Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Photo Album: Spence’s April Fools Day Prank

Remember how I told you that Spence played an April Fools joke on his boss at work?  Remember how I told you that they swapped all his oversized office furnishings for pint size replicas?  Here’s the April Fools Day photo proof.

But first a few things:
  • These photos are mainly being posted for my Dad {12 days late} because, I love him.  And because he’s requested.
  • Due to a typo on a presentation during a big departmental meeting, Spence’s boss has been kindly nicknamed “Big Chuck”. 
  • And at 6’8, “Big Chuck” is a fitting nickname.
  • Spence and his co-worker/partner and crime emptied most of “Big Chuck’s” furniture out of his office and replaced it with “Lil’ Chuck” furniture.
  • And a “Lil’ Chuck” nametag.
  • “Big Chuck” usually keeps a HUMONGEOUS! mug on his desk, it was replaced with a Dora sippy cup.
  • They took pictures of Spence’s boss sitting in the tiny “Lil’ Chuck” desk, but I want Spencer to keep his job so I won’t be posting them.


Claire said...

OMG, that's so hilarious! too funny. glad you posted these pics. gave me a chuckle!

Claire @

b. lee said...

OMG! this is hilarious!!! I think SO FREAKIN' AWESOME :D they sippy cracks me up!!!

mammabug said...

Is there any adult supervision in your house?

You guys crack me up.

Jami said...

That's pretty good! That would have been fun to see in real life!

Kristen said...

This is priceless. One of the best pranks I've ever seen!

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