Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Attention All: We went on a field trip.

It was around 2:00 on a Tuesday afternoon. I was reading over Brynlee's monthly preschool calendar while eating a late lunch. The calendar reminded me that I'd forgotten to tell Miss Jenni, Brynlee's preschool teacher that I was available to attend the upcoming field trip. So I grabbed my phone, scrolled down to Jenni and between bites pushed send.

{phone ringing}
Jenni: Hello.
Me: {In my best phone voice. What! I bet you have one too.} Hey Jenni. This is Kim [insert last name here]. I just wanted to let you know I'm available to attend the field trip to McKee's next week if you need me.
{silence on the other line}
Me: {After a brief pause, explaining again. Slower this time.} This is Kim, Brynlee's mom. Do you need any more volunteers for the upcoming filed trip? If so, I'm available.
{more silence}
{debate hanging up}
Jenni: {also confused, and rightfully so} Um, Kim. I think you've got the wrong Jenni. This is Jenni [insert maiden name] [insert last name]. 

This Jenni. Jenni that lives in New York, thousand of miles away. Jenni that just had a baby, and doesn't need bothered with my awkwardness. Jenni that doesn't know what McKee's is. Jenni that has absolutely no clue why I would be calling her to inform her of my availability for the preschool field trip. That Jenni. Bless her.

We laughed. I apologized and then spent the remainder of the conversation trying to regain composure. It never happened. I congratulated her on her beautiful Amelia, who shares my birthday by the way. We talked about recent happenings and then we hung up.

I tell you what; I'm a work of art. And abstract, mismatched and completely confused work of art.


Dear Jenni,

Sorry about the phone call mess-up last week. I'm a dork. So sorry.

In case you're wondering {and why wouldn't you be} I did end up going with Brynlee's preschool class on their field trip. We went to McKee's pet shop and petting zoo. Jace got to come along too. The kids were great. Well, ya know, for a group of 4 year olds. Sometimes I think I would enjoy doing a preschool. Then I remember that some preschool kids are in fact boys and I quickly change my mind.

Brynlee and Jace loved all the animals. One of the preschooler's mom gave each of the kids a quarter to buy feeding food at the petting zoo. Brynlee wasn't interested in letting a goat eat out of her hand. She instead asked if she could use her quarter to buy a cat. I told her no. She decided that she would settle on a dog. I told her no. However, both Brynlee and Jace pretended that they were cats for the rest of the day. So it was kind of like we got to bring a cat home after all. Or not. But kind of.

It was raining pretty hard on the day of the field trip so we didn't spend much time outside. I've never been to McKee's before, but it's kind of a little hidden gem. There's a playground, playhouse, theater area, petting zoo and all sorts of animal-ish things to look at. And there a monkey. A real live monkey.

The kids were a bit jipped because of the rain, but I promised Brynlee and Jace that we would go back again another day. When it's not raining. If it ever stops raining.

I'll be sure to call and let you know when we decide to go {wink}.

Hope you and your adorable little family is well. Sorry again.


Jace at Brynlee's field trip to McKee

And since I didn't actually take a picture of Brynlee while on her field trip. 
{Work of art, people! Work. Of. Art.}
Here's a picture from last weekend.


Jami said...

HAHA....THis still cracks me up.....Hi Jenni (high school Jenni)....I will call you next time I go to the Zoo....okay!!! :)....Congrats on your baby...She is SOOOOO adorable...and Kim next time don't call her 5 seconds after she has a baby, at least wait a week to tell her you are going to the Zoo ;)!!!!

Jenni said...

True story! It was and still is pretty funny!

MattandChandra said...

Kim, are you sure you're not telling a story about me? I have done this sort of thing several times.I decided I have to put last names in my phone. Lol, you seriously crack me up!!

Kimberlee said...

Except Chandra, I *have* last names in my phone.

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