Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My BFF: Jessica

This is my older sister.
She’s married to Brad.
They have two blonde-headed, blue-eyed girls: Madelyn & Olivia.
Jessica’s a high school teacher.
Jessica makes the best potato soup and homemade pizza.
And they always have fresh, homemade bread at their house.
I call her often with cooking questions.
Or to get a recipe.
‘Cause Jessica knows how to make everything.
She can even whip up an adorable skirt.
From a pattern that she sketched herself.
She says she’s not creative.
But she is.
She’s also good at directions.
As in driving directions.
If she’s been somewhere once, she can easily get there again.
Oh, and she hates mice!
They scare her.
One time, when mom & dad were out for the night and left Jess in charge, there was a mouse in the house.
Jessica made us stand on top the dishwasher.
For our safety.
To make sure the mouse wouldn’t eat us alive. Or something.
Funny story.
One time, at dance camp, Jessica got her braces stuck in the carpet. . .
I loved being on the dance team with Jessica.
Speaking of dancing.
We also went to tons of church dances together.
I never remember her complaining when I would tag along.
How cool is she?
However, she hated that I had to come to early morning seminary with her.
Because Jessica’s always prompt and punctual.
I’m NOT!
Jessica has a bubble.
She doesn’t like people in her bubble.
It irritates her.
When I need advice, I ask Jessica.
She’s older and wiser.
Plus, she no-nonsense and right to the point.
She’s the perfect older sister.
She’s strong-minded, disciplined and on the ball.
Jessica and I are very different.
Sometimes she rolls her eyes at me.
Sometimes she calls me a nerd.
Or a “spazz”,
It makes me laugh.
Mainly because it’s true.
Yet, we’re a lot alike.
In so many ways.
And more and more ways as we get older.
She’s always been the best example to me.
I’m so glad she’s my big sister.

When I grow up, I want to be as knowledgeable as Jessica.

Jessica in one word...

I love you Jessica.
Thanks for being you!


Lacy said...

haha That second to last pic of Jaime and Jessica is so perfect. I agree with you, she is a great person to ask for advise. I know I did it several times. I can totally hear her calling you a nerd or a spazz. Great ode to Jessica. May I add she was so kind to always let me borrow her towel shirt.

Jami said...

This post is oh so true!!! But you cant leave out the part about her finding wildlife in the forest ;) (BEAR)....and I personnaly will never forget the scripture "Mosiah 13:3", I bet you can't guess :)!!!

P.S. I want all the pictures you have of the family....we need to put them all together!!

Kimberlee said...

Touch me not, for God shall smite you if ye lay your hands upon me!

Right, Jami! :)

Steven said...

oh, I so do love her!! I'm jealous you get to be her sister. Thanks to Jessica that is one of just a few scriptures that I can still rattle off with out thinking. that picture with Jamie is classic Jessica face.

Jami said...

I agree with you Tammy....that defiently is a Jessica FACE!!! I used to see it alot more than I do now!!!

Lindsey Lou said...

Kim, What a great tribute to your sister!

Heinder said...

Ohhhhhhh Man this is the coolest blog I have ever seen in the whole world.

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