other room to prepare my Young Women's lesson. Spencer started the destruction. And Brynlee, well Brynlee, spent the next few hours with stickers, stamps, coloring utensils and a white wall as a canvas.

Is it white trash to let your child draw on the wall?

It is white trash, isn't it?


Beth said...

It is NOT white trash if you are going to get rid of that wall anyway. Now, if you were going to leave it there...that would be another story.

Anonymous said...

Nah, I've got blue crayon all over my walls right now. :) Although mine was without permission. LOL!

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