Friday, December 11, 2009

The Princess Tea: An enchanted tale

Once upon a time there was a girl…

A very beautiful girl.
With flowing blonde hair, the perfect speckling of light brown freckles and a smile that caused her nose to wrinkle.

This girl was the delighted guest of an enchanted Princess Tea Party.

Where she mingled with the most elite.

And dined on only the finest.

::Delectable Ham & Cheese Roll-ups, Exquisite String Cheese, Sparkling Pink Water & Strawberry Milk::

She was happy.

And she enjoyed her night out.

Then she made her way back to her castle.

Put on her most regal of pajamas. And snuggled up next to her daddy for a few bedtime stories.Then she closed her eyes and escaped into dreamland. The place where all princess fairytales are allowed to come true!


Once upon a time there was a girl…
A mama, if you will.

That loved this little princess.
And would just be delighted…
Elated, even.
If all her princess' dreams were able to come true.
Every last one of them!

::Picture by SFoto::
And if the young princess would always and forever
…live happily ever after.

The end.


Rachel said...

Kim you make me so happy, I love your blog.

Lacy said...

oh so sweet. I wish you a happy ever after yoo princess Brynlee and Queen Kimberlee

sarah louise said...

The cutest princess in all the land!

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