Sunday, March 13, 2011

12 on the 12th [The March Chapter]

01.  Curlers.  Jadelyn slept in curlers in the name of dance competition preparation.  Brynlee slept in curlers in the name of older friend = cooler friend.
02.  Fish.  Fishsitting for the neighbors.  It’s a tough job – such a demanding fish.   
03.  Houseguests.  Lacy was in town for Jadelyn's dance competition.  They stayed with us, just like last year.
04.  Winners.  Trophies lined up for little dancers. 
05.  Blanket Fort.  Spence and Jace’s entertainment while the rest of us were dance spectators.
06.  Couple.  Spence and I on the swing.  Oh my heck, spring is in the air.  Two snaps and a hey!
07.  Project.  My latest DIY.  More to come.
08.  Pouting.  Sometimes being two is tough.
09.  Tramp trick.  Did I mention that spring is in the air?
10.  Afternoon stroll.  Note to self:  Brynlee needs a bigger bike.  And also, when did they get so big?
11.  Toys.  A My Little Pony sponsored bath time.
12.  Procrastination.  Typical.  Late Saturday night YW lesson preparation.

12 on the 12th inspired by her.


jenna said...

your DIY project looks so cute... can't wait to see more about that!

trulymegs said...

I love your description for number 1. Your little girl is so funny!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a full and fun day :) LOVE how you labelled and described each event!

Jami said...

I have seen #7 (the project) and I am in love!!!! Super cute...

Heather - said...

I'm looking forward to more info on the DIY, also :) What age group do you teach in YW? I'm a Laurels advisor and I love it!

Miranda said...

Simply lovely. Please help me stop dragging my feet and make me get my grid put together.

Holly said...

Blanket forts are the best!

We (well, actually my hubby does it) babysit our neighbor's fish & cats. Good thing fish and cats are low-maintenance.

I'm so ready for spring too!

Glad y'al had such a nice 12th!

Claire said...

your kiddos are so cute! love the curlers :)

our bath time toys are often "Toy Story" or "Yo Gabba Gabba" figurines!

amy gretchen said...

Looks like a full day. Your clock project looks really cute & boy do those curlers take me back.

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

Fish sitting that is too funny. It's a very demanding job. LOL

Write it in Lipstick

Lacy said...

our girls are so cue in curlers! Jadelyn loves them now, and wants them all the time. However, we keep forgetting to take them out from underneathe the seat in the van so she hasn't had them in since your house.

and yes, I look as bad in that picture of us as I thought I was going to.

Thank you so much again for letting us come. I keep meaning to right you a snail mail thankyou car. infact, I actually bourght the card with me babysitting today for that intended purpose!

You DID make that a'Door'able wall hanging! It looks SO good. Derek and I were talking about it but it escaped my mind when you were around. It looked to good to be homemade, but then I saw the gunnysack-like material on a child drawing and susprected you did it yourself. So cool!!!!!

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