Saturday, December 19, 2009

My BFF: Alan

This is my FAVORITE brother.
Alan Nolan.
My only brother.
But still, my favorite.
He's hardworking.
Being the only boy in the family, he grew up as dad's hired help.
He knows how to fix things.
Like cars.
And tractors.
And busted sprinkler systems.
Poor guy!
Grew up with a house full of girls.
But don't let him tell you for a minute that he didn't enjoy it.
Plus, he learned very valuable life lessons.
Like the fact that girls can't put on their mascara without opening their mouth.
Or how you don't ever, EVER tell a girl she's wrong.
{Because quite frankly, she's not!}
Or how quickly news can spread when you throw in a mom, five sisters and a few cell-phones.
Alan's athletic.
He ran track.
And played baseball.
And football.
He tried basketball his senior year, but didn't love it.
But really, there's not much that kid can't do.
Plus, whatever the sport he was playing, he came with his own cheerleading squad.
One of the benefits of having so many sisters.
Alan is a comedian.
He tells a funny joke.
It starts like this...
"Okay, so what you do is cut a hole in the ice..."
He used to put on one-man plays for us for Family Home Evening.
Or he would mime.
Or beat-box in the speaker of the cordless phone.
He's entertaining.
One time he sent an email to the family when Jami was going through a rough time.
It made us all laugh.
And it made Jami feel better.
I saved the email and still read it for a little "pick-me-up" every now and again!
Alan served a two year LDS mission in Honduras.
He came home with two years of experiences that made him stronger.
More aware.
More thankful.
More spiritual.
I think he's a spiritual giant.
And that's one of my favorite parts about him.
Sometimes on road trips, if you ride in Alan's car, you listen to conference talks.
Or church music.
Something uplifting.
Something else about Alan...
He will break out in song at random.
Or in dance.He's funny like that.
Cracks me right up.
Alan's a leader.
A life of the party.
He's fun to be around.
I'm so glad he's my little brother.

 When I grow up, I want to be as spiritual as Alan.

Alan in one word...

I love you Alan.
Thanks for being you!


Lacy said...

Oh Alen is cute and sounds so fun and good. I'm racking my brains to find somenoe I know who can marry him. hehe I'm sure he gets that alot. oh! I have a cousin!

Jami said...

Oh don't you worry Lacy with 5 sisters he won't have any troubles getting married....(plus he has a super cute girl already ;)!!)....BUT Alan is SUCH an Awesome brother I love him SOOO much!!! Us girls sure are lucky to get such a great brother to put up with us!!!

Heinder said...

Ohhhhhhh Man this is the coolest blog I have ever seen in the whole world.

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