Monday, April 25, 2011

All I want for Easter is my bottom left tooth.

Wanna know what tops a visit from the Easter Bunny?
. . . when he’s accompanied by the Tooth Fairy.

Hope everyone had a killer Easter Weekend.
Ours was a goodie.  I will be posting pictures soon.

Right now the toy room and I are playing a very intense game of pertinent, non-pertinent. 
Oh, how I love a toy room purge.

And a birthday month confession {#12}:  Spence and I went the rounds about what the going rate of a tooth is.  Even leaving one amount, then changing our minds and leaving a different.  And I may or may not have engaged in a late night Google Search to see what the Tooth Fairy is leaving other kids.  I didn’t want to be extreme, but I didn’t want to rip my kids off either.  And now I am extremely curious, what does the tooth fairy leave at your house?  Or what did she leave you when you were growing up?

*The Birthday Month Confessional is in honor of my 29th birthday. 
Twenty-nine confessions posted during the month of April.  Groovy.


sarah louise said...

One Dollar per tooth. Though my kids try and tell me silver teeth are worth more. But really they should be paying me for those expensive silver capped teeth :)

TraciFree said...

I'm with Sarah: a buck a tooth. I don't remember what I got as a kid, but I know it was a coin. More than likely a copper coin.

Amishka said...

When I was growing up I don't remeber anywhere from $.25 to $1.00 but we leave $1 for our kids.

Katie said...

The Tooth Fairy left me an Eisenhower fifty cent piece. My kids get a gold dollar.

Anonymous said...

Yep, a buck. Seems like the going rate! :) Although we have only had one real tooth experience with that.

Natalie said...

I can't even remember what I used to get from the tooth fairy!

tharker said...

I guess the Tooth Fairy is cheap at our house. Usually, my kids get a dollar for their first lost tooth, and after that it's 50 cents a tooth.

And let's be honest here, that's IF that darn Tooth Fairy even remembers to stop by...which she may or may have forgotten to do on a number of occasions ;)

tharker said...

I meant may or may NOT have forgotten. Silly me.

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