Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving week in NINE bullet points…

  • One. Our original Thanksgiving plans and what we actually did for Thanksgiving are two different things.
  • Two. We spent Thanksgiving at our house with eight of my absolute favorite people: Mom, Dad, Alan, Kate, Marie, Spencer, Brynlee & Jace.
::Alan cutting potatos for The Feast::
  • Three. It was quiet, low-key, enjoyable & delicious. I love Thanksgiving!
  • Four. Spence's older brother, Andrew, his wife, Tammy, and their seven (seven!) kids came to visit on Friday. Did I mention that they have seven kids? We watched Monster vs. Aliens. And by "we" I mean everybody but Tammy and I. Being how I didn't watch it, I'm not really sure why I said "we".
  • Five. Spencer got summoned to Jury Duty for the entire month of December. Merry Christmas to him.
  • Six. Zeb, Jami, Brookie & Zayne came and stayed from Friday to Sunday. I love when they come to visit.
::Jami and I::
  • Seven. Zeb welded us some new stairs for the trampoline. They're big, sturdy and the most perfect shade of GOOD CRAP THAT'S BRIGHT blue. I adore them. They make the trampoline look like a carnival ride. How happy that makes my kids, and therefore, me.
  • Eight. When Jami & Zeb were down we went to the "Ring in the Holiday" celebration, The Christmas Night Light Parade and ate Smothered Foot-long Burrito's from Senior Iguanas. A foot-long burrito, people…that's a whole lot of burrito.
  • Nine. We intended on going to "Christmas in the Nighttime Sky" fireworks show. But decided to instead stay in where it was warm and play the Wii. We took the Wii Sport Fitness Test. Spence's Wii Fitness age was 36, I was 25 {woot! woot!} Zeb was 42, {point and laugh} and Jami…Jami was SIXTY-FREAKIN'-FOUR! SIXTY-FOUR, you guys. She insisted that the Wii was absolutely, most definitely, positively incorrect. And to prove her point she re-took the Fitness Test. Turns out she was right; the Wii was wrong the first go around. She's instead SIXTY-FIVE!

P.S. Brynlee called my "honey" all day yesterday.
P.S.S. Brynlee can write her name all by herself!


Natalie said...

Such a cute blog! I linked to you from scribbles and sunshine. Your family is beautiful!

Natalie said...

I meant sunshine and scribbles=)

mammabug said...

You guys are so funny. We had a good thanksgiving too, and I'm getting really excited for Christmas. Our light parade is coming up and I think we're going out to Hansen to look at the lights this weekend.

P.S. I like you're funky bangs.

Jami said...


Kali Jo said...

ha ha h, holy crap every day i get on my Wii and check my "age" I want to die. although i feel much better know ing that my 45!!! is nothin next to Jami!! I'll have you know that i did have one day where is was 28 so that sounded good till the next day when i was 34. oh well i'll keep trying!!!!

Kali Jo said...

oh yeah and your kitchen looks goodfrom the little bit i can see in your photos! I can't wait to see it in person! By the way, Who is your carpender? He seems like a swell guy!

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