Tuesday, March 29, 2011

the snow + an update + animal complaints

easter decor at my house
Even though it was snowing outside and felt much more winter-ish than spring-ish, the kids and I spent the afternoon putting up our Easter decorations.  The splash of spring color and Easter Egg goodness that now adorn our home sweet home almost made me forget it was snowing outside.  Almost.  Still every time I glanced at the white washed yard, I cringed.  It didn’t help that we ran out of firewood over the weekend.  The only comfort of another-freakin-snowstorm is the guarantee of the roasty toasty warmth from the wood burning stove.  And now there is no comfort just another-freakin-snowstorm!  Blah. 

Tomorrow we will field trip to the Cal Ranch store to ehhh and awww over the baby chickens.  When I mentioned our planned outing to Jessica, she laughed.  That ‘Kim you are such a dork’ kind of laugh.  It’s a familiar laugh, one I get from her a lot.  But I know she loves me still the same.  I didn’t mention to her that I had written a note on my March dayplanner calendar {probably back in January} to call Cal Ranch to see if their chic’s were in.  Adorable baby chics at Cal Ranch are a big deal, mmkay.  I didn’t want to forget.

Brynlee declared her weekend ‘Rainbow’ birthday bash perfect.  And really, if the birthday girl says it is perfect then it is indeed perfect.  I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures.  My ever so brilliant friend, Miranda, acted as photographer for the day.  She also made the most perfect Rainbow’ cake.  She defines talent.  I’ll show you picture goodness soon.  I must say that I’m not certain what Brynlee enjoyed more, having a Rainbow’ birthday party or decorating for a Rainbow’ birthday party.  She is so her mother’s daughter.

Today Jace roller skated around the house sans clothing.  That kid.  I adore him.  I followed close behind taking pictures because that’s in my job description as momarazzi – a job I take quite seriously mind you.  Jace’s new thing:  He’ll say “Mom (or dad or Brynlee) me happy.  Are you happy?”   Dang cute, right?

My neighbor’s dog poops on my lawn.  Like all the time.  Everysingleday.  One of the main reasons that I don’t do the dog thing is because dog poop is gross.  It is not okay that their dog uses my yard as its litter box.  To top it off Brynlee got some new church sandals for her birthday.  She forgot them out by the tramp, and the next morning when she went to retrieve them one was missing.  Of course we blamed it on the dog.  Naturally, who else would it have been?  I need to get the courage to call my neighbor and kindly complain.  Maybe tomorrow.

And also, I wish I had a BB gun.  We have a pet woodpecker that’s better off dead.  And no matter how many racquet balls we chuck it always makes its way back to peck at the side of our house.  Woodpeckers are the worst.  And this one glares like a teenager, I swear to you.  Every time I hurl a racquet ball at it to make it stop eating my house it gives me a dirty look.  It used to fly off immediately when the ball started toward it, but not anymore.  It stops with the pecking, gives me that teenage glare then flutters slowly away.  Taunting me.  He’s no dummy.  He knows if I can’t hit a pooping dog with a racquet ball there is absolutely no way I’ll be able to hit a flying bird.  Stupid thing.

I’m so ready for Spencer to be done with classes this semester.  Him getting his masters is really cramping our style.  Two more months.

Anyway, I’m off to bed.  Talk at you later.  Until then, pray for spring.


Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

Hahaha baby chicks how cute my boys would love that. I need to get some Easter decor up but first I have to buy some.

Write it in Lipstick

Kristen said...

Wishing warm weather your way! This week the east coast decided it wanted to go from 75-80 back down to 40-50. Not cool, weather. I hope you post the baby chic pics! They're so adorable!

Lacy@uphillandsmiling said...

Love the Easter Decor!

I am SO with you on the dog poop thing!! You need to tell your neighbor. Too bad you can't find one of those little stands they have at the park with the little bags and a sign explaining you have to clean up after your pet -- it seems so obvious. Maybe you could make one!

Jessica said...

I never said "your a dork!" I was just suprised that you knew exactly when they were going to come in based on me asking you if they had bikes at Costco!! It makes a lot more sense that you called them!

kylee said...

momarazzi! love it! i'm currently living the life of friendarazzi. i often get the are you seriously taking another picture face. cannot wait until i'm momarazzi! i seriously love your blog. you have some serious writing skills.

tharker said...

Mamarazzi...that is brilliant! My kids would definitely agree with that description of me ;)

I can't wait to see pictures of your little girl's party!

Becca said...

super cute easter stuff! this blog is adorable, following....now! :)

MattandNikiJ said...

Yep loved it then and love it now. I just have to say that you are talented and once again I love reading your blog. I loved it back in high school when you were in speech and would come around to the classrooms to practice your speeches. You were my favorite! Your were amazing back then and even more amazing now :)! The way you write and tell stories is AMAZING!!!!!!!

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