Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Random Randomly Randomness: Facts

::Jami's self taken portrait of me, Katie & her::
::Good thing she zoomed in a bit::

A list of random facts from the weekend:
  • Jaelynn, Alan's beautiful wife, reminds me a lot of my sister, Jessica. And in some pictures she looks like my sister, Katie.
  • Sometimes Katie wears hair extensions. They look really good on her which made us all a bit jealous. So she took then off and we passed them around. They turned Jami into a wannabe punk rocker. A sad, unemployed, wannabe punk rocker. I looked a bit skunk-ish, but they were about the same length of my hair so they were hard to see. But my mom, oh my goodness, my mom! They turned her into a mullet wearing, chain-smoking waitress at Denny's. You know the type, right?
  • I took pictures and told my mom I was going to post them on the blog. She threatened me. Told me she would do away with me if I did such a thing. I told her I could out run her. She told me she could out smart me. And she can. Therefore, no pictures.
  • If I didn't have two adorable, and completely dependent, children and a dear husband to take care of I would post those pictures. Oh, yes I would. My life would be a small price to pay.
  • Kate and her friend, Jake, watched seven kids while we were in the temple. Bless them.
  • We stayed up late, got up early, went to the temple, took pictures and then went to Alan & Jaelynn's wedding luncheon. And then Jace fell asleep leaning against his chair while using his dinner roll as a pillow. Exhaustion was the theme of the weekend.
  • And speaking of exhaustion, Jace didn't take a nap {aside from the five minute dinner roll power nap, which doesn't count} from Thursday to Sunday. Guess what?! Jace needs naps. Period. And I need Jace to take naps. Exclamation point.
  • I asked Jami if my shirt was too tight. She said, "Nope, it's not too tight at all. Just too small." Which is obviously way different.
  • Jami gave Jaelynn the best advice at her wedding luncheon. She said, "If you don't want to get up early and make Alan breakfast before work twenty years from now, then make sure you DON'T START TOMORROW." Amen sista.
  • My cousin Sarah lived with us my senior year of high school. We had a ball. I haven't seen her since 2001 and she had never met Spencer or my kids. She came to Alan's reception and it was so fun to see her.
  • We reminisced old times. Jami, Sarah & I would have serenaded the reception guests with a little, "Goodbye Earl" by the Dixie Chicks, but we couldn't remember the words. {Your welcome, Alan & Jaelynn} I'm old, forgetful AND I've outgrown all my shirts. Lovely.
  • Jessica was pregnant at my wedding, had barely had a baby at Jami's wedding, and was pregnant again at Alan's wedding. Dang her bad pregnancy luck.
  • Note to self: Next trip to Ikea leave the two little things that call you mom at the hotel.
  • We went to McDonalds in Draper, Utah. They don't have a play land. Instead they have three computer screens to be used for the children's entertainment. I don't know about you, but I go to McDonalds for the playland.  My kids need to run around while eating!  How else am I supposed to sneak all their fries?
  • And then we went to Kangaroo Zoo with the M. side of the family. And then it was fun. And then Jace threw-up all over me. And then it was disgusting.
  • Brynlee thinks her "biggest cousin EVER", Gavin, hung the moon. I agree.
  • My in-laws moved to a new {old} house. The yard is fantastic. There are trees, flowers, vines and ground cover everywhere. It's park like. My mother-in-law loves an old house. I love an old, established yard.
  • My brother-in-law, Aaron, sounds EXACTLY like my brother-in-law, Heinrich. Sometimes I have to look twice when Aaron starts talking. But Aaron wears suspenders and Heinder's in Hawaii, so it's easy to tell them apart.
  • Come back later for some "Random Randomly Randomness: Pictures" from the weekend.
  • The end.
P.S. Brynlee's lined the kitchen with a roll of packaging bubble wrap. She has on a pair of my high heels and has brought me a pair. She's requesting a little "party music" for all the poppin'. We're about to have a good ole' time. The sliding glass doors open if you care to join us.

::Brynlee at the temple::


Katie said...

Okay, so if we can't see pics of your mom in the extensions, how 'bout the rest of you???

Jami said...

HAHA....The shirt was just needed a wee bit of a must have just come out of the washer ;).....NO...I am not calling you fat...really I'M NOT....(read this truthfully and not sarcastically)....

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