Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekending ABC's

Me and my sisters {minus Marie} squished on one couch.
Horrible picture.  But one of the only ones I took this weekend.
Afternoon Sunday naps taken in shifts.
Birthday shopping for my almost five year old.
Chocolate Chip Pancakes made by Brad.
Delivered birthday announcements for Brynlee’s upcoming ‘Rainbow’ birthday party.
Excellent homemade pizza.  Someday I’m gonna learn to cook like my big sister and her husband.
Facebook searched for mom’s old boyfriends and other blasts from the pasts.
Gas Station treats and fountain drinks.
Handmade superhero cape.  To: Jace  From: Aunt Sarah
Ice-cold diet coke with lime.  Me and Diet Coke have been reunited.  I’ve missed it so.
Jessica teaching me what it means to ‘Jimmer’.  I’ll never understand where her obsession with all things sports came from.
Kate’s statement about a bump on a back that made us all double over in laughter.
Late to bed for all the kiddos.  And even later to bed for their parents.
Monstrous suckers for entertainment on the car ride home.
Notes of love written and snail mailed to a few people that I adore.
Organized St. Patty’s Day décor into its tote and brought Easter decorations up from storage.
Playdate with cousins.  Even weekend long playdates seem to end too soon.
Quiddler.  A new to us card game purchased from the toy store.
Root Beer Floats to celebrate my dad turning one year older wiser.
Spring 1st!  Huzzah!
Two haircuts given to the two men in my life.  And get this – no tears.  Three cheers for Jace!
undisputed Spence’s decision to watch season 1, episode 1 of Scrubs.  And then episode 2, 3 & 4.  A new addiction may be in the works.
Vanilla ice-cream on waffle cones.
Week off from preparing a Young Women’s lesson.  Thanks Beth.
Xtra time spent with family.  My absolute favorite way to spend the weekend, or any day really.
Yesteryear reminders when the girls spent Saturday morning playing a game of school.  Oh how I loved to play school when I was a little one.  School and church.  Jessica and I always played church.  Weird, right?
Zack, Zack, he's a LEGO maniac! And other 80’s and early 90’s commercials watched on YouTube.

I love the weekend, I love my family and I love that yesterday was the first day of spring.  With this week comes Brynlee’s 5th Birthday.  We’re super excited at my house.

Happy Monday ya'll.


Kandice Breinholt said...

alright, i have a few things to say here... haha

i simply cannot wait until i get to plan themed birthday parties for natalie. ah! that rainbow party just got me a little excited :)

that's funny that you searched for your past dudes. it's still a touchy subject for sean.... :P

that' awesome that you decorate for st. patricks day. my mom hardly decorated for christmas and i always vowed to decorate the house for every single holiday and love when others do too.

Lacy@uphillandsmiling said...

this is SO cute :) You are so lucky to have all those sisters

Jami said...

The picture turned out not half bad after you spoffed it up ;)!!! I love weekends spent with family even if Zayne did puke twice! By the way it was short lived and he ate a hamburger on the way home and kept it in his tummy!

Candace said...

Your blog is adorable! I'm a new follower! Looks like a fun-filled weekend you had!

vanessa said...

chocolate chip pancakes and root beer floats? too much good stuff! i'm now craving ice cream and i haven't even had breakfast! :)

Katie said...

I look slightly like a FAT LARD in this picture. How many more chins are possible?!

Kimberlee said...

I know for a fact more chins are possible, Kate. For proof take a look at me in that picture. Uggh.

tharker said...

Your weekend sounds like it was so much fun! And hello yummy food!!!

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

Aunt Sarah won me over with Handmade super cape send one of those this way.. hehehe

Write it in Lipstick

Jessica said...

Seriously . . . that picture of me is atrocious!!!

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