Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Party

::Notice the wet spot on Spencer's shrit?
That's from wiping kidprints off just moments before we left the house:: 

Spencer and I had a Christmas Party to go to last night. We planned on going. In preparation we arranged for Katie to come over and watch the kids. I made a huge crock-pot full of my Grandma B's sausage dip. My favorite! And we picked three movies from our now archaic VHS collection for our White Elephant Gift. "The Wedding Singer", "Pilates for Abs" and a knife tutorial that came with the kitchen knifes Spence bought me a few years back, "Emerilware Knives Know How". We were good to go.

But, somewhere between getting ready for the party and leaving the house we changed our minds. It would have been a fun party, with fun people. But we had a babysitter and the night was young. Spence and I drove over to the party, flipped a U-ey and instead headed into town. Just the two of us. We went and got dessert. Just the two of us. And then made our way to the movie theater and watched "The Blind Side". JUST THE TWO OF US! We talked, and held hands, and laughed, and snuggled. It beat ANY Christmas Party.

We have another Christmas Party tonight. The world is our oyster!

P.S. With all the ditchin' Christmas Parties and stuff I didn't get Alan's post written. Come back tonight to read "My BFF: Alan".

P.S.S. Yesterday was my sweet friend Lacy's birthday. Happy, happy birthday Lacy dear! I'll get your present in the mail today. For those of you that are wondering what a girl like me gets a girl like her let me give you a hint. It's an enormous crock-pot full of my Grandma's delicious sausage dip and three gently used VHS's! Love ya Lacy. Happy Birthday.


Beth said...

Sounds like you guys had way too much fun. We were going to go, but Chad started feeling the chills and aches again, so we spent a quiet night making a gingerbread house with the boys. Well...not exactly quiet, but you get what I mean. Have fun at your party tonight.

Lacy said...

wow, my very own p.s.s. on Kim's blog. I do indeed feel special for my birthday now. Thanks! That dip DOES sound good.

I've been wanting to watch the Blind Side. Did you watch it?..or enjoy your just the 2 of you time by over snuggling and missing the movie? Glad you had a good time. Hope you find the pearl tonight. .. in your oster, get it? ahaha

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