Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Birthday Month Confessional [6,7,8,9 of 29]

Picture from the shoebox:
Me and Marie as Rockstars way back in the beauty school days
We all have talents.  Right?  Me included.  And I believe I’ve found the one thing that I am totally, completely, 100% incredibly and amazingly good at.

Embarrassing myself in public!  I really have a knack for it.  Oh yes I do.

Take for example the time that I received an email from everybody that was anybody {read: bigwigs} at the insurance company I was working for informing me that I would be receiving a promotion.  I immediately sent the cheesiest of girlfriend love notes to Spencer reporting that I deserved a massive amount of hugs & kisses.  Only to learn that I had hit reply instead of forward.

Or the time that I showed up to work at the Real Estate agency wearing my dress suit, nylons and my fuzzy purple house slippers.

Or what about the time that I engaged in a 15 minute conversation with a man in Fred Meyers only to learn that he wasn’t the man I thought he was.  The man was either drunk or very kind, because he went along with the conversation.

Or the time on a family trip to Canada when we stopped for a bathroom break at McDonalds.  I walked into the restroom, said “Hi” to my little brother, {who was washing his hands, oh my thank goodness and sing praises to the good Lord), and turned to enter the stall before I realized that the door I had entered was not the one with the little girl in a dress plastered to the front of it.

I am one of a kind I tell you.  One.  Of.  A.  Kind.

Do confess:  Have you ever had an embarrassing email mix-up?  What about a bathroom stall mix-up?

*The Birthday Month Confessional is in honor of my 29th birthday. 
Twenty-nine confessions posted during the month of April.  Booyah.


Angie said...

That picture kills me. And were you and Spencer just dating when you replyed the email instead of forwarded it? How embarrasing.

Mikey, Anna, Lillie and Sam said...

So I have never had a bathroom "mix-up" but as a teenager I went a lot of trips for band, choir, sports,and drama and I notorious for not wanting to stand in line at the ladies bathrooms and I would go in to the guys. There was almost ever anyone in there. Once I was in the middle of my business in a mens bathroom and a guy walked in and I said "I'm peeing in here because I don't want to wait in line would you just wait a minute," and the guys said "I'll stand guard for you out in the hall." I don't know what I was thinking so many creepy weirdos out there I would probably never do that again in my life.

kylee said...

that e-mail story about killed me. i have a good one for the books too. so i went to a different high school than the majority of my middle school friends. because our high schools played each other in sports i got to see them at such events. after a basketball game i thought i saw my fried tiana so i ran up to her and hugged her instantly. i started talking to her about how much i miss her and want to hang out more often. mid hug i realize i have no idea who this person is. never met her in my life. worst feeling ever. i've never felt more awkward than i did in that moment. it was seriously like being in a dream. i somehow ended the convo and walked away. best part is she totally played along. i bet she laughed like crazy the minute i turned my back.

Claire said...

OMG, I'm laughing so hard at these. Dying that you sent that email to everyone. Haha.

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