Saturday, December 26, 2009

Of Christmas cards and the such

Just wishing you a Merry Christmas with this year's Christmas card.

::Un-distorted Christmas card #1::
Except for the actual Christmas card that got delivered to friends and families mailboxes all across the few states that we have friends and family in, was a bit more, well…elongated. Cone head-ish, if you wish.  The picture got slightly squished and distorted during the printing process.

I picked it up from the photo lab, took one look at it and laughedLovely.  It looked awful.

I came home and created a new Christmas card because that would just be ridiculous to send out such a picture and call it Christmas Greetings.

::Christmas card #2::

And then I got busy celebrating Christmas and never got Christmas card #2 sent off to be printed. 

Days passed.

The Christmas card needed mailed. And Christmas card #2 still needed sent to the printer, printed, picked-up & paid for.

I got lazy. Took one final look at distorted Christmas card #1 and decided that in reality the distorted Christmas card wrapped-up 2009 quite perfectly. And maybe I should count my blessings. At least the card wasn't PAINTED ORANGE or slowly MOLDING.

Plus, we looked tall and slender. Spencer TALL? Me SLENDER! Maybe this was actually a Christmas miracle. And with that I stuck the distorted pictures in the envelope, sealed it with a sign of unbelief and sent them on their merry way.

Aren't you glad I did?

Because really…nothing says Merry Christmas like a distorted family photo.

Well, nothing except a cheesy rhyming Christmas letter that would make the hair on the Grinch's neck stand on end.

And because I love you my dear bloggers…our Christmas letter:


Oh look! It’s a Christmas letter from our little family of four.
And I’m trying to keep it short, so I can get it out the door.

Spencer is still working as an Electrical Engineer.
And in his free time he’s operating his home construction gear.
We’ve remodeled our kitchen, bathrooms, and exterior too.
We’ve redone flooring & painted walls, but there’s always more to do.

Kim stays at home, hangs with the kids and does those dang dishes.
And to be honest, she loves it! It’s just as she wishes.
In her “free” time…YEAH RIGHT! She writes on the blog.
It’s her way of remembering the “good ole days” before they become a fog.

Brynlee’s 3 1/2 and goes to pre-school, you see.
She loves crafts, bike rides, and playing with her Daddy.
She can write her own name and is getting oh SO big.
With a blink of an eye she’ll be driving her own rig.

Jace is fifteen months and our little bundle of joy.
His sisters quite fond of him and thinks he’s her big toy.
Jace is a tease that loves foot massages, eating, and squawking.
And at 14 months he FINALLY started walking.

For more of our families happenings in a format that doesn’t rhyme.
Visit our families’ blog, “Our Life Unedited”, online.
The address is www dot spenceandkim dot blogspot dot com.
It’s all about our little family. Written by me; the mom.

We are all doing well, couldn’t be better.
And we hope that you’re the same as you read this letter.
In closing I have one more thing to say.
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah & Happy Holiday!

With Love,
Spencer, Kimberlee, Brynlee & Jace


mammabug said...

At least yours got sent out and there before Christmas. We once again scrapped the Christmas card thing and managed to mail out some pictures to some family on Christmas Eve.

Lacy said...

I'm hoping to do some new years ones hehe :)

I liked your rhyming letter and Christmas car. I had to ask someone, does this picture look squished to you? Never the less it's on my wall and we love it :)

Heinder said...

Ohhhhhhh Man this is the coolest blog I have ever seen in the whole world.

Kimberlee said...

Dear Uncle Butt-
Why do I have a sneaky suspicion that you're making fun of me?

Love ya,

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