Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My BFF: Marie

This is my baby sister.
Sometimes we call her Marieski.
Or Rie.
She will be eight in January.
Which means there are 19 ½ years between her and I.
Marie has 4 sisters, 1 brother, 4 brother-in-laws, 4 nieces & 2 nephews.
There's 17 months between Aunt Marie and her oldest niece.
She's everybody's favorite.
And Marie loves her nieces and nephews.
Most kids her age tire of the younger kids.
But not Aunt Marie.
She's patient and loving.
And helpful.
She's such a cool Aunt.
Marie's a smarty-pants.
She started walking when she was eight months old.
And she knew ALL the lyrics to Travelin' Solider by the Dixie Chicks before most kids can say "mama" & "dada".
Katie taught her.
She would sing the entire song.
Without error.
For years Marie was our entertainment.
At all the family parties we would gather on the couch and watch little Marie.
She'd sing.
And dance.
And turn somersaults.
And we would laugh.
And clap.
So she'd sing louder.
And dance bigger.
She's such a blessing to our family.
My mom always says, "What would we do without Marie!"
And I'm not sure.
Our family needs Marie.
We wouldn't be complete without her.
Marie "twists-ties".
Meaning she rubs the yarn on a tied quilt between her fingers and her thumb.
She's done it since she was a baby.
It gives her comfort.
It's her little quirk.
Marie is delightful.
She's adorable.
She's witty.
She's my mom's best pal.
Those two are like two peas in a pod.
Sometimes when Marie talks I hear my mom.
They use the same words and phrases.
Marie and mom listen to books on tape together.
They read blogs together.
And they visit the grandkids together.
Marie has a good voice.
For a school talent show she decided she wanted to sing a song.
Dad got it on camera.
It made me cry.
It was perfection.
She's also taking dance classes and piano lessons.
Marie has blonde hair, blue eyes and a splash of freckles.
She has a funny sense-of-humor and a loving heart.
She's a ball of energy.
And the perfect surprise.
Our family wouldn't be complete without our Marieski!
I'm so glad she's my little sister.

When I grow up, I want to be as cute as Marie.

Marie in one word...

I love you Rie.
Thanks for being you!

**Edited to add: Um, Marie has three brother-in-laws, not four!  I did the math two times but it looks like I forgot to "carry the one".  Or maybe I forgot the "outside" in the "FOIL".  Either way, I did the math wrong. :) 


And that officially wraps up "My BFF" segment.
Told you I have the BEST siblings EVER.

Merry Christmas to my BFF's.
Love you so much.

Your proud sister,


mammabug said...

Your mom probably rolled her eyes at you all when she saw this picture. It's like opening up the barrel full of monkeys. Love you guys.

Steven said...

You do have an awesome family. I wish I knew Marie. She is a miracle.

Jami said...

I will never forget the time when that crazy guy chastized me at McDonalds for having a teenage pregnancy when I was taking Marie to the car when she was a tiny baby because she was crying...but dont worry I just mooned him and flipped him off ;)!!!


Kim...I really thought that picture of Jace was Zayne....I know I am a dork...but Zayne kinda looks like that right now in some faces he makes!!!

I LOVE that family picture....HAHA!!!

Cody and Jill said...

Hey Kim. I am sitting here at work and bored to death so I am blog-stocking everyone I know. I agree, you do have the coolest syblings... that's why I claim them as my own:) Have a Merry Christmas.

Alan Branch said...

So i am trying to do a head count on the number of brother-in-laws that i currently have.....i keep coming up with three...and i came to the conclusion that marie is just spoiled. i knew this before but this occurance just salidifies it. Crazy Marie has four and I only have three! Not fair!

Kimberlee said...

Alan, didn't you hear? Kate eloped! :)

The funny thing is that nobody noticed but you.

Lacy said...

I liked seeing all of Marie's pictures. She's like a mix of all the rest of you. She was walking at 8 months, really? wowsers. Seems like maybe she grew up so quickly so she would be ready to play the roll of Aunt.
looks like Jessica, Olivia, and Zeb missed the memo on this picture.

Heinder said...

Ohhhhhhh Man this is the coolest blog I have ever seen in the whole world.

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