Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Birthday Month Confessional [2,3,4,5 of 29]

Me and my high school vball team.  I'm #4 in the back.  The chic with the funky bangs!
+ I cannot - for the life of me - swallow a prenatal pill.  In fact, when I’m pregnant just the sight of the pill bottle makes me gag.  Even just the words parental pill makes me queasy.  A pregnant me once decided that maybe the whole can’t take prenatal vitamins without throwing-up phenomenon was all in my head.  So I sat on the side of the bed in our bedroom, had Spencer open the prenatal vitamins in the bathroom where I couldn’t see, deliver me a glass of water and put the pills in my hand.  Yup, definitely not all in my head.  My hand is as far as the pills made it.  We cleaned carpets that very day.  My solution?  Gummy vitamins.
+ My high school volleyball coach joked that I’d inherited my chest from my dad.  Phsaw!  I just needed a few extra years, a freshman twenty {err. . . umm. . . twenty-ish) and a few pregnancies.
+ Sometimes I warm up cheese to melting point and eat it with a spoon.  Pepperjack is my fav.  And warmed up is the best way to eat string cheese, even ask my kids.
+ I like gas station hot dogs.  Especially when it’s covered in relish - the amount of relish that will without a doubt drip down your shirt and onto your jeans {and a little on your chin} while you’re driving in the car.

Do confess:  What is your gas station guilty pleasure?  How are you at taking your vitamins?

*The Birthday Month Confessional is in honor of my 29th birthday. 
Twenty-nine confessions posted during the month of April.  Hip Hip Hooray.


Angie said...

Your volleyball couches comment has me laughing. So funny.

trulymegs said...

I used to not be able to take pills at all. I learned by eating my food and then right before swallowing putting the pill in my mouth. (Sorry-too gross?)

I also like the volleyball comment! Too funny!

Jen said...

Are you pregnant? Did I miss that post?

Claire said...

i played vball too in high school! i was a back row specialist cuz i'm so short.

i bet it's the iron in those pills that make you sick!

Kimberlee said...

Nope Jen, not pregnant. I'm speaking from past pregnancy experiences. :)

Kristen said...

I used to have a fear of swallowing pills! I thought I would choke!

Kate said...

i absolutely HATE prenatal vitamins. gag! i confess--i bought the gummy ones. loved them, but still only took them once in a while. i think i've taken more since i've had my baby than all my pregnancies combined!
btw-i'm beth's sister. and i know she's told you i blog stalk you!
does this mean i'm no longer a blog stalker since i commented?

tharker said...

I never used to be able to take my prenatals without gagging either. The only thing that works for me (well, sort of...i still gag) is taking them right before bed with a monster sized glass of water.

Love coaches comments! In high school, I was the same as you apparently were. I guess I was a late bloomer, because about 6 months after graduating, I went from a barely B to a full C. Weird. Funny story: one day I was working out at the gym (post graduation) and was doing fly's in the free weights room when a guy I went to high school with approached me. He said, "It took you a LONG time to grow those things, you don't want to do too many fly's because they'll go away." Awesome. And then I punched him.

Favorite gas station fare is definitely those nachos smothered with that nasty cheese sauce. I LOVE it!

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