Friday, April 8, 2011

Cowboy up.

our little family spent yesterday evening at the rodeo.
kate and jake joined us.  actually, we joined kate and jake.
they both have hook-ups for dang good rodeo seats.
close enough to get bull snot on your shirt and rodeo rocks kicked into your drink.
and although it smelt like something fierce, it was a good time.
jace fell asleep five minutes into the show.
blaring music, cheering crowd, and the racket of the rodeo didn’t wake him.
so not typical of jace.  the kid was exhausted, obviously.
an hour in he finally woke up.
i had forgotten how much i love a rodeo.  i love a rodeo. 
we should really go more than once a year.
mutton bustin' was our favorite event of the night.
one little cowboy put on a good show.
he wasn’t letting go of that sheep for nothing.  because that’s the cowboy way.
he got drug for half the arena, he still didn’t let go.
he got drug until his boots fell off.  he still didn’t let go.
then his pants followed.  so not kidding.  the little cowboy finished the ride in his underwear.
funniest rodeo moment ever.
the kid was robbed, though.  he deserved first place.  i mean, he finished the ride in his underwear!
note to jami: you need to sign brooke up for mutton bustin'.
and a sidenote: my brother took the first place trophy in mutton bustin' when he was a little chap.
trophy was bigger than he was.  one of his proudest childhood moments i do believe.
brynlee told us she loved the rodeo clown.  except she didn’t think it was a clown. 
a pirate, she called him.  brynlee loved the rodeo pirate.
i think it was because under his cowboy hat he wore a bandanna harley davidson style. 
and she swore that he had an eye patch.
and she also loved that kate bought ice-cream for everyone to share.
we asked jace what his favorite part was and he said ‘the ladies’!
had me laughing for the rest of the night.  he's two.  heaven help us.
we came home smelling like dairy heifer 4-h.
and the kids were so wild. 
neither one of them shut-up from the time we left the rodeo
until 11:00 at night when they finally fell asleep.
they had such a good time.
they played rodeo.  begged and pleaded to go again tomorrow night. 
pretended they were rodeo animals.  and talked about horses and cowboys.
and i labeled rodeo night a success.  because it was.
thanks kate and jake.  you guys are the best.


kebowman said...

ahh! i love going to the rodeo!! hope ya'll had a ton of fun!

The Staley Family said...

We love the rodeo too. I think it is the only time Ezra will sit still more than 30 seconds. Made me laugh cuz Justin won in muttin busting as a kid too. We still got that big ole trophy somewhere. Pretty sure in a parents basement...what would I do with it? It is so fun too watch. Can't believe that kid lost his pants how hilarious!! Sounds like fun!!

cailey said...

i love the rodeo. i look forward to it every summer and sometimes go each day of the week it's in town. also, a couple years ago my nephew won the muttin bustin.

Jami said...

Sounds like you guys had a good time! I would have liked to come but instead I was snowed in in Logan ;)!!! Oh, well...Logan was fun too!

Anonymous said...

So fun! Kids have a way of showing how special things are! Love your makes me happy. :)

ailinh said...

Wow. Great story! I had a good chuckle about the cowboy losing his drawers. I wish I coulda grasped the chance to attend a Rodeo when I had the opportunity. Drat! Next time I really should. It sounds like SUCH a blast!

MattandNikiJ said...

We love rodeo at out house too! Glad you had fun. Thought that I would tell you how crazy it is that Jace and Logan have the same birthday! September 10 is a great day :)!!!

Becca said...

how cool is that?? i have yet to go to a rodeo, and now you that i know there is a chance of getting bull snot on me i am all. over. it. hahaha

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

rocks in your drink and bull snot the makings of a good time.

Write it in Lipstick

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