Friday, March 4, 2011

Oh My Quotable Friday: Wrapped

Spence pulling Brynlee AND Jace up the sledding hill.


·    Brynlee’s learned to whistle.  It’s one of the cutest noises my ears have ever heard.  She’s so proud of her new talent and feels so bad for the poor non-whistling souls {ahem, me!}.  So she’s taken it upon herself to see that I become a world class whistler.  And although, “okay mom, you just have to put your lips together like this. . . and then whistle” is very helpful advice, I’m obviously not the quickest of learners.  Finally she told me I needed to rest my lips for a year or two then maybe I’d be able to do it.  I think it was a nice way of throwing in the towel, but whatever.  We’ll retry in 2013.

·    Now that Jace is potty trained cleaning the bathrooms isn’t what it used to be.  The toilet seat now needs Lysol wiped numerous times a day.  And when I clean the bathroom, I have to clean the toilets and mop the floors and wash the rug and wipe down the garbage can and disinfect the base of the toilet and wash all the walls.  And occasionally spot clean the ceiling.  When do little boys finally grasp the whole aim and control concept?

·    Sometimes I wish I weren’t such a procrastinator.  Now is one of those times.  The end.

·    I think I should just sign our entire paycheck straight over to Costco.  Cut out the middle man, if you will.  Today, I went to get milk.  Milk that was it.  Two gallons of milk for $157.82!?  I don’t even remember what else I bought, no kidding.

·    Jace is obsessed with all things superheroes.  Beyond obsessed, if there is such a thing.  If he had a bumper sticker for his Radio Flyer tricycle it would say “Eat, sleep, fight mean guy.  Repeat.”  I want to make/find/buy/steal him some superhero capes for his Easter Basket this year.  Any suggestions on where to buy them?  How to make them?  Patterns, tutorials, what worked for you that one time when you’re two year old thought he was destined to save the world?  I’m on the hunt and I have no clue which direction to go.  Please direct me.
It’s Friday, you guys.  Go celebrate.


Angie said...

Amen about Costco. And I haven't a clue where to lead you on superhero capes. We use a blanket at our house. :)

Rachel said...

CURSE Costco!!! If only I didn't love it so much! I love the idea for the bumper sticker for Jace's Radio Flyer, I think you need to have one made :)

Angie said...

And I forgot to say that I love that picture. Aren't daddys the best?

Beth said...

My sister Kate makes a mean super hero cape. Maybe I can talk her into letting you know her mad skills.

tharker said...

Yes, Costco...I love to hate them. (not really) I went in today to pick up some pictures, and...$85 later, I'm home. Okay, fine. Eva was down to her last 6 diapers and we only had like 2 rolls of toilet paper left....but still!

Ah, boys and their super shooting potty antics. Good times.

sarah louise said...

Okay first the cleaning up pee after little boys never ends. Good luck with that one. The only consultation is that eventually they are old enough to wipe it all down themselves.

Also I make an awesome super hero cape. Call me I would love to make one for Jace. My kids loved super heros at that age too. So dang cute!

Katie said...

Liked this one a lot. May even make the boys each one for Easter.

Kristi said...

Ha! This was so cute. I totally feel you on the Costco thing! I made the mistake of going with my husband one time and he saw how much I spent, I think he almost had a heart attack!

I think that is adorable about the whistling! You better rest those lips!

Oh and, can I just say, you made me totally grateful that I have girls. Just saying. ;)

Stacey Crandall said...


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